The 7 Style Rules You Should Break

The 7 Style Rules You Should Break
Rules. They're there to be broken, right? Style rules above all should be rebelled against as after all, fashion is all about pushing boundaries and trying out new styles. So it's time to move away from these so called 'rules' for men and start causing havoc. Read more Men's Style Guide features and check out our Store.

Style rules

When it comes to fashion, yes obviously there're a load of do's and don'ts about what to wear, but in some cases the rules are meant to be ignored. Times have majorly changed and wearing white after labour day or never daring double denim has just become a bit out dated. As a whole, we're moving on and fashion is always that one step ahead of us. To help you become top of the style stakes, we've got seven styles rules that we now give you full permission to break.

Can You Wear Black And Brown?

One of the first fashion rules to break is the, can I wear black with brown situation. Black's a staple, brown's a staple, so why wouldn't they work together? If you wear them right you'll create a modern, up-to-the-trend look that not only gives you an edge but also has you mixing wardrobe essentials. A brown coat over an all black outfit is probably the easiest way to pull off this look without looking like you've borrowed a mix of your Granddad's clothes. Even though each may both be fairly dark in colour and used as a base for many outfits, you can still mix the pair. A brown jumper and a pair of black Dickies work pants will give you the definition you're after, so throw on some clean white trainers and you'll have a black and brown outfit that actually works.
The easiest way to mix black and brown

Denim On Denim

Denim os one of those wardrobe staples that every modern man now owns, whether it's jeans, a jacket or a shirt. So can you wear double denim is the question? The answers yes. Long gone are the days where you'd be judged for wearing a blue denim jacket with your blue wash jeans. We're not saying go all out in a Justin and Britney fashion, because really? A denim cowboy hat isn't going to get you on the best dressed list. When it comes to your double denim, the same blue hues actually look good, despite what others may say. A denim Western jacket and selvedge jeans are a masculine, confident combination that even Kanye West is supporting. Head-to-toe denim, whatever the shade, will look good, so go ahead a wear your denim trucker jacket with any jeans you want.
Kanye West pulls of a smart double denim look

You Should Stick To Simple Tailoring

Tailoring is big, and it always has been. There are so many 'rules' that go with wearing a suit, but there's also SO many alternative ways to wear your suit. You now don't have to stick to the standard suit, shirt and tie combo. Well, I mean you can, and a slim fitted suit will always look good, but every once in a while why not mix it up a bit? Sweatshirts, hoodies and T-shirts all have a well deserved place underneath your suit. To experiment with some alternative tailoring, try a crew neck jumper or a slim turtleneck under the blazer instead of a shirt and tie. This gives a very minimalist and modern take on the suit style. As winter comes around, a suit isn't always the warmest solution to the cold weather. So as well as wearing a hoodie under your suit, swap your brogues for a pair of boots so you're feet are as winter ready as your top half is. Wearing boots with a suit has been a myth that by all means can be altered. Chelsea boots or a pair of Grenson leather boots will work well in formal occasions as well as they do in casual ones, so you'll definitely get the best use out of them during the winter months. Tailoring should be fun and the rule that tells you to keep it simple and basic should be scrapped. Jumpers, fleeces, boots and hoodies can be mixed into your tailored garms. Stand out from the morning crowd and go on your daily commute with confidence and style.
Grey suit black hoodie zip up converse
A suit doesn't always have to be really smart

Men Shouldn’t Wear Pink

First of all, what's with this whole thing about how men shouldn't wear pink? Come on, it's pink. It's a good colour. Men in pink look bold and show confidence and a lot of style. You shouldn't shy away from the colour just because of its stereotypical references. So many men love a pink shirt or sweatshirt, so why erase it from your wardrobe just because you think you're too manly for it. Because anyway, real men wear pink, don't they? If you don't want to jump into the pink with full power, a pastel pink shirt under a suit or pink trainers are usually a good starting point. A solid, dark pink is a good statement piece, so dress it with neutral colours like blacks and greys. Charcoal suits are a good match for when you have a pink shirt, as the colours compliment each other and work really well for weddings and other formal occasions outside of the office.
mens style pink trainers black trousers pink jumper
Coordinate pink trainers with a pink jumper.


Don't Wear White After Labor Day

This is one of the oldest fashion rules in the book and should be firmly stored away in the library along with the history books. Not wearing white after the first Monday in September may seem, in this day and age, a bit strange. What happens to your crisp white Oxford shirts and trouser combos ready for the office work party? Just because it's winters coming, you don't have to stick to dark colours - brighten things up with whites and pastels. Sometimes also pointed out to be the 'official' end to summer, the days after Labor Day means that whites should be put away and reserved for the hotter months only. But seriously, why can't you wear white in the winter? Yes, white may seem summery and light, but switch up the cool tones for something that's a snowy, warm white. A white sweatshirt or a pair of white Dickies work pants will go down a treat at Christmas.
White can be worn all year round

You Can't Wear Joggers Outside The Gym

The athleisure trend has taken a turn in the right direction and casual style has taken over the world of fashion. Being comfortable and stylish was never something that was really thought about as much as it is now. Joggers outside the gym? Surely not. But as fashion has grown, so has the athleisure trend. Joggers can be styled so that it does actually look like you've put effort in and not just rolled out of bed to the shops. Every modern man needs some sportswear staples in their wardrobes and much like a sweatshirt under a suit, joggers and a bomber are the casual alternative. Slim fit of course, but not too tight, and in a neutral colour means you can wear your joggers in the gym and outside the gym. A pair of black timberland boots and a casual jacket over a simple crew neck will create an outfit that's effortlessly casual and comfy at the same time.
zayn malik green joggers mens street style
Zayn Malik goes for the full on tracksuit look
PHOTO CREDIT: Upscale Hype

Never Wear Black With Blue

Black and blue, brown and black. Same difference really? Well in the sense that you can wear each colour with another, then yes. Black and blue can create a sophisticated, smart outfit and if the right tones are chosen, why can't you mix the two colours? This outdated fashion rule counteracts the fact that these are the most staple colours you should have in your wardrobe, so a lot of your clothes will be of these colours. So mixing the two ultimately makes everyone's life easier and more stylish. The two colours scream versatility and with so many option available you can mix and match items to create the best looks. A navy overcoat and black jeans, blue chinos and a black biker jacket or a blue bomber and black jumper - these all sound doable, so why don't you? The colours can compliment each other, so go ahead and go for the black and blue look.
Navy and black go hand in hand

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