Wolf : The New Go-To Italian Street Food Chain

Wolf : The New Go-To Italian Street Food Chain

Feature image credit: Wolf

Finding its home in the tall listed building on Market Street in Nottingham City Centre. Wolf opened up its doors for the residents of the city to enjoy the wonders of Italian street food and even giving back to the local community by offering our its underground space as a venue for musicians and comedians.

Born out of a love for Italian street food, Wolf has spread itself across the UK by opening up eight stores across the UK. The fast service restaurant uses only the finest and freshest ingredients for all its dishes, using meat sourced solely from British farms. Franchisee Ehsan Shammasizadeh, decided to open up his branch in Nottingham after loving the time he had spent exploring the city. Stating it was actually down to the friendliness of the locals and the rental opportunity that make his decision final.

The concept of the store is simple, you create your own dish using only the ingredients you want. The amazing team behind the counter will then cook it up for you. As for the menu you can choose from three bases, a piada, pizza or pasta, then it’s your choice of protein, sauce and toppings which then is cooked in no time, literally, the pizza cooks in two minutes. The fresh ingredients really stand out along the counter with the popping colours on selection, you can choose from all Italian classics including an abundance of olives, tomatoes and deli meats, along with them you choose from plenty of traditional salad toppings. With so much choice it doesn’t matter what you opt for the first time, you’ll be back again and again because it is really that good!

With their very own Executive Chef from Wolf creating his own unique blends everything right down to the herbs and spice mixture is his own. This even includes the sauces they use to dress your Italian street food snack, he has created five sauces for you to choose from and has introduced their Diavolo sauce, a thick creamy spicy cheese sauce which works as well as a dressing on your piada as well as the base sauce for your pizza.

Not only is Wolf a great place for a pit stop whilst shopping around town, but it has also made itself a great place as a venue for local talent to perform their art in front of an intimate audience. With hopes that they can provide a platform for musicians and comedians from Nottingham to play to a crowd and even better, Wolf will provide the platter. Space for nearly 70 people downstairs for a gig, you can enjoy Wolf’s very own beer supplied by a local brewery or even enjoy something a little more sophisticated like a glass of wine paired to your food.

What more could you want? entertainment and Italian food, delicious.

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