The History of Vans Anaheim

The History of Vans Anaheim

It's been 52 years since the Van Doren family established the legacy of Vans in Anaheim, California. The Anaheim DX shoe has been more than just a staple to any skaters wardrobe - it's become a signature to a subculture involving style, politics, and way of life. In 2018 the Anaheim DX is no longer confined to skaters. 

Ever since the fashion industry adopted the skater-style a few years ago amid mass protest from skaters, the signature and famous Vans DX followed along with it. From appearing in runways, editorials, and major fashion campaigns only enforced the Vans sneaker's recognition in the world. Standing the test of time, the DX belongs with the likes of Chuck Taylors and Air Force 1's.

With some classic silhouettes going live on The Idle Man today we thought we'd give you a blitz on the history of the Vans Anaheim known as the DX.

Stacy Peralta in a pair of vans.


Paul and James Van Doren purchase the first store in Anaheim, California. One year later, with two more partners, they open up The Van Doren Rubber Company. Originally the team would create pairs of shoes on a customer by customer orders, manufacturing them and selling them on the same day. This was when the Vans 'Authentic' was born and set the wheels in motion for the legacy of Vans.


The now booming Californian skateboarding community begins to embrace Vans as the signature shoe. In 1975, skateboarders Tony Alva and Stacy Peralto create the iconic 'Era' design, signified by its padded collar and non-slip base that affords better grip when riding a skateboard. This design is an instant hit and expands the company's growth as more stores are opened up across America.


Fast forward to the 2000s and Vans is now a famous global brand. The company begins opening its own skate parks and finances skate documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys. The company buys a controlling venture in The Warped Tour, a now international music festival that was instrumental in launching the careers of seminal punk and rock bands such as Blink-182, AFI, Deftones, Bad Religion and many more.

Photo Credit: Pinterest Vans Anaheim Dx

From humble beginnings to becoming the staple shoe to have in your wardrobe no matter what your style is, the Vans Anaheim is only continuing to add to their legacy. If you don't already have a pair, you're in luck as we have just added some new pieces to our collection here.

Tony Alva and his Vans advertisement.

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