White Trousers: How To Wear This Summer Staple With Ease

White Trousers: How To Wear This Summer Staple With Ease
It can seem like a hard trend to pull off, favoured by those who attend polo or afternoon tea. But white trousers have had a revamp and are more street than ever. Here are our top tips for mastering how to wear white trousers. Read more Men’s Style Guide features and check out our Store shopthelook Wearing white can cause a certain conundrum, especially when it comes to the lower half of your body. However, pulling off white jeans, chinos or even shorts is a matter of following a few easy steps that are foolproof and can make you wear white confidently, without being self-conscious in the slightest. This guide will see you through all things white trousers, describing styles, fits and how to style them.

White Trousers

For a lot of people, white trousers are considered far too risky. It definitely takes a certain type of person to be able to wear them successfully, but that doesn't mean it’s impossible. And when they are pulled off correctly, you’re left with a very clean and sharp style, which is guaranteed to impress. The best thing to do is pick the type of trouser that appeals to you. Don't just throw on any old pair and think you'll be Wimbledon chic, it won't happen. There are a lot of different style of white trousers on the market, we'll talk you through them so you'll never doubt your style choices again.

Types of Men's White Trousers

As we have stated there are many of white trousers on the market. Choosing the right pair for you is imperative to nailing the look, here is the breakdown of the top styles and how to wear them.

Men's Chinos

White chinos are probably the easiest way to wear the white trouser trend. They are the prefect balance between informal and formal. You can mix different colours with these as they are an anchoring piece, think about topping with denim or a pinstripe shirt.
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Men's White Jeans

White jeans are a great way to incorporate the colour into your trend. Avoid men's skinny trousers styles as white is not the most flattering colour and you might be showing more of your body than you would want. Look for style that hang away from the body, regular and slim fits work best.

Styles to Avoid

So we have talked you though the styles we like, but there are a few styles I would say to avoid. Not all white trousers are good trousers, some are dated and some are just straight fashion faux-pas.

Men's Linen Trousers

Linen trousers are slightly more on the dated side. However, designer like Isabel Marant, 3.1 Philip Lim and Vivienne Westwood have brought them back for the summer season. To keep an element of cool I would recommend wearing trainers to make the look more street than hippy chic. Avoid tassels at all costs and do not pair with seashell accessories bandana's or jesus sandals at all costs!

Men's Cargo Trousers

Cargo pants are hard trend to pull off anyway, let alone throwing white into the mix. There is something very dated about these, the 90's springs to mind. Avoid these at all costs.
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The perfect fit goes a long way when separating the stylish from the frumpy. When it comes to white trousers it's absolutely essential, as ill-fitted white pants can easily end up looking plain embarrassing. In addition to finding trousers that fit you, you should aim for slim fit pants with a small hem break, especially when pairing them up with loafers or sandals during the summer months.

Shades of White

If you feel uncomfortable sporting a sparkling white pair of trousers in the middle of winter, why not try an off-white or eggshell shade pair of slim fit chinos? Team them with a pair of brogues, a white shirt and a heritage blazer for a stylish finish.
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One of the key trends of the moment is tonal colour matching and white is one of the easiest colours to blend in with your outfit. Let your wardrobe inspire you, while you strategically add pieces to your ensemble. Keep the three colour rule in mind and work with the colours that best suit your individual style and occasion. Opt for darker shades for contrast and lighter to compliment the look i.e. a grey hoodie, with a black patterned T-shirt and basic grey high tops, would make for a cool street wear outfit. mens blazer t shirt white trousers street style



Americans say “Don’t wear white pants after labor day”, (around the first week of September) and obviously white is very much linked to the summer season and white trousers to being men's summer trousers. However, if you nail the execution in colour matching and perfect fit, there’s no reason why you can’t sport your favourite white chinos all year round. Choose a check shirt and vest for summer, or add a crew neck jumper and a black leather jacket to complete the look for autumn / winter.


There are no strict rules on when to wear white trousers; white chinos can work just as well at a public function or a casual night out if executed correctly. However, it’s worth giving some thought into when to avoid them. A crisp navy shirt, luxe sweater and a blazer is a safe bet to show off your white chinos at a formal event such as a wedding, graduation, or on a special date night. Opt for a white T-Shirt, grey fleece hoodie and a pair of sneakers for a casual dinner or afternoon beers, just as long as you are wary of stain-prone substances such as grass, red wine and awfully rainy days.

White Trouser Outfits

So we have taken you through all things white trousers, styles to wear and when to wear them. Finally, we will look at the styling of white trousers. Styling your white trousers is harder than it sounds, the best way to think of them is as a base for your outfit and build on top of that.

How To Wear White Trousers In the Winter

White trousers aren't just for the warmer climates. You can wear them in colder months just make sure you follow basic styling. A camel or beige knit will work well with white trousers, this will keep the outfit light but also is a great transitioning colour for adding darker items. A classic overcoat will pull this look together.

Adding Colour To White Trouser Looks

As we have previously stated, white trousers are a gateway colour. In the summer you have the perfect opportunity to introduce colour into your outfits. Wearing white trousers with a bright jacket and neutral shoes is a great casual look in the summer. You can also play around with different coloured shoes.
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Casual White Trouser Look

Navy and white are a match made in heaven. An easy stylist summer look is to wear your white trousers with a denim shirt, this mixes texture and colour for the perfect outfit. You can also try wearing other textured shirts like corduroy, another look to consider is different patterns like check and plaid.
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