The Best Jeans for Shorter Men

The Best Jeans for Shorter Men

Jeans have always been a staple of men's fashion, and are often the main base of any outfit. Do you want to find a pair of jeans that suit your body shape the best? Here's our style guide on the best jeans for short guys. 

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With the hundreds of different fits and styles, it is easier than ever to find a pair of jeans that suit you. Despite this, if you're a shorter man, you will know more than anyone the pain of trying for find clothes that fit you properly.

Unfortunately, the majority of retailers aren't very good at catering for the short or stockier gentleman, and often don't produce many jeans for short legs. Luckily, there are ways around this. If you spend a little bit of time and effort shopping around, as well as taking some style tips into account, you'll have perfect fitting jeans in no time.

Jeans for Short Men

If you're here looking for the best jeans for short men then it's probably because you want to make yourself look a bit taller. The easiest way to initially do this is by avoiding any jeans that are too skinny or baggy. Other than belonging in 2004, baggy jeans are a fast track to making your legs appear stumpy. The excess fabric at the bottom of the jeans hides your ankle and stops the continuous line of your leg from making you appear taller.

The same goes for jeans that are too skinny. If you're a stocky guy you probably have rather thick legs. In which case, wearing skinny jeans can ultimately emphasise the less flattering areas of your legs and make you appear boyish.

man in denim street style
Make sure your jeans are a straight cut and sit just above the shoe


A pair of straight or slim cut pair of jeans are therefore the best thing to wear if you're wanting to appear slightly taller. When it comes to the colour of your jeans remember that the simpler is it, the better. Get a pair of jeans in a neutral and versatile colour like black or navy. You want a pair of jeans that are going to compliment as many different outfits as possible. The amount of jeans a short guy can buy is limited by the fact that it's harder to find a pair that fit properly. So why limit your outfit choices even more by wearing a pair of jeans in a colour that barley goes with any other clothes?

Best Relaxed Fit Jeans for Men

When shopping for jeans for a shorter man, pay close attention to the rise. Whereas the length of your jeans is relatively easy to adjust at a tailor or dry cleaners, the rise and seat of your jeans is a lot harder to alter. If you get too low of a rise on your jeans you will have a very baggy crotch area that won't look the best. On the other hand, if your jeans has an extremely high rise you're going to be in for some extremely uncomfortable rearranging. Try and find a pair of jeans with a relatively average rise before worrying about how long the jeans are.

If your jeans are a bit too long and you don't have the time to go and get them properly hemmed, then there are a couple of alternatives. First of all you can cuff your jeans. This involves you taking the excess material at the bottom of your jeans and folding it up on the outside of your jeans. Cuffing your jeans is a good way to simultaneously shorten your jeans whilst removing the trouser break in your jeans, making your legs appear taller and giving a more relaxed feel.

mens street style nike leather blazer white red navy jeans
Denim jeans with a turn up


The other alternative is to stack your jeans. This is when you let the excess fabric at the bottom of your jeans stack loosely on top of the ankle of your shoe. This can be a good idea if you're wearing high top shoes or boots, as it will give your ankle some breathing space. However, be careful when stacking your jeans as it can give the same effect as baggy jeans and make your legs appear stumpy and short.

Best Jeans for Short Legs

The cut or style of the jeans isn't always the problem that men will have when looking for jeans for short people. Often the problem can be finding shops or retailers that actually make short jeans that will properly fit a stockier mans legs.

For instance, Levi's, possibly the most popular jeans retailers, don't offer a range for short or stocky men, despite having Levi's jeans styles for larger or taller men. Fortunately, Levi's recently introduced a tailoring service at certain stores that allows you to alter your jeans to your exact length. Unfortunately this can be rather time consuming and expensive, although it may be your best option for finding a pair of jeans that fit absolutely perfectly.

How to Look Taller for Men

When you're buying outfits to make you look taller you have to take a lot of things into account, more than just the jeans you're wearing. For instance, the colour coordination of your outfit is extremely important.

In order to create a natural verticality to an outfit and avoid emphasising the stockiness of your build, you'll want to stick to neutral and monochromatic colours. Your best option is to wear similar colours on both the top and bottom half as this will help you appear taller. A continuous flow of colour means that your body won't look split up and there won't be a focus on one part of your body, instead the attention will be from head to toe.

The same goes for when you're buying shoes. If you wear a pair of shoes that are a similar colour to your jeans it will continue the line of your leg, making them appear longer and thereby making you seem taller. You may consider purchasing some trainers or plimsolls with a thicker sole such as Vans to add a bit of height. However, be careful not to get anything too bulky, for instance, some skater brands can make your feet appear stumpy and ruin the effect you're going for.

Black polo shirt with dark jeans and black trainers _85
Head to tow black is always a good option


Clothes for Short Men

Now that you know exactly how to buy and wear jeans if you're a short or stocky guy, it's time to think about other types of pants for short men. For instance, what about if you're going to a formal event and you need to wear a suit. Suit trousers definitely fit differently to jeans and therefore need a different approach.

You want to make sure that when looking for the best pants for short legs that you get a pair that fit in the seat, crotch and thigh properly. In terms of the length of your trousers, a shorter man may consider having a much smaller leg break than some. If you have a half or full leg break on your trousers it will bunch the material at your ankle, losing the silhouette of your figure and making you appear stumpy.

When thinking about the top half of your outfit, avoid any over the top patterns or colours. If you wear a shirt with a multicoloured check then it's going to remove the vertical nature of your outfit and make you appear wider. Vertical lines on the other hand are a good pattern to consider as they will actually contribute to this verticality making you seem longer.

The Best Jeans for Shorter Men

  • Know your body shape and find clothes that fit your shape well.
  • Avoid jeans that are too skinny or baggy, straight or slim cut jeans are the best option.
  • Make sure the rise is right, an average rise will lengthen the legs.
  • Keep to monochromatic or neutral outfits to create a flow down the body.
  • Cuff, stack or tailor your jeans to fit your style and height.

mens street style striped shirt blue jeans blue trainers
Having a good pair of jeans should be a necessity for shorter guys

On That Note

Buying jeans for a shorter build will be tricky, but if you know what styles, colours and shapes to look for, you've got a head start. Getting the right length and the right rise is the most important and if you know what colours to pair them with you should have the perfect combination. Now all you have to do is find the ideal pair.


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