Tory Leadership Battle: The One To Rule Them All

Tory Leadership Battle: The One To Rule Them All

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Here we go, the race to replace Theresa May has begun so who will the successor be, Boris Johnson or Jeremey Hunt? We all know their names and their condemnations but what we all really need to know is who they really are and what will the UK Government be like under their leadership?

Oh how did this happen? Really, we’re discussing the guy who couldn’t get across Victoria Park on zipline without making himself look like a fool, Boris Johnson, becoming our next Prime Minister. Well put him next to the other guy, Jeremey Hunt, who found himself extremely unpopular whilst running Britain’s pride and joy, the NHS, then we are all in a bit of a pickle.

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So who gets to decide which of these two will become our next Prime Minister? The voting ballots will fall through the letter boxes of 160,000 grassroot Conservative Party Members to select their ideal leader which will decide the fate of rest of the United Kingdom which has a population of 66 million. To reiterate, 160,000 will decide the fate of 66 million, but hey, we can’t be angry that’s how a  democracy works when these decisions have to be made! In order for all of us to have a say, the successor would have to call for a general election which could jeopardise the Conservative party leading parliament altogether, this is unlikely right now.

For the rest of us, it’s important now to learn more about the two candidates from past voting records, their impact on our country during their time in positions of power and also what their proposals are if they get in to Number 10.

Let’s begin with the bookies favourite, Boris Johnson. Boris has always presented himself as the floppy haired politician who was happy to be the Mayor of London and go no further, when we all know now that this was a vizard and in actual fact he is very smart and calculated. The conservative MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip has had a mix of views represented by his previous voting records presented by where you can review any MPs records.  The running favourite generally voted for gay rights although never voted in the ballot for same sex marriage and voted against the smoking ban and the hunting ban. He also voted in favour of the Iraq war, although he then voted for investigations into the Iraq war. He’s almost always voted for an EU referendum and he’s also almost always voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits, including a vote to cut spending and change the welfare system in favour of spending on nuclear weapons.

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So what does he have planned if he gets into Number 10? Well the typical stance for a Tory, Boris has said he will pledge to cut income tax bills for those earning more than £50,000 each year, he reckons he’s also the man to “re-knit” the bonds of society bringing our broken country back together again. The ex-foreign secretary has also pledged he wants to spread the wealth of the country outside of London with a Northern Power Rail and to protect the UK citizens living in the EU. Interesting mix of pledges to begin with but little else has been said and might not be said until he is in as he’s refusing to be present for an earlier TV debate or take part in interviews other than his exclusive BBC interview. This should surely worry us, what could he be hiding?

Running up against Boris is the seemingly calm and well-presented Jeremey Hunt, although since getting into the final two his language has become more fiery throwing out plenty of shade towards his rival. The underdog in the competition found himself in the final two after some have suggested foul play was involved, believing that some of Boris’ voters switched to make sure Gove would be knocked out of the race (some clearly still haven’t forgotten the last election).

So who is he? Some might know him as the Ex-Health Secretary or the current Foreign Secretary or the guy whom whilst on an official visit to Japan called his wife Japanese, but she was actually born in China… It could be argued that his takeover of the NHS was undoubtably his most infamous act as he tried to bring in his idea for a “7 day NHS” during which he was faced with a full force of criticism. Faced with the unions his controversial plan to change contracts for junior doctors ended up causing a series of walkouts in 2015. The health minister didn’t handle this well either, he was actually caught running away from protestors instead of speaking to them or agreeing to interviews, this make us question if he has the backbone to deal with the backlash from Brexit?

Not a great start is it? However, let’s check out his voting records. He’s always voted for gay rights and same sex marriage, voted in favour of the smoking ban. He voted for the increase VAT and university tuition fees to £9000 but voted against the bankers bonus tax and mansion tax, could this means.

Photo credit: BBC/Getty Images

What does he want for the UK? Well, if he finds himself as our next Prime Minister we’ll see a “serious leader” who’ll ensure a “credible” Brexit securing changes to the Irish backstop, if necessary he is willing to extend Brexit again for a good deal. He’s also pledged that our elderly will be taken care of.

So there we have it, our two candidates for the next leader of the United Kingdom, it could be the highest point in their careers and the lowest point for our country. The official head-to-head debate is to take place on the 9th July on ITV, but we will all have keep calm until we find out on the week commencing 22nd July to see who the next PM will be. After that who knows what mayhem we will have to deal with… but we will get through it if we all stick together.

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