Top 5 Black Jeans for Men

Top 5 Black Jeans for Men
A great staple for any man’s wardrobe; a pair of black jeans transcends both time and trends. But, as a basic item that can be styled with anything, you should be sure you're picking the best. Check out this guide to help you find the perfect pair. Read more Men’s Style Guide Features. At a first glance, black jeans may seem like a boring choice, but there's no doubting that they're a fundamental staple in any man's wardrobe. With variants in fits, washes and distressing, it would be naive to think that sticking to black jeans makes you a one trick pony. We'd always recommend investing a little more on a staple like black jeans, but if you're going to throw a few quid at em', you want to be sure that you're picking out the best pair for your money. Check out these handy tips and some of our favourite pairs on the market to make sure you're getting, not only the best value but the best-looking jeans available right now! mens-black-jeans-outfit shopthelook

Top 5 Black Jeans for Men

Black Everyday Jeans

Whenever the word denim is uttered, one brand instantly stands out. Levi Strauss & Co has been around for hundreds of years and is notorious for offering the perfect jeans. Their black jeans, of course, are no exception. A great go-to is the 511. Still slim but with enough room to manoeuvre, these are very accommodating for those who spend life constantly on the move. In fact, even when it starts to rain, these jeans never fail since they are made from a water repellent fabric. And for practicality, the five pockets come in very handy. Another great option for an everyday pair of black jeans is Wood Wood's Alvas'. Being about as black as one can get with their jeans, they'll easily slot into any outfit making them a great versatile everyday option. By adding 1% elastin to the composition, they'll have a little stretch to them - furthering their suitability to everyday wear. shopthelook

Black Skinny Jeans

Some may argue that these should be saved for the angsty teenagers and rapidly ageing rock stars from the 80s but black skinny jeans, especially those with stretch, can be some of the comfiest jeans you will ever lay your eyes on and put your legs into. If you're looking for a little 'give' in your jeans, watch out for elastane on the care label. Typically speaking, elastane is incorporated into the skinniest pairs as this helps to make them both easier to wear - and to get on. It also means that you are still able to move about without the risk of split jeans (which is definitely something that should be avoided at all costs). Nudie's 'Tight Long Organic Black Jeans' are the perfect fit for most guys. Giving you the desired slender look without strangling your... ahem... parts, they're ideal for everyday wear or a night out on the tiles. shopthelook

Black Distressed Jeans

Nothing says casual like a rip in the knee or a raw hem making distressed denim a great option when you want to avoid looking overdressed. Despite several options that might make you question how much fabric you’re really paying for, it's a massive trend at the moment and we're all for it. When it comes to looking for black ripped skinny jeans, the most popular choice is often those with a hole is either one or both knees. Despite looking quite relaxed, these are not just limited to casual days. Styled with more formal counterparts – such as a white shirt – these jeans can offer a slight edge for an evening drink or even a date night. At different ends of the 'ripped' scale, both Only & Sons and The Idle Man are perfect options for the man looking to jump on the distressed trend. Whether it's a few subtle rips on the knees or full on gaping holes, either way - you'll be repping one of the seasons' most popular trends. shopthelook

What to Wear with Black Jeans

If you're still unsure about what makes black jeans so great then one word is sure to help the case for such a significant item of clothing: versatility. Whether you’re going formal or casual, monochromatic or bold, these jeans will compliment your personal style. Depending on your desired fit, the amount you want to splurge and the look you want to create, a particular brand may stand out for you as the obvious choice. However, as with all classic pieces, some are better than others and so it pays to look around. It may sound like hard work now but, once you have found the pair for you, you will never look back and will be eternally grateful for taking the time out to make the decision. mens-brown-leather-black-jeans shopthelook Now, regardless of the colour of the denim, jeans are known for coming in a variety of different fits. The automatic choice for most when it comes to jeans is the traditional straight cut because of the relaxed look it is so well-known for giving off. But those with smaller figures should favour slimmer cuts to avoid the unflattering look of bulky, excess material. In fact, a slim leg jean is arguably the most accommodating for a variety of body types. The natural tailored fit inevitably compliments the shape of your legs and, if yours go on for days, then a skinny fit may even be the better option for you. Once you have come to a decision of what brand and fit of black jeans you want and you have made the purchase, the fun begins - creating black jeans outfits with them. When an item is so simple, the possibilities are near enough endless. No matter what the season, the occasion or the style, black jeans can offer a solution to any qualms when it comes to sorting out an outfit. mens-ripped-jeans-asap-rocky shopthelook For those of you who don’t want to delve into dressing bolds with basics, keeping an outfit neutral works well. Starting with a palette made of blacks, whites and nudes, it’s easy to create an outfit that still packs a punch without having to toy around with mixing colour and/or patterns. For example, combining a white t-shirt with a great fitting pair of black jeans is a failsafe outfit that can be made to suit any occasion depending on what shoes and jacket you pair it with. If a powerful yet simple outfit is what you’re aiming for, then nothing quite says that like all black everything. While the colour is kept the same, the door is wide open for you to play with patterns and textures. For everyday wear, a plain black t-shirt and trainers, like converse, keeps things casual, but can also be made suitable for the office with a dress shirt and a smart shoe. mens-pea-coat-black-jeans shopthelook The latest news from style, life, arts, and culture and everything in between. Whether it's a new brand arriving into our style, our latest drops and editorials. You will never miss a beat with us.

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