What's the Right Length for Men's Jeans?

What's the Right Length for Men's Jeans?
Not sure exactly what length your jeans should be? We've got all the answers, making sure you never leave the house in ankle swingers or drowning in denim again.  Read more Men’s Style Guide features and check out our Store. shopthelook What's the right length for men's jeans? To put it as simply as possible, men's jeans should break just on top of your shoe. However, it's worth noting that in the modern day realm of menswear this is a little less apparent as the idea of pin rolling, cropped and baggy jeans blurs the lines a little.
The correct length for men's jeans - due to the myriad of different fits - is one of those things you could debate for hours and often it comes down to personal preference and individual style. All a little confusing? Read on and we'll look at various ways to style and alter the length of your denim from pin-rolling and double cuffing to a few tip on how to show off your new trainers or draw attention to a pair of eye-catching socks.
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Right Length for Men's Jeans

The main consideration when working with your jeans length typically boils down to one question; to adjust or not to adjust. There's a number of factors to take into consideration when deciding what works best including, the original fit of the jeans, the weather, where you'll be heading and, plain and simple, your own style preference. Let's take a look at your options below so you can decide what works best for you.

On The Shoe

Probably one of the most common way to wear your jeans, and the usual answer when asked 'how long should jeans be?'. They're long enough to cover your socks and hide any mis-matching colours, but short enough not to hide your shoes. It's a flattering length that doesn't draw too much attention to your outfit, and gives it a neat finish, so it's ideal for a wide range of outfits. If you've picked up a pair of well fitted jeans that fit your legs perfectly, there will be no adjustments necessary - happy days! Stacked jeans are more for the everyday and depending on what shoes you are wearing usually look quite good. If there a little on the longer side, you may need to single roll (turning up the hem of your jeans approximately 1 inch), double cuff (same as single roll, but turning up the hem of your jeans twice) or take a trip to your tailors. This style is perfect for maintaining a smart, yet laid back feel to your outfit.

How Your Jeans Should Fit

For this length you can try out a few different fits, and there's a few ways you can achieve the length depending on it. For this clean, classic length it's best to go for a slimmer fit to really show off the smooth look.
  • Straight Cut: A more relaxed, straight cut fit will work well, but try and get them in a tapered style so they the pinch in a little at the ankle, ensuring you don't hide your shoes with an on slaughter of denim.
  • Skinny Fit: Takes away any fear of drowning your shoes, and is a great shape if you've got the figure to pull it off. A turned up look also works well with skinny fit jeans as it adds some texture and contrast to the look.

What Body Shape Best Suits This Length?

So what body shapes best suit this length, and what kind of jeans should you go for if you're attempting the look? To keep things simple we'll break body shape down into four categories: Tall and slim, short and slim, tall and bulky, short and bulky.
  • Tall and Slim: If you're the type with slimmer legs than average then it's best to keep your jeans on the small side. Wearing anything too baggy will just swamp you and accentuate your thin legs. However, with your height thrown in the mix you can pull off a good pair of slim fit jeans that will accentuate your stature without weighing you down.
  • Short and Slim: A pair of skinnies will help elongate your body as, if you don't turn up the bottoms, the slim uninterrupted expanse of material will draw attention accentuate the length of your legs. Jeans that end on or just above your shoe will ensure that your legs look as long as they can, as there's no gap to break up the look.
  • Tall and Bulky: Skinnies are out, but you probably already knew that. If you've got a bit of muscle to your legs then anything skin tight is just going to make you look top heavy. Keep it simple with a pair of straight leg jeans, and even go for a neat pair of slim fits if you're feeling it. Longer jeans will work at accentuating your long legs whilst drawing away unwanted attention from any extra bulk you've got on your top half.
  • Short and Bulky: As stated before, if you don't turn up the bottoms of your jeans, the streamlined material will help elongate your legs and help you appear taller. However, just like tall, bulky guys it's best to avoid anything too tight, so try a slim fit tapered jean to keep streamlined but not squashed in.
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Outfit Ideas

There's so many outfits you can create with this flattering jean length, with the fit suiting a range of body types and styles. You can go for bold, alternative looks with ripped jeans and leather jackets, keep it structured with a shirt and blazer or just go for the simple casual looks with well fitted tops and quality footwear. A timeless outfit that's perfect for the spring and summer months is made by pairing a perfectly fitted clean white polo shirt and pairing it with some slim fit indigo jeans. With most polo shirts usually teamed with chinos or shorts to create a more preppy vibe, this combination plays around with styles and keeps things laid back with a sleek finish. Match the look with some brown boots to keep the overall colouring light, and throw over something like a slim fit Harrington jacket if you want a layered look. inspiration

Rolled Up

If you're keen to make more of a statement with your outfit and accentuate the gap between your trousers and shoes then this look is perfect. Ankle length jeans are ideal for summer looks, where you can get away with bolder pieces, and with light-weight shoes like loafers and trainers needing some visibility, they're ideal to highlight your new kicks. Deciding on the optimum length to roll up or pin role your jeans is completely down to personal preference, but anywhere between 1-2 inches above the shoe is most common and will ensure you footwear gets the attention it deserves. It's important that you get the roll quite tightly though, giving you a tapered look, and ensuring that it doesn't fall apart half way through your commute.
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How Jeans Should Fit

With this look the straight leg, loose fit is the best for complimenting the style aesthetic.  You need to have enough material and space to roll up the excess denim, but it can't be so loose that you've got your jeans flapping around your ankles. Skinny jeans can be worn, but don't go overboard with how high you roll them. You want your boots to be accentuated, but if your jeans are both tight and short you're just going to look like you're a kid whose had a growth spurt.
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It's worth mentioning that while you might see some guys experimenting with more exaggerated roll ups, it's not advised and often just gives off the impression that you're gearing up to wade a river. If you're getting a fishman feel, your jeans are too short. Lastly, while a conventional roll up is fairly easy to pull off, a pin roll (achieved by pinching 1-2 inches of fabric on either side of your jeans before rolling twice) is not, so if you have any doubts just check out the video below.

What Body Shape Best Suits This Length?

If you're going for something that's a little bolder, like a full turn up, then your height and body shape can make a big difference to how the end result will turn out.
  • Tall and Slim: Again, as a slim man it's best to avoid anything too baggy, but in order to do a proper turn up your jeans need to have a bit of looseness to them. As a good compromise a pair of slim or straight cut fit jeans will do the job. As you've got a lot of leg to spare then creating a gap between your shoes and jeans won't make you look shorter, but don't go crazy with the size of the gap as anything too big, along with your height, will make it look like your jeans have just shrunk in the wash.
  • Short and Slim: Although skinny fit jeans can help elongate your legs, slim fit cuffed jeans can also help disguise your short statue, as they break up the leg and detracts the eye from your overall smaller size.
  • Tall and Bulky: Like tall, slim guys a bit of a cuff is going to add some interest to your outfit without taking away from your height. However as you've got a bit more mass to you, you can get away with looser fit jeans without looking swamped, so you can try out relaxed fit jeans as well as slim fit.
  • Short and Bulky: In order to stay in proportion it's a good idea for short and bulky guys to keep as streamlined as possible. Breaking up the body with cuffed jeans, where the gaps are too big, could make you look too segmented, so if you're thinking of tapering, keep it on the smaller side.
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