4 Swedish Clothing Brands You Need To Know About

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Scandinavian fashion brands have slowly infiltrated both the high street and the high end of fashion over the last few seasons. The minimal aesthetic effortlessly oozes cool, and there are so many Swedish names in particular that you should know about. The Idle Man gives you a run down of the top 10.

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Swedish Brands

The Swedish style is probably one of the most coveted around at the moment. A combination of Southern Californian nonchalance and razor-sharp styling of Japan, Scandinavian clothing brands epitomise effortlessness. It's a look that is everywhere right now, and you've probably tried to recreate it at some point, so it's no wonder that so many brands are trying their hand at the look. Yet none of them can quite pull it off like the natives. There are so many popular clothing stores coming out of Sweden, so we take a look at the top Scandinavian brands that you should be keeping your eye out for.

Nudie Jeans Co.

Coming out of Gothenburg, Sweden in 2001, Nudie Jeans have been regarded as one of the most celebrated Scandi clothing companies. Their plethora of denim designs shun fast fashion trends, instead concentrating on styles that will last the test of time, and refraining on over saturating the market despite their popularity. So you'll be more likely to have a quirky pair of jeans to shout about, rather than your ubiquitous big name brands.

Nudie Jeans pride themselves in the belief that each pair of jeans tells a different story and should perfectly fit the wearers personality as well as style. Effortless with their style and with great attention to detail, Nudie Jeans epitomise Swedish subtleness, and with high quality denim giving reliability and durability, they'll be sure to last you for years to come - and who doesn't need a new pair of jeans when they look this good?

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Fjällräven has been around for over 50 years, so they definitely know a thing or two about making a good backpack. With nature and the outdoors lifestyle at the brands heart, founder Åke Nordin created a backpack frame to make it easier for the Swedes to enjoy the countryside. Fjällräven work continuously to develop materials, designs and solutions for a range of outdoors equipment such as tents and sleeping bags - but it's their backpack design that has pretty much defined Fjällräven.

Innovative and functional, the Fjällräven backpack has moved out Sweden's country side and infiltrated urban landscapes across the world. They're totally durable and come in a range of sizes to suit any situation - outdoors based or otherwise. Fjällräven are also known for their wide range of colour ways, so you won't be stuck for choice when it comes to picking one that suits you.

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With its diverse landscape and climate, it's no surprise that the great outdoors is a huge part of Swedish heritage. And what more do you need to complete the Scandi lifestyle than a trusty Swedish backpack. Sandqvist was founded in 2004 by Anton Sandqvist, his brother Daniel and friend Sebastian, who still regard the vast forests and rivers alongside urban city lifestyle as their main inspiration for Sandqvist designs.

Functional, simple and yet stylish, Sandqvist have nailed backpacks for every situation, playing with materials and colours for a subtly cool look. Where more practical luggage is necessary, the brand have created a range of utilitarian style rucksacks with plenty of pockets going on - but when city life requires something a little more sophisticated, Sandqvist have plenty of styles that feature touches of leather, channeling that iconic Swedish minimalism.

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Hestra is a family run business by the third generation of the Magnussons, with all their design and development coming out of their Swedish headquarters. Hestra creates the highest quality gloves, and personally selects the best ranges of leathers, wools and fabrics in their creations. With the intense weather, gloves are a must-have in Sweden, and Hestra's gloves guarantee hardy stuff that'll see you through it all (even if you don't have to face crazy amounts of snow like the Swedes).

Not only are they super practical, but they look cool (at this point, let's just assume that all Swedish clothes brands are cool). Tonal coloured leathers add interest and ensure that you won't lose any style points through lack of attention to detail.

hestra gloves mens outdoors style backpack

Other Big Names

When it comes to Swedish fashion brands, the most well-known of them all has got to be Acne Studios. We can probably hold them accountable for bringing the Scandinavian look to the forefront of fashion. Playing with proportions, fabrics and colour, Acne are constantly challenging the Scandi look, and aren't afraid to move away from the usual muted colourways that are usually associated with the style. On a high street level, you can't get much bigger a brand than H&M (and all the sub-brands that go along with them). Coming out of Sweden, H&M are one of the highest earning companies in the world, and are worth around $14.2 billion - so we're sure we don't have to introduce you to this one.

Top 4 Swedish Brands

  • Nudie Jeans Co.
  • Sandqvist
  • Hestra
  • Fjällräven

scandi winter casual look mensOn That Note

While Sweden may have been better known for its vast landscapes, flat-packed furniture store and smorgasbords, its now their design talents and enviable styling that has fully grabbed our attention. Apparently, Sweden is one of the 10 happiest places to live in the world and heck, we would be too if we always looked as bloody cool as Scandinavian men. So take a leaf out of the Swedes book and check out these top brands to recreate the Scandi style.


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