The Ultimate Guide to Men's Watches

The Ultimate Guide to Men's Watches
A watch is more than just an additional piece to an outfit. It's the essential detail to any smart-casual or formal attire and is something every modern man should own. Whether you have a classic taste or in need of sprucing up your look with best watches for men, then read on for the ultimate guide to men's best watch brands and watches. Read More Men's Style Guide features. shopthelook

Best Watch Brands

Before we dive in, you need to remember one of the first decisions you will have to make when choosing your watch, how much you're willing to spend or your investment for watches? You might be looking for something that will last just a few years, or perhaps you're ready to invest in something that will stick with you for the next 50, but picking your perfect watch doesn't have to be a tedious challenge. However, don't worry, because we have taken the time (pardon the pun) to find the ultimate watches you need to be investing in, including best watches under 500 and 1000. With a few helpful tips about our favourite brands, this guide is sure to have you covered.


Starting at the lower end of the scale, you can get a Casio watch from anywhere between £30-£50. Instead of focusing on exclusive designs, Casio provides simple, quality designs with an affordable price tag. They also incorporate the latest technology and were the first brand to include an automatic calendar on their watches, in 1974. Popular amongst most markets, Casio is essentially the best watch in the world. A range of styles is available, from the classic to the contemporary, with a varying amount of features, Casio is considered one of the most stylish men's watches. Their digital watches include the day and month, as do some of their duo display designs, which can certainly be a useful feature after one too many pints. Other designs include global time zones and thermometers, as well as some solar-powered models. toppicks


Most Timex watches sit somewhere within the £30-£100 price bracket; there's a huge range of styles available, all of which are high quality but with differing features. The brand was founded over 150 years ago and combines exclusive Italian design with the latest German technology, to give customers the best of both worlds. Now still going strong, they are one of best timepiece brands on the market.  Timex really does offer something for everyone. From their IRONMAN collection to The Weekender collection Timex produces some of the best watches for under £100. This makes them perfect for people who can't stretch their budget too far, but are looking for something specific to suit their needs. toppicks

Simple Watches

The Scandinavian influence has been a huge impact for us in menswear and has become one of the best leather watches for men. With clean cuts, minimal detailing and neutral colours, it has subsequently turned into a trend we cannot get enough of. While the rule of 'less is more' is still relevant, Simple Watches are the perfect go-to for your wrist. It's exactly what it says on the tin - simple, clean and defined. With a choice of leather straps and block-colour watch faces, you are sure to find one that suits you. Take a look at our buyer's mens top watches. toppicks

Shore Projects

When old meets new. Shore Projects takes full pride in providing vintage masterpieces with a touch of modern integrity, thriving on the basis of explorers and travel since they are the watch specialising in creating timeless pieces with a twist. From leather to gold, and of course classic silver - you are sure to find a watch for any occasion (or outfit) within their archive. With additional features including waterproof by 100m and scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal, this is a go-to for any keen traveller. toppicks

Daniel Wellington

When the founder Filip Tysander met Daniel Wellington, he couldn't imagine the watch empire he'd soon have in his hands. Taken back by Wellingtons sophisticated style, the use of NATO straps and the ability to wear watches with a touch of persona, Filip Tysander knew this was a gap to be filled within the watch-maker circle. With designs that are minimalistic with a touch dandy, the brand tailors to your own style, separating themselves from of top watch brands. Thriving on the 1970 NATO strap (from the influence of Daniel Wellington of course), the watch-face is a favourite for us at The Idle Man and of the best luxury watches available. While you have the choice of watch-face and strap from purchase, and the ability to mix and match, there's a watch for every type of man. toppicks

Let's get Technical

There is a lot of technical talks when it comes to watches; so in order to really understand what you're purchasing, you'll need to familiarise yourself with some of the jargon.
  • Altimeter - This determines altitude (the height above sea level) and is an important feature for climbers, walkers and mountaineers.
  • Aperture - A small window found on the dials of some watches, giving information such as the hour or date.
  • Bracelet - A type of watch-strap, usually made of metal links.
  • Caseback - The underside of a watch, which lies against the skin.
  • Chronograph - A watch with an additional second hand which can be used as a stop watch.
  • Crystal - The clear cover that protects the dial, it may be made of glass, plastic, mineral crystal or sapphire crystal.
  • Dual Time - A watch that shows both the local time and the time in at least one other time zone.
  • Duo Display - Also referred to as an 'AnaDigi' display, this is a watch that displays the time in both analogue and digital form.
  • Frequency - The speed at which a watch ticks, measured in vibrations per hour (vph).
  • Gasket - The mechanical seal which keeps the watch together, usually by fastening the dial and caseback together.
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) - Digital watches use LCD to display the time in black digits on a grey background; it's extremely energy saving and an LCD watch can run for a year or more on one battery.
  • Mechanical Movement - When a watch is powered by energy from a wound spring, rather than a battery. A high level of craftsmanship is needed to make these watches.
  • Nato Watch-Strap - A watch-strap made from nylon; a durable material that is more affordable than some other options.
  • Push-Piece - A button that is pressed to work different functions of a watch, such as the alarm.
  • Sapphire Crystal - A scratch-resistant material sometimes used to cover the dial, which is twice as hard as standard glass.
  • Water Resistant - Various ratings are given to watches that can withstand exposure to water, and can sometimes be misleading. To be on the safe side, take 3 ATM to mean 'splash resistant' and 5 ATM to mean the watch can withstand being submerged in water for brief periods of time.
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Men's Brown Wristwatch
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