What We're Reading This Week - 003


Here we go again. Another week's come to an end, which means it's time to serve up another instalment of our new 'What We're Reading This Week' feature. As always we've cherry picked our favourite news stories from the week that cover everything from the history of one of hip-hop's most important compilations to the guy who single-handedly broke the music business. Reading glasses at the ready.

1. The Dark Side of Football Transfers via The Telegraph

"Really interesting article about exploitation behind the giltz and glam of football transfer windows. Definitely worth the read." - Jake, Shoot Director.

Photo Credit: Jed Stone / Alamy
Photo Credit: Jed Stone / Alamy

2. The Man Who Broke the Music Business via The New Yorker

"Really thought-provoking long read about how piracy started out and the effect it had on the music industry. Aside from being a potential film plot, this kept me interested throughout." - Jordan, Head Designer.

Photo Credit: David Chapman / Design Pics Inc. / Rex Features
Photo Credit: David Chapman / Design Pics Inc. / Rex Features

3. Lyricist Lounge: An Oral History via Red Bull Music Academy

"Lyricist Lounge Volume One was one of the first ever hip-hop records I bought and for a long time one of the only hip-hop albums I owned. Naturally, I listened to it over and over again yet it still remains as one of my favourite compilations of all time. So when Red Bull Music Academy produced an oral history about how it came about it was obviously thoroughly enjoyable and insightful at the same time."- Greg, Editor.

Photo Credit: Lyricist Lounge

4. "BTW, you know you can pay to headline a festival, it's about $100,000" via Mixmag

"Mat Zo took to Twitter earlier in the week to fire some well-aimed shots at the EDM industry. Very entertaining." - Luke, Copywriter.

Photo Credit: Mixmag
Photo Credit: Mixmag

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