What is a Shacket and How to Wear One

What is a Shacket and How to Wear One

Most of you are probably wondering what on earth a shacket is, but just keep scrolling as we have the answer to that and more in this complete guide. Below, you will find all the details you need to know about how to wear it and why you absolutely need to own at least one shacket.

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So... Let’s Solve this Dilemma: What’s a Shacket? And: How to Wear a Shacket?

A shacket is not only the coolest play-on-words but also the coolest, most versatile piece of clothing that is around right now. If you’re blessed to live in the UK, there is no kidding around: we are always in between seasons, so owning that one piece of clothing that can work for all that mother nature throws at us is an absolute must.

When it comes to outerwear we need something lightweight but warm, for the modern guy who is constantly on the go. Something that passes as a well-fitted shirt, with a few handy pockets, but can still block the wind off and keep us warm in the way a jacket does. So does such a thing exist? Introducing... the Shacket.

Types of Shackets

The Striped Shacket

A top choice for the months to come is the striped shacket. It’s perfect for a weekend away because it's casual and wearable for any holiday situation. If matched with a pair of high quality shoes it’s suitable for a meal at a fancy restaurant or in a situation that requires more of a dressed up look. If taken on a holiday, it saves you loads of luggage space as you don’t have to pack a formal jacket on top of this. It’s also incredibly versatile: breakfast on the terrace, sightseeing trip, a night out, it literally can be used in any holiday scenario without getting old.
striped overshirt for men mens striped shacket
wearwith Best paired with:
  • Loafers or driver shoes. This gives you that Yacht Club Member look, effortlessly sophisticated and relaxed
  • Jeans and a T-shirt. No, seriously, just blue jeans and white T-shirt. It will be a simple and safe but fresh look. Can’t go wrong with that.
  • A shirt. Choose a plain shirt, whatever colour you feel like, but plain. It can be an amazing combination if you pick a patterned shirt, but it has to be a specific pattern to match it, with the right accessories, and the right fabric. Keep it plain and you’ll never go wrong.

The Button-up Denim Shacket

This is the classic go-to shacket every guy must have in his wardrobe. It goes back in time to the 1800s when Levi Strauss invented the denim jacket alongside the denim jeans. It has been refined over the years but it's kept its cool as an all-American key piece. Modern day manufacturers took the fabric and made it lighter to fit the purposes of a shirt, and now with the two combined we have the button-up denim shacket. Perfect for the daytime, this piece will never fail you. To top it off, denim itself is a resistant material so you won't feel the wind. It’s also easy to maintain and clean so it’s a pretty good investment.
How to Wear a Denim Shirt
shopthelook Best Paired With:
  • Trainers. Pick a pair of coloured trainers in order to achieve the urban look. The shacket is easy to move in and wearing it with trainers will provide extra comfort for a long busy day.
  • Dessert boots and a leather jacket. The shoes will dress up the denim shacket while the leather jacket hints a little towards a bad boy look. Stylish and confident, that’s how I would describe the outfit. Who doesn’t want to look stylish and feel confident?
  • White T-shirt and jeans. Well, isn’t this controversial? There’s a lot of disagreement regarding a double denim outfit, but you can get the look right and shut everyone’s mouth. All you need to do is make sure the two denim pieces are significantly different in colour. A black shacket with light grey jeans or navy/blue jeans with a light blue shacket. Simple as it gets!

The Zip-Up Denim Shacket

The button-up, regardless of how much you dress it up, won’t deliver the sharpest look. However, this is why the zip-up comes in handy as it is therefore appropriate for those casual occasions where you struggle to find something to wear. A zipper is slightly warmer to wear than loose buttons, this is because the zipper will completely protect you against the wind with no gaps. Another good thing about the zipper is that it has more of an office allure about it. It can be worn on casual Fridays in the office, on a lunch meeting, anywhere where you can wear something borderline edgy yet remain professional.
shopthelook Best Paired With:
  • Shoes. Brown shoes, black shoes, suede shoes, even loafers and if you're feeling super casual, or a pair of trainers will do the job.
  • Shirt and trousers. Step out of your comfort zone - leave the blazer at home and go for more of a bad boy look. Not as bad as the leather jacket look, but still up there.

The Longline Shacket

It’s a rising trend as more and more designers and high street manufacturers are starting to focus on the longline style. Perfectly suitable for the sporty guy that won’t bother with formal clothing. It’s a bit rebellious, a little bit edgy, but it’s clearly effective. In terms of how to wear it, it can be difficult as options are limited. In order to achieve a clean look you need to pair with the right clothes, but that’s what we're here for.
longline shacket for men longline jacket mens street style
wearwith Best Paired With:
  • Sportswear. This item goes hand in hand with sportswear as longline clothing originally originates from the basketball tank top. The shacket can be paired well with many sporting pieces you already own, and as long as you stay away from shorts, you won’t go wrong.
  • Jeans and trainers. It’s casual, simple, and comfortable. In terms of jeans, the skinny fit will work best. If that’s not your style, go with any jeans that are straight and not too loose.
  • Sweatshirts. A match made in heaven. Extra warmth for a long day out and about, travelling, or for a windy day in the park. They go well together and won’t fail to deliver a sporty put together look.

Monochrome Shackets

The most versatile and most wanted (and needed) shackets out there are the black and white ones. They go well in any situation and with all clothes you'll already have so it’s perfect investment. A mix of cotton with nylon will keep you warm from cold and dry from the rain. We can’t ask for any more, can we?
Oliver Cheshire wears a white denim jacket
Oliver Cheshire wears a white denim jacket
shopthelook Best Paired With:
  • Coloured trousers. It doesn't have to be in your face colour but a contrast colour will work well (especially with a white shacket) and make the jacket stand out even more. We wouldn’t recommend a white T-shirt underneath it though, as this may look too washed out next to a white jacket.
  • The black shacket is the easiest to wear. How to wear it? Well, you tell us. Your wardrobe is the limit. It goes with literally everything that’s in there.

The Pop-Up Shacket

The pop-up shacket is for the guy that who wants ease mixed with fashion. It’s also what we would call a statement piece. This item is to be purchased once your wardrobe is up to scratch and you have all the key pieces a guy needs. This Idle Man pop-up shacket comes in a strong colour (black of course), and boy - it’s quite impressive. This creates the ultimate effortless look that actually takes minimal effort to put together, amazing!
THE IDLE MAN Mens Nylon Coach Jacket Black
The Idle Man shacket is priced at £35, perfect to finish off any look
shopthelook Best paired with:
  • Trainers. Any shape, brand or colour. The pop-up shacket is for the active urban guy and nothing goes better with it that a pair of trainers. Do pair it to a classic trainer, though. You don’t want any of the neon colour trainers as the result will be disappointing.
  • All-black. No better way to make a subtle statement than with an all-black outfit. The look will be more than decent and it works to your advantage as you don’t waste time thinking about your colour palette for the day.
  • Shirt. There are two kinds of shirts that will work for sure. A clean fitted white shirt is ideal if you’re going for the young professional look. The second choice would be a lightly shaded pastel colour, this will expand your colour scheme with only a little bit of extra added effort.

Printed/Patterned Shacket

This is for the guy who doesn’t like to blend in with the crowd and knows he can pull off a non-conventional look. The one that wants to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. A camo, floral, Hawaiian, and anything in between will do the trick. If you’ve purchased one of these, you already know what look you’re going for so there is no need to advise on how to wear it. The only thing we’ll advise on is to never pair it with more prints or patterns.
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