Best Canvas Strap Watches

Best Canvas Strap Watches

Canvas strap watches are a casual and comfortable alternative to the classic leather or metal strap watch. While we all love a quality leather strapped option when looking to impress, sometimes it's merely practicality we're after. Read on for our favourite canvas watches of the moment!

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The Best Canvas Strap Watches

Canvas watch bands are great alternatives to metals for more casual outfits. The canvas straps are usually removable, allowing you to play around with any sort of watch faces you might have lying around. Alongside this, they're a total blessing if you're allergic to gold, silver or other metals.Canvas or NATO straps have quite the interesting story.

Don't be fooled by the NATO acronym, however, these straps were actually created by the British Ministry of Defence for its soldiers and drivers. The fabric bands only used to come in 'Admiralty Grey' but different colours were soon introduced for each different regiment.

canvas strap watch mens navy suit
Canvas Watch Strap

Shore Projects 'Project 1' in Grey

Grey is a great tonal option that you can really play around with in your day-to-day dressing, and a man's watch is an easy way to integrate the colour into multiple looks. This number from Shore Projects is spot on, a silver face and a grey canvas strap - style and versatility all rolled into one timepiece. This is certainly a choice for when you're going for comfort, without sacrificing on style.


Timex 'Original Campers' in Olive

If you're looking for something even more casual with an underlying sports vibe, you can echo the military origins of fabric band watches with this piece by Timex. This watch features a nylon slip-through strap just like the original G10s and with over 160 years of experience in the watch industry, you couldn't possibly be in safer hands.


Daniel Wellington 'Oxford' in Navy

If you're in the market for something with an extra dash of colour and detail, this watch from Daniel Wellington will be just the ticket. Its multicoloured strap and gold face make it a versatile, contemporary number suited to both casual and dressier settings. Don't be afraid of colour with your watch, as this can add minor amounts of detail while still preserving the classic look.


Your Guide to the Canvas Strap Watches

When looking for a canvas watch, typically speaking you'll be veering closer to the casual end of the styling spectrum so it's best to focus on the more laid back outfit ensembles you can incorporate it into. If you're looking for a watch to work in every setting, Daniel Wellington's canvas straps perfectly bridge the gap between casual and formal.

mens canvas strap watch silver face
Fabric Band Watches

On That Note

As you can see there is an abundance of great canvas strap watches that look, without costing a fortune. If you've been thinking about adding a canvas strap watch to your collection, one of the above choices would be a great place to start.


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