How To Wear Pink for Men

How To Wear Pink for Men
What if I told you that pink is the new black? Well it's certainly not, but it's definitely a colour that needs a place in your closet. Check out our guide on how to pull of pink perfectly, and in no time you'll be rocking it on the daily. Read more Men's Style Guide features and check out our Store. shopthelook Pink, or as some may say salmon, is a statement colour that does require a certain kind of confidence to be worn. For many years, people would just naturally associate pink with femininity; a colour that was specifically worn by females. Men from different parts of the world will not even consider wearing anything pink as they could be perceived less masculine. Real men wear pink.

Why Men Should Wear Pink

I know what you're thinking. Can guys wear pink? Well its the 21st Century things have changed. Although popular in women's fashion blogs and magazines, pink is nothing more than colour and a colour does not define anyone's masculinity or femininity. A man who wears pink is not just fashion forward it also shows that he comfortable in his own skin and can wear whatever he pleases. Men who wear pink show guts. There is nothing more attractive than a confident man. So yes a man can definitely wear pink.

How to Wear Pink

Pink for men is always an easy colour to wear and you shouldn't be scared of it. The outfit combinations are endless, from the Oxford pink shirt to the polo shirt. From the office to the park. If styled correctly can give your fashion game a level up.

Can I Wear Pink?

Like every article of clothing, pink is the same. You need to find a shade that compliments your skin tone. Even though pink suits most skin tones, their are definitely shades that work for different people. Hot pink suits darker skin-tones while light pinks suit people with lighter complexions. Therefore it's important to choose your shade wisely.
pink shirts for men how to wear a pink shirt for men

How to Wear Pink for Men

There are three types of guys in the world the ones that wear white shirt, the blue shirt wearers and the ones that dare to dress a bit out of the box, not that pink is too outrageous to be honest, but hey it's a change. As I previously mentioned pink is just another colour and if it's styled correctly and worn with confidence it can definitely get your styling game up.
pink sweatshirt mens street style how to wear pink for men

Pink Dress Shirts for Men

We've all seen it and I'm pretty sure every man has one somewhere in their closet. It's classic and gives you a hint of elegance; the well educated kind of man that strolls around Mayfair with possibly a cigar ready to take over the city if they haven't yet. With a left breast pocket and all button down collar it's the ultimate preppy style. It can be easily paired with dark jeans for a night out in the town or white chinos with brown brogues and a brown belt. Since summer is here you can go for short linen trousers or tan and brown loafers, don't forget your shades, Ray-Ban's will definitely do the trick.
navy suit pink shirt men look
PHOTO CREDIT: Wannabee Men

The Light Pink Shirt

If you're not ready for the full on pink shirt why not try a lighter shade. A lighter shade can keep you in your comfort zone and yet give you hint of casual chic style. Pair with blue jeans and brown loafers. Since summer is here so why not pair with white chinos and brown loafer and of course your favourite shades.
man in pink shirt

How to Wear a Pink Shirt For Men

You are a suit kind of man, closing big deals in the city with a closet full of dark and neutral colours. Sometimes going for what you know, is usually the safe bet but again is how you style it. You can look as smart with a pink shirt as with a white or blue one. Before you pick the perfect shirt make sure is not too pigmented so opt for a lighter pink. The ideal match is with a black, navy and a tan suit and of course your favourite pink shirt. As for the tie, a deep navy will give more depth to the softer pink and also violet and purple will match perfectly with the pastel tones of pink.

Black Suit Pink Shirt

A black suit is the perfect, versatile staple that many men rely on, but what about a salmon colour dress shirt inside your blazer instead of a plain white shirt. A salmon dress shirt will give a hint of colour as you are still looking smart and elegant, paired with a black brogues.
joe manganiello black suit pink shirt mens street style how to wear pink for men

How to Wear a Pink Jacket for Men

Probably the most statement of pieces you could wear to tackle this trend, but a pink jacket or coat will allow you to wear something fairly simplistic underneath, with a bold piece on top. Try and go for a pink bomber jacket, one of this season's statement pieces, and team it with a simple white T-shirt and a pair of blue or black jeans. The great thing about wearing a more statement piece on top, is that you can go for quite a tonal or simplistic look underneath. For a more autumnal or wintery look then you can wear an all black outfit underneath to really show off the pink of the outerwear.
pink bomber jacket for men how to wear pink for men
PHOTO CREDIT: Meanwhile in Awesometown

How to Wear a Pink Jumper for Men

For a more spring or autumnal look then a pink jumper will be your best bet. Try and mix up the hues of pink that you're wearing as this will add a point of difference to your look, but remember to pair it with something that's fairly subdued to balance out your look. A pink jumper and a pair of black trousers is a great, simplistic look that can work for the office or a casual day out, all you'll have to do is switch up your footwear. For a more causal approach then team with a pair of Vans in the classic black and white, or a fully white pair of trainers. For a more formal look then you can always add a suit jacket over the top and swap out the trainers for a formal shoe such as a loafer or brogue.
pink jumper mens street style how to wear pink for men
PHOTO CREDIT: Hique Vianna

How to Wear a Pink T-shirt for Men

A subtle way to incorporate the colour into your wardrobe, a pink T-shirt will work with a multitude of looks and colours. Teamed with  fairly simplistic outfit with a pair of raw or selvedge denim jeans and a pair of desert boots for a casual spring look.
pink t-shirt for men how to wear pink for men street style

Pink Pants for Men

It's the time of the year to let go of darker colours, if you are packing for holidays you don't want all these dark colours in your suitcase. Pink is perfect for warm weather and can be matched with many shirts. A short pink chino with a white shirt matched with brown loafers and a hat gives you the hint of elegance while you still look effortless. For a more casual outfit you can replace the white shirt with a top and the loafers with your favourite trainers or just sandals.
white shirt pink short mens street style how to wear pink for men

Pink Trousers

Now we have pink shorts sorted, it's time to move on to long trousers. A light version of pink could even be worn in the office, matched with a navy or white shirt. Since the warm weather is upon us it could be worn in many occasions such as weddings or even to Ascot as it is considered a very elegant outfit.
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