All About Portuguese Flannel

All About Portuguese Flannel

One of the finest brands in modern menswear, Portuguese Flannel design, create and produce their authentic clothing range.

For the past four decades, Portuguese Flannel has been helping men stay smart, stylish and above all timeless with their designs and craftsmanship. Staying true to their roots the family run business has always sourced the finest and most exclusive fabrics to create their traditional shirts, that have become legendary. Over the past few decades, the company has soared, making a name for itself across Europe in the shirting industry and has become one of our number one sellers. The attention to detail should not be taking for granted, as so little brands offer the luxury of class and tradition.

The business idea derived from humble beginnings from the background of the founders, Antonio and Manuel Magalhães, Great-Grandfather, João Magalhães. Textiles had always run in the family but upon leaving education, fashion wasn’t the first road Magalhães took. Starting out as an Accountant he had great ambitions and his keen working drive lead him to become the manager, and with his newfound money, he decided to buy his first mill and then open up a brand new mill called Textil Vizela, in 1935. After having a family he passed down his mill to his grandson, who was the father of Antonio and Manuel Magalhães. After their father passed away whilst they were still young the mills were passed to their uncles and the brothers never had much to do with the business again. Until, they decided they wanted to go back into the textiles industry themselves and create their very own brand which we know as, Portuguese Flannel.

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Always taking their inspiration from the country they are proud to call home, they’re inspired by “real people from both the coast and the mountains”. Walking against the grain the duo always wanted to make sure they avoided any trends and instead design clothing that is “timeless yet contemporary”. Their own idea of style has established a brand that grasps tradition and mixes it with innovative patterns which you’d struggle to find anywhere else.

As well as luxurious, the Portuguese brothers have strived to not only look at the importance of quality fabrics but they have also made sure their shirts are ethical and sustainable. As the world understands that now fashion is a culprit in the environmental crisis, the Magalhães brothers ensure their customers that the clothes they purchase are worth their value as they are produced by master craftsmen using only organic cotton and other environmentally friendly materials. Down to the finer details, their shirts are buttoned up with either Corozo, Urea or Mother of Pearl buttons to cut down on their use of plastics, they even say their use of sustainable products “acquire a natural, beautiful and old-fashioned look!”

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