3 Ways to Wear Side Stripe Trousers

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Menswear has become increasingly loose in terms of its boundaries and rigid structures in recent years. Once upon a time, you never would have thought that there would be a hybrid between the mighty tracksuit trouser and the suit trouser.

Fashion is seemingly unpredictable to an extent, and there you have it, we now have formal trousers with side stripes. These have been seen from all the major designers and have filtered down into the high street where they have become a menswear staple. Below, we talk you through how to wear them best.

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In recent years there has been a surge in the popularity of side stripe trousers. While at first you may think 'so what?', but hear us out, as it's a pretty big deal for menswear. In recent years, the lines between what is acceptable and what is not have been increasingly blurred and now pretty much anything goes. Side stripe trousers are essentially a hybrid of normal trousers (the type you may wear to work or just into town) and the classic tracksuit bottom, and they have become the big hitter in menswear.

gucci side stripe trousers
Gucci side stripe trousers

Everyone from Gucci to Dior Homme have put collections out that have featured side stripe trousers, which has been influenced by the fashion industry's blending between the street and high end. High fashion designers are now looking to the street for inspiration like never before and everything has a little touch of what is going on right outside your doorstep. This is exactly how side stripe trousers came to be a thing. Designers have recognised that people simply love tracksuit bottoms, no matter the stigma attached to them, and so became the hybrid that is the side stripe trouser.

The side stripe trouser has a rich history. There's the sporty side to them and the more miliatry-esque side to them. On one side of the story there is the Seventies Tenenbaum obsession that we've seen popping up in a lot of collections across both menswear and womenswear over the past decade. Back in 2003, Prada put out a whole womenswear collation dedicated to the era, while Alessandro Michele has basically championed it over at Gucci for the past few seasons across both the men's and women's collections. With regards to the military influence, the biggest example is when famed Belgian designer Dries Van Noten put a menswear collection down the catwalk that took the OG army pants with red stripes down the side and gave them a high fashion spin. The Dries Van Noten red side stripe trouser has consequently been copied everywhere.

burberry side strip trouser mens-min
Burberry side stripe trousers

The best thing about side stripe trousers comes down to their origin. Purely because they have essentially grown out of athleisiure and clothes that you would, back in the day, wear to work out in or simply lounge about in, there is really no boundaries when it comes to how you should wear them. You can even now get suit trousers with a side stripe.

Side stripe trousers bridge the gap between sporty and formal, which is something that has become increasingly needed in menswear over the past few years (trainers are now acceptable with a suit, but back in the Eighties and Nineties nobody would have though this). Trousers with a side stripe are now a must-have for men everywhere, so below we will show you the easiest way to wear them.

Side Stripe Joggers and Denim Jacket

These are probably the easiest things to get your hands on, one of the original men's trousers with a side stripe and nearly every sportswear brand has a pair of side stripe joggers on offer. The likes of Adidas and Nike have continuously put out side stripe joggers over the years and they are some of the easiest things to wear. While typically worn as part of a full tracksuit for exercise, nowadays people are wearing these in more inventive ways. You can even wear side stripe joggers with any kind of jacket (overcoat, bomber, denim etc) if you really want to and plenty of this has been seen on the streets at recents fashion weeks.

striped joggers denim jacket mens street style
Throwing a denim jacket over some joggers and a plain tee is the ultimate casual
PHOTO CREDIT: Fashion Mega Watts

While we're not averse to wearing them with a matching jacket, we really do love wearing side stripe joggers with a denim jacket. It bridges the gap between casual wear and sportswear and looks laid-back, but still stylish.

Side Stripe Trousers and A White T-shirt

Side stripe trousers go perfectly with the simple choice of a white T-shirt. Side stripe trousers are a bit of a statement and the best way to make the most out of them is to keep the rest of your outfit simple. This is not only easy, but you'll look smart at the same time as being super casual. For this we recommend getting some slim-fitting trousers and tucking your T-shirt in for an extra smart touch - side stripe trousers have a habit of looking a little bit too casual to some people (not us), so don't give them an excuse to question your outfit.

side stripe trousers mens
Side stripe trousers with a white T-shirt

Side Stripe Trousers With a Roll-Neck Jumper

Pairing a roll neck or turtle neck jumper with a pair of trousers with a side stripe is one of our favourite looks and is easy to wear whatever the occasion. For this we again recommend avoiding side stripe joggers and going for something a little smarter - a pair of tailored trousers with a side stripe won't be hard to find or you can buy a pair and get them fitted yourself (this isn't ever as expensive as you may think).

side stripe trousers turtle neck jumper mens
Side stripe trousers and a turtle neck

3 Ways to Wear Side Stripe Trousers

  • Side stripe joggers are an easy way to get that side stripe look into your outfit. Pair with an oversized jacket for a laid back, but still semi-smart look.
  • Pair side stripe trousers with a white T-shirt for an overall easy-to-wear look. For added style tuck your T-shirt in.
  • A roll neck or turtle neck jumper is an instant way to smarten up your side stripe trousers. Pair with a slim-fitting pair for an overall smart, yet still casual look.

lanvin side stripe trousers mens
Lanvin side stripe trousers

On That Note

Side stripe trousers are now a wardrobe essential for men. Every high street shop you go in will stock a pair and nearly every designer has put a pair down the catwalk in recent seasons. They are easy to wear and really take your outfit up a notch compared to if you were just wearing a pair of normal trousers. Here at The Idle Man, we are big fans and our favourite look is when they are paired with a roll neck or turtle neck jumper. This acts as a perfect transitional look between winter and spring, so get your fix now.


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