What To Wear To The Pub

What To Wear To The Pub
Knowing what to wear to the pub can be a deceptively tricky decision to make. Getting the balance between comfort and style is something that every man struggles with. Whether you're popping down your local, or to a swanky bar in town, this article will help you decide the best way to style yourself for a trip to the pub. Read more Men's Style Guide features.

What to Wear in a Pub

When it comes to going down the pub with your pals, it's important to get a balance between comfort and style. Wearing smart casual items of clothing such as a light Oxford shirt are therefore perfect for this environment. Try and find one that is in a light and neutral colour to easily combine with other pieces. Adding some casual trousers and jacket are a great way to layer your outfit and add the finishing touches. Keeping things simple is always the best option for staying fashionable in a pub. oxford shirt and blue jacket mens shopthelook

What to Wear to Bars in the Winter

When the weather turns colder there's nothing better than warming up in a cosy bar with some drinks and friends. However, the journey there and back can be a cold and uncomfortable task. It's therefore important that you get your hands on some durable and warm clothing. Sticking with dark and heavy duty denim is a great way to match the tone of the season. Layer this with a warm shearling jacket and you're pretty much ready to go. suede shearling jacket and denim shirt mens shopthelook

Pub Wear for Men

Wearing a predominantly black outfit is one of the most classic and safe options for going to the pub. If you're unsure of what outfit to wear when you're going to meet for a drink, just keep things simple and stick to a monochrome colour palette. Contrasting the darker shades with a lighter layer is also a nice way to bring some balance to your outfit. Layer with a bomber jacket to add some detail and keep yourself warm to finish the outfit. Alpha industries bomber jacket mens shopthelook

Smart Casual Outfit for the Pub

If you're going to a fancy cocktail bar, or are meeting someone for a date, then you want to look smart without overdoing it. The best way to achieve this is with a smart-casual combination of shirt and jeans. Maintaining a dark and monochrome colour palette is a great way to keep a neat sense of uniformity throughout your look. Finish it off with an outer layer jacket to stay warm.

grey suede shearling jacket and blue shirt mens


What to Wear to Bars in the Summer

Heading to a beer garden when the sun is shining is a great British pass time. You can't beat sipping on an ice cold cider whilst catching some rays. Wearing an outfit with light and minimal layers is therefore the best option. A plain casual T-shirt teamed with some casual jeans and light trainers is an excellent summer ensemble. grey shirt and jeans men shopthelook The latest news from style, life, arts, and culture and everything in between. Whether it's a new brand arriving into our style, our latest drops and editorials. You will never miss a beat with us.

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