How to Wear a Grey Blazer This Season

How to Wear a Grey Blazer This Season
A grey blazer, jacket, sports coat (whatever name you want to give it) is a timeless wardrobe staple and a must-have for the man who likes to mix up his style. Able to work in both casual and smart looks, it's a versatile piece that's perfect for every season. We'll guide you through what to wear with a grey sports coat to help suit every style and a range of occasions.  Read more Men’s Style Guide features and check out our Store shopthelook

Dark Grey Blazer

Grey has always been a popular colour for clothing, and this is mainly because of its range of different tones. Light and dark grey have similar qualities, but in the end give off slightly different finishes, meaning you can easily choose a tone that works best for you. Light grey tends to provide a brighter look that works with casual outfits, while dark grey works better in more refined, formal looks. If you're going to invest in a dark grey blazer then it's best to focus on what kind of tones you tend to wear. If you wear a lot of dark tones like black, then your blazer will help to create a streamlined outfit without a lot of contrast. A grey suit with black pants will work well to create a classic refined look, without going for a fully uniformed finish.
grey blazer black pants men


Light Grey Blazer

A light grey blazer is a popular shade to go for, giving you a clean, sleek look but leaving you with a brighter and more striking finish. You can easily go for a uniformed look with a light grey blazer and light grey trousers, giving you a formal look that maintains a cool edge. You can also create an eye-catching contrast by pairing your blazer with darker trousers, providing you with a twist on the classic suit. light grey blazer look men


Grey Blazer Combinations

Grey blazers are just as versatile as black ones, and they're a whole load of colour combinations you can work with when you're dressing them up. If you're wondering what colour pants to wear with a grey sports coat the answer is really any.  You can create a striking contrast by pairing two different shades together or work with a more uniformed look by working with similar ones. Whatever you decide to go for, make sure that your blazer is properly fitted, is long enough in the body and isn't created the dreaded X shape when you button it up.

Grey Blazer Black Pants

Probably the most common combination with a grey blazer, and one that can easily be worked into formal and smart casual outfits. If you want to create a sleek, subtle look then it's best to opt for a charcoal blazer, ensuring that the contrast between it and your trousers isn't too strong. However, if a little difference isn't a problem then a light grey blazer and black chinos can create a striking, yet smart finish. grey blazer black pants men look


If you want to keep your outfit a little more relaxed while still maintaining a sleek silhouette then a few changes here and there can make all the difference. Simply swapping out your shirt for a plain T-shirt and opting for trainers instead of more formal footwear can help to add a more of a laid-back vibe to your look. Make sure your T-shirt is perfectly pressed and your shoes are clean and well presented to ensure your outfit has a nice balance of smart and casual, rather than a rushed mix of clothing. grey blazer with black pants men


Grey Jacket Blue Pants

Now for one of the more common colour combinations with a grey blazer, and something that embraces the versatility of this simple jacket. If you want to keep things comfortable, and with a casual streak, then classic blue jeans are the answer. Not only do they come in a range of fits, meaning you can get the right shape to flatter you, they go great with any shade of grey, and can be worked into a variety of looks. Go for a classic casual style with jeans, a plain T-shirt and your blazer, or smarten it up a tad by replacing your T-shirt with a well fitted Oxford shirt. Both combinations will give you a balanced look that can easily be customised with simple changes. Grey Blazer Blue Pants men


If you don't want to go for jeans, then blue chinos will give a similar effect but maintain a slightly formal edge due to its sleeker finish. You don't have to automatically pair it with classic pieces like Oxford shirts or plain T-shirts, however, and experimenting with different textures and layers can give your outfit a boost. Try something like a denim jacket or shirt to add some extra colour to the look and maintain a smart casual vibe.

grey blazer blue pants chinos men


Grey Jacket Khaki Pants

We said grey was versatile, and even if you're working with less conventional colours in your formal outfit, you can still keep things balanced and put together. Although khaki is generally quite a muted colour, if you match it with a shade that's darker than it, you'll help to bring out some of the brightness and create a more striking finish. grey blazer khaki pants men


How to Wear a Grey Blazer

  • Find the style of jacket that fits you best, and have it tailored to get the perfect fit.
  • Accessorise with a tie, as well as a pocket square and cufflinks for a formal edge.
  • Dress it down with jeans or slim fit joggers, or go for chinos to keep things smart.
  • Shoes can add a new vibe to your look. Trainers for casual events, brogues an
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