The Best Black Leather Strap Watches in Store Now

The Best Black Leather Strap Watches in Store Now
For those who keep a close eye on the Manual will be aware that we've been going watch crazy recently. Though if we didn't manage to urge you to invest in a timepiece after last week's round-up of the best brown men's leather strap watches in store, then perhaps we will today with the best black leather strap styles available right now. Read more Men's Style Guide features. shopthelook Of course, we appreciate watches are far from an everyday purchase, so we've carefully selected a variety of styles to suit all prices ranges, as well as catering for those who prefer classic designs and those who prefer contemporary. So whether it's you who's in the market for a new tick-tock or you simply need some suggestions for a birthday present, be sure to check our top picks below. Don't forget to check back soon as we have many more watches hitting the shelves over the coming weeks!

Classic Watches

Men's leather watch straps are simply an iconic feature of the most popular watches for men ever. It's no surprise that after all these years, a classic black strap watch will never lose its charm. If you're not a fan of black watches then we're hoping this article will help to change your mind.
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Men's Dress Watches

Here at The Idle Man we like to give you the best of the best at affordable prices. Who said that a watch needs to be ridiculously expensive to be stylish and functional? No one, exactly. You're one click away from getting yourself a gorgeous watch for any upcoming formal occasion without breaking the bank. Next time you'll be donning your tuxedo you'll definitely know what to pop on your wrist.

Leather Watch Straps

We all know that black goes with everything. For that reason, investing in a black strap watch will definitely pay off. It can easily be your go-to watch for every occasion. With a reliable black watch you can just grab it and effortlessly wear it before leaving the house. We can safely say that we've given you plenty of reasons why a black leather strap watch is a key piece in your collection of accessories. It's finally time to have a closer look at our new arrivals. Let's get going, shall we?

1. Larsson & Jennings - Lugano 40mm Black Chain Metal Watch

This super sleek number is the perfect option if you prefer things minimalist yet striking. The leather suede strap offers a secure, polished look that complements the black on grey facing. The scratch resistant sapphire glass offers a premium edge to the modern design, and it's perfect to pair up with anything from a slim fit suit to a bomber jacket and jeans look.


2. Simple Watch - Earl Black & White

Another minimalist piece to work into a range of outfits - this clean, black and white design from Simple Watch focuses on the bare essentials so you're not weighed down with unnecessary details. A simple white face is surrounded by a cool metal frame and soft black leather strap, keeping it comfortable as well as effortlessly versatile.  


3. Shore Projects - St Ives Watch Black

This classic gold and black watch by Shore Projects has a balanced look of a cool black strap and face, complemented by a rich gold frame to bring the design together. The striking white detailing keeps the watch clear and easy to read while staying in keeping with the minimalist style. The mix of tones means you can easily pair it with both a bright as well as more muted outfit without it looking out of place.


4. Larsson & Jennings - Lugano 40mm Gold / Black Leather

Another black and gold number for you, but this time one that embraces just those specifiThe latest news from style, life, arts, and culture and everything in between. Whether it's a new brand arriving into our style, our latest drops and editorials. You will never miss a beat with us.

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