How to Thin Men's Hair

How to Thin Men's Hair
If you're lucky enough to have thick locks then you will know better than anyone how hard they can be to manage. While thick, lustrous hair can look great, many men opt to thin theirs out in in favour of a more manageable barnet - and understandably so. Looking to thin yours out but need a little guidance? Read on. Read more Men’s Hair features.

How to Thin Out Men's Hair

There are a few options at your disposal if you're wondering how to tame men's thick hair, tone down its length and general thickness.

#1: How to Thin Men's Hair with Scissors

This is probably the riskiest thinning method as it requires some scissors savvy skills and a steady hand, but if you want to know how to thin hair, particularly how to thin short hair, then this is the best technique.
  1. Ensure you're working with dry hair, this makes it easier to manage the finished look.
  2. Run a comb through the hair, lifting it as you do so.
  3. Take some scissors and point them towards the scalp.
  4. Using precise movements, snip away at the hair that you are combing and different angles - this will remove weight without cutting off too much length.
men cutting hair with scissors
Managing Thick Hair for Men

#2: How to Thin Men's Hair with Thinning Shears

  1. Use a comb to pull the hair against the grain, making it easier to get underneath.
  2. Drag some thinning shears for men through the hair, cutting as you go.
  3. Make sure you cover the head consistently so it's not patchy.
  4. Be careful to not over do it. If you thin your hair too much it can appear dry and frizzy.
barber cutting hair with thinning shears for men
How to Make Thick Hair Thin for Men

#3: How to Thin Men's Hair While You Wash

Although washing your hair won't physically thin it out, it can help to remove frizz and any excess weight or product build up you may have. Invest in good quality shampoo and conditioner that'll nourish hair while giving it a good clean. When finished, rinse your hair with cold water after as this will help remove any excess frizz. usefulproducts

Men's Thick Hairstyles

So, perhaps you've decided to work with what you've been given and keep your lustrous, thick locks. Or maybe you've thinned out a bit, but want to make the most of your hair while you've got it; either way, check out some of the best-suited haircuts for men with thicker hair.

The Pompadour Fade

The Pompadour Fade is a popular hairstyle for thicker hair because it requires a bit of length to work with and is incredibly easy to style - great if you're trying to manage thick hair. Getting it cut right is important, be clear how short you want to go on the back and sides as it will dictate how long you can keep it on top - which you'll likely want to keep relatively short. Blow dry wet hair into your desired style and add some pomade or wax to give your hair some hold. inspiration

The Man Bun

The man bun is loved and loathed across the world but remains a handy hairstyle for thick haired men. Keep things simple with a clean, swept back bun, or go a little experimental and style it with a neat pompadour cut. This is great for long hair or even those with shorter wavy men's hair, as you don't have to have to have hair down to your shoulders to make it work. inspiration

The Slick Back look

If you're not a fan of the man bun but still want a look that is sleek stylish and formal, then why not try slicking your hair back? Apply a small amount of pomade or wax and run it through your hair using your fingers or a comb. Pull the hair towards the back of your hair, using a hair dryer or comb to add structure and hold. inspiration

The Buzz Cut

A drastic hairstyle, but one that can work great if you've got a lot of thick hair and really can't be bothered with a lot of tedious styling. Because of the mass of your hair, getting it trimmed down to a short style is one of the easiest ways to achieve a clean, manageable look that's great for a range of face shapes. Be sure to keep it moisturised and conditioned, as even though it's incredibly short, it can still appear frizzy and untamed. inspiration

Useful Products for Styling Thick Hair

If you're wondering how to control thick hair, as opposed to thinning it, then it's important to get your hands on the right styling products. Thicker hair is notoriously hard to control and you should try and enhance what you've already got instead of trying to control it. Products like wax and clay are best for adding maximum hold and texture to your style. toppicks

How to Thin Men's Hair

  • Keeping your men's thick hair soft and healthy is important for making it appear that bit more manageable.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water after conditioning to give a smoother appearance.
  • Most barbers will happily give your hair a quick thin between cuts, just pop in and ask!
  • Don't overdo it on the thinning - this can make it appear frizzy and dry.
  • Avoid texturising products like salt spray and dry shampoo - these will only thicken hair further.
thick afro hair fade for men street style
Men's Thick Hair
PHOTO CREDIT: All Things Hair

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