Wide Leg Trousers: The New Wardrobe Staple

Wide Leg Trousers: The New Wardrobe Staple
Check out one of this season's biggest trends, wide legged trousers. Gone are the skinny jeans that have dominated our wardrobes, and time to make way for the wide-legged trouser. Read more Men's Style Guide features and check out our Store shopthelook

Trends seem to come and go, but there are others that seem to stick around longer than others. The wide legged trouser trend has crept up over the past few seasons, and, it has become a mainstay for many men. No longer are we bothered about the skinny shape that seemed to dominate the catwalks and wardrobes of many men. So, say goodbye to those skinny jeans that you, probably, have a love/hate relationship with, and say hello to a brand new pair of wide legged trousers to fill your wardrobe with.


The Trend

If you're a follower of men's fashion or style, you'll see that many men have decided to opt for a more relaxed shape and style. The skinny jean has had its day. As men, we're not bothered by that boyish, skinny shape as we once were, we've moved on, and grown up a little bit. The trend explains itself really. A pair of wide legged trousers is just that, wide legged. There isn't any tapering in the leg of the trouser, they simply go straight down, skimming over your legs and creating an almost boxy, yet stylish, shape.


Key Colours

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to wide legged trousers. You don't always have to stick with the conventional, more traditional colours; you can go a little bit more out there and experiment with your wardrobe. Why not go for a green, white or maybe even a burgundy pair of wide legged trousers, just to mix things up a little bit.

How To Wear Black Wide Legged Trousers

It's always best to start with the classics. So, if you're more classically inclined, colour-wise that is, then go for a pair of black wide legged trousers. Simple, sleek and stylish, they'll make the perfect accompaniment to any look, formal or casual, this season. Team them up with a classic white button down Oxford shirt. This keeps the look smart whilst keeping it bang on trend. Because of the season, it's still pretty cold outside (and probably will be for a while), so throw over a varsity jacket in black, another stylish and smart piece to own, and you're half-way there. Teamed with a pair of white, low-top trainers and a brown satchel (keeping yourself business savvy) and you'll be good to go.


How To Wear Navy Wide Legged Trousers

Navy is a big colour this season, with various designers featuring it heavily in their collections. Another great thing about navy is that it's a classic colour, timeless in fact. It's always great to have a pair of navy trousers in your wardrobe as you never know when they'll come in handy. If you're going for a pair of navy wide legged trousers then it's important you know what colours work with navy. Brown is a cracking colour with navy, the two go together like bread and butter, so team your navy wide legged trousers with a brown suede jacket with a pink shirt underneath. This instantly creates a smart-casual look that's office or day ready. Throw on a pair of brown tasselled loafers for good measure and you've got yourself a cracking outfit.


How To Wear Burgundy Wide Legged Trousers

We're getting to the more colourful options now, so if you've been debating whether to go for something a little more colourful, now's your chance. Burgundy is a great colour to work with no matter what the season. Burgundy works with a lot of colours that you probably already have in your wardrobe. So, team them with a graphic, long-sleeved T-shirt to add a little bit more detail to your look. We're going for a bit of an urban-inspired look, concrete junglist if you will - to add to this look, then throw on a pair of white trainers and a black cap for a stylish look this season.



How To Wear Green Wide Legged Trousers

Green is another great colour to own a pair of trousers in. I know what some of you are thinking, that green sounds like a bit of an odd colour to wear for a pair of trousers, but, teamed with the right look, they can be versatile and very easy to wear item in your wardrobe arsenal. Now, when I say green, I don't mean some bright, acid colour, the colour I'm going for is a darker, more subtle approach to this colour. So, team your darker green wide legged trousers with a denim shirt with a grey sweatshirt over the top. This instantly creates a bang on trend look whilst keeping it smart. Roll up the bottoms of your trousers and wear a pair of high top Converse in an off white colour - this just keeps the look casual and comfortable.


How To Wear Beige Wide Legged Trousers

We're going with another classic colour with this pair of wide legged trousers with beige. Wide-legged trousers in beige might seem a little bit boring, but you can always liven them up with other pieces to add detail and colour to your look. Beige trousers as a classic colour to wear, and, will pretty much go with anything you can throw at it. For a retro-inspired look, then try wearing a green and white raglan tee and a pair of high-top trainers with your beige wide legged trousers. This is a nod to the 50's baseball culture in America, but, in a modern way. Teamed with a backpack to tackle the day with and you'll be set.


How To Wear White Wide Legged Trousers

White wide legged trousers are a bit of a debatable subject as some people love them, whereas others loathe them. However, over here at The Idle Man we're fans of the white trouser. Perfect for summer, and, bang on trend for this season. We're tackling two trends in one here with the white wide-legged trousers and teaming them with a white jacket, a white out. Now, you probably don't want to go for an all white look, as this may look a bit odd when you're walking down the street, so, team it with a black hoodie underneath your jacket. This keeps you warm and comfortable this season; add a pair of black trainers for the ultimate in comfortable style this season.
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