10 of Supreme's Best Music Collabs

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Supreme have a close association with music and culture, and throughout the years they've collaborated with all different kinds of musical talent - the list is huge. We've rounded up our favourite musical Supreme collaborations and put them into an easy to read list. 

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From hardcore punk rock bands, to classical jazz artists, Supreme are supporters of all different genres of music. James Jebbia himself is renowned for having a diverse musical taste, and the brand show support for all different scenes and subcultures within the music industry. We've delved into the Supreme archives and picked our favourite musical Supreme collaborations from over the years.

10. Supreme x Wackies

supreme x wackies

So we'll start off with one of Supreme's more recent musically driven collaborations - their 2013 team effort involving "Wackies". Wackies were the first USA-based reggae studios, founded in the 1970's by Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes. Several designs of T-shirts, hoodies, and caps all launched. Unfortunately, the collaboration didn't really receive the attention it deserved, potentially due to the fact that many younger fans of Supreme aren't aware of who Wackies are and what they do. That said, we still believe that this collaboration has earned it's spot in our list, due to the obscure nature of the collaboration.

9. Supreme x Misfits

supreme x misfits

2013 saw the launch of the collaboration between New Jersey punk-rockers The Misfits and Supreme, and it was an awesome collection. With the exception of 2008's Bad Brains collaboration, this was the first punk rock Supreme collaboration. It featured controversial graphics such as President John F. Kennedy splattered with blood, which certainly turned a few heads. This collaboration also marked the start of Supreme's collaborations with punk, metal and alternative genres. It's really interesting to see the brand not just collaborating with rappers.

8. Supreme x Michael Jackson

supreme x michael jackson

This year saw Supreme collaborate with one of the most legendary musicians of all time - the legend himself, Michael Jackson. It's rare for MJ's managerial team to let a brand use imagery of the star, so this Supreme collaboration was somewhat a rarity. The collection featured hoodies and T-shirts, and of course sold out within seconds. The photo tees featured a black and white photo of the star, and a short sleeve work shirt with an enlarged image of MJ on the rear was also released.

7. Supreme x Black Sabbath

supreme x black sabbath

2016 was a great year for Supreme when it came to music collaborations, particularly heavy metal themed ones. The brand teamed up with legendary rockers Black Sabbath for a capsule collection. T-shirts, long sleeves, jackets and even a hockey jersey were all included. Deep colours such as black and purple were present throughout, and many old-school metal-heads were delighted by the collaboration, as it made classic merchandise look a hell of a lot more fashionable.

6. Supreme x Miles Davis

supreme x miles davis

Once again Supreme showed it's diverse range of taste when it comes to the musical world. In 2008, Supreme joined forces with the legendary blues/jazz artist Miles Davis, releasing a collaboration centred around the highly acclaimed "Kind of Blue" album. A collection of T-shirts featuring artwork from the star, and of course Supreme branding was released, and the brand also re-launched three of Miles Davis' albums. Therefore, there was no excuse for rocking the T-shirt without knowing the music.

5. Supreme x Prodigy

supreme x prodigy
PHOTO CREDIT: Project Blitz

Not to be confused with "The Prodigy", Supreme once collaborated with Prodigy, of Mobb Deep fame. The rapper was casted in by the brand for a photo tee, just weeks after he'd been released from jail. The star wore a classic red box logo tee in the photo, and it was taken by none other than Terry Richardson. A behind the scenes video was also launched on Supreme's website, featuring rare footage.

4. Supreme x Bad Boy Records "Biggie"

supreme x biggie

There's no-one really as legendary as Biggie Smalls when it comes to rap music. Although he'd already passed by 1997, in 2011 Supreme teamed up with Biggie's record label, Bad Boy Records. The pair used artwork from Biggie's classic album "Ready to Die" for a photo T-shirt, featuring a small red box logo in the corner. The T-shirt was instantly regarded as iconic, partially due to how recognisable the initial artwork is.

3. Supreme x Slayer

supreme x slayer

Last year saw the launch of another heavy metal collaboration for Supreme, and this time it was with thrash heavyweights Slayer. A whole collection was released, including a plethora of T-shirt options, a knitted jumper, a full tracksuit and even an M-65 Military Parka. In our opinion, it's one of the best heavy metal collaborations Supreme have done to date. It wasn't hyped by people who weren't aware of the band either, leaving actual fans able to pick up what they wanted.

2. Supreme x Public Enemy

supreme x public enemy

Public Enemy are one of the most notorious rap groups of the last 30 years. Supreme have released multiple items in collaboration with Public Enemy over the years, including a three-way Vans collab (pictured). The half zip puffer jackets that the pair launched are also extremely desirable, and fetch up to and over £1000 on the resell market. T-shirts were also released featuring Public Enemy's classic crosshairs logo and a large Supreme box logo beneath.

1. Supreme x Dipset

supreme dipaset

Dipset are pretty much the epitome of NYC hip-hop, so it made sense for Supreme, a brand that are rooted so deeply into NYC culture to collaborate with them. Jim Jones of Dipset has spoke before in interviews on how the collaboration was arranged. He states that the pair had no idea who Supreme were, and that they simply received a phone call stating that they would receive $14,000 for one photo. So Dipset turned up, and actually learned that they had a lot of similarities with Supreme whilst there. The shoot ended up with the creation of one of the most iconic Supreme T-shirts of all time.

On That Note

Supreme have shown us that they have an extensive music knowledge, and a broad range of tastes. They've released so many iconic musical collaborations over the years that we actually struggled to pick our ten favourites. No doubt there are many more to come in the future, and here at The Idle Man we look forward to receiving them with a warm welcome.


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