The Best Denim Jackets

The Best Denim Jackets

It seems that denim jacket combinations will never go out of style, but where do you start when it comes to looking the best and pulling off the denim jacket trend? Here's our best denim jacket combinations. 

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The way denim jackets are worn, and indeed the denim jacket combination trends themselves, change each season. There are times when double denim is a major fashion faux pas and other times when it’s embraced more than when Beyoncé drops a new music video, and the whole world is unprepared for such chaos.

A couple of years ago, one of the best denim jacket combinations was to pair said jacket with coloured denim jeans – today, this is not the case. Don’t even go there, unless you’re mimicking 1990’s Saved by the Bell era… But don’t worry as we’ve compiled the best denim jacket combinations to keep you looking hot.

Where to Start

It’s well established that the denim jacket is a wardrobe staple, but how and what to wear with your denim jacket, can be daunting. As Britain continues to make the awkward transition from winter to spring, fashion and what to wear can be confusing. But there are some denim jacket combinations that work no matter what the weather.

The denim jacket is not only seasonally versatile, but also oozes effortless style, and can be worn in a number of different combinations. However, as versatile as the denim jacket may be, it still requires careful consideration when putting together seasonally appropriate looks.



The Idle Man Jeans with The Idle Man Jacket

Top Tips

Layer a denim jacket under a lightweight hooded parka, and over a roll neck sweater for a simple, yet understated look, which has no need for bold colours or prints. Pair this with some simple, heavy weight trousers, and you’ll look more masculine than Fred Flintstone – and he’s masculine.

Integrate denim into your smart clothes by layering a jacket underneath your blazer. A bold – but not bright – unstructured blazer is perfect for slipping on over well-fitted denim. A shirt and knitted tie underneath reinforces the refined look, and chinos and loafers work wonders with this attire.

Double denim can work, but for the majority of the time use contrasting shades. Keep your bottom half darker and your denim jacket slightly lighter. Combine this with a plain tee, and you’ll have a look that just keeps on giving.

 Keep up with trends

Every year, the denim trend evolves, and it’s hard to imagine a place wear you can’t wear denim. Trust us, we tried, and just came up with a big black hole in a land far, far away. This season, and in fact the past few seasons, has really seen the revival of denim jackets. Yes, they’ve always been around, but only sometimes are they ‘in’. Are you still with us?

Denim jackets are being worn with more outfits, and favoured in more combinations, each and every style season. Nowadays, they’re worn for ultra-casual events, and also thrown over party pieces – not only are they now socially acceptable but bang on trend.

Grab this trend by its little blue hands and don’t ever let go. This trend is so easy to pull off, and with a number of denim jacket combinations, you can finally look cool and be cool. Cool.

Everyone seems to own a denim jacket but if you learn one thing, make sure you learn this: It isn't one-size-fits-all. The appeal of denim is universal, and whilst a denim jacket is fun and practical, it doesn’t always work for everyone, so you might have to tweak it to make it work. That is where we come in…

 The Idle Man Striped Denim Jacket

Colour Matters

The best denim combinations come down to one word – colour. Denim comes in many colour and wash options, so you want one that's flattering. Lighter and more faded denim will not look good on everyone, but thankfully there are varieties for everyone, so as they say ‘everyone’s a winner!’

If you have dark hair, you will most likely look best in a dark wash denim. Wheres, lighter haired people tend to suit a generally lighter, or mid-tone wash. However you must remember that colour combinations are personal – if you like the white jeans, you buy the white jeans.

Experiment with your inner style. But remember: the wrong denim, especially near your face, can wash you out or overpower you. So choose carefully, and with great attention to how you feel wearing it when you look in the mirror.

 The Idle Man White Denim Jacket

Make it Your Own

Sometimes the problem is not with the fact that it’s a denim jacket, but more with the fit and balance of it on your body. Many traditional jackets fall at the hipbone level, but if you want a slightly longer jacket, try one.

Most shops have assistants who are willing to offer their advice so man up, and ask. Like most things in life, the denim jacket can be altered. Okay so you bought a traditional one, but who says you have to leave it like that? Just never ever shorten it.

The best denim jacket combinations are when you allow the garment to complete your outfit. And the best way to do this, is to layer it. Layer with a shirt and jumper for a cool yet casual look. Team this with a pair of trousers and trainers, or even a pair of denim jeans, to ensure you’re ahead of the fashion stakes. Top tip: if you’re confident enough to team your denim jacket with some jeans, make sure the jeans are a darker shade.

The way to make denim on denim work is very simple. Keep the washes and weights different. In simple language: Keep the colour and thickness of the material different.

Levi's Trucker Jacket

Final Note

Denim is a great fashion trend and denim jackets, with the right combination, can transform your life. However make sure you’re not just following the crowd without considering how it actually looks on you. The right denim jacket can be a versatile addition to your wardrobe.


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