How to Achieve Idris Elba's Style in 4 Simple Steps

How to Achieve Idris Elba's Style in 4 Simple Steps

Idris Elba is arguably one of the best-dressed men around at the minute. Combining excellent layers and tonal colours, Elba's dress sense has secured his title as an outrageously cool guy. Check out our guide on how you can get Idris Elba's style.

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Now, replicating Idris Elba's style is something that is easy to get right but also something easy to get wrong. You need to have a few staples in your wardrobe, some classic go-to items that will last forever. The basis of this guide is to teach you about which items to get and how to style them well. Think coats, jumpers and crisp shirts to really complete the signature look. Have a read below to see how you can dress like Idris Elba.

Idris Elba Style

What makes Idris Elba the epitome of cool is the effortlessness that goes into his outfit choices. Whether it's an award ceremony or a premier, the man oozes style and it's clear to see that he knows his stuff. Take a look below at this simple yet stylish look to get a better understanding of why we love his style:

mens idris elba navy polo black jeans blue espadrilles
It doesn't take a huge amount of effort to look like Elba, just some simple pieces and a whole lot of style


As you can see from the outfit above, it's all about styling things correctly. A simple polo, jeans and espadrilles combination is all that Elba is wearing, but it's the way that he carries it that makes it so effortless. It doesn't take a lot of spending either to replicate this outfit which is what makes it perfect for the everyday. Or any chat show appearances that you may have coming up.

Now, as well as a nice polo, jeans and shoe combo, Idris Elba is renowned for creating deeply textured looks through his layering. The infamous Luther coat has become a trademark for the actor and, in some senses, a hallmark of his style. With that being said, this all adds to the excellent depth which he gives to his outfits. Take a look below at the signature DCI John Luther and it will all become evident that this layering isn't an accident.

mens idris elba grey wool coat grey blazer red tie blue chinos street style
Layering your outfits like Luther can create an excellent depth to your look


See what we mean? The layering is no mistake and creates a fashionable and well thought out outfit, even for a police officer. Luther's signature trench coat is part of him, as is the layering. The monotone and simplistic grey coat and blazer look have never looked so good.

However, the man himself is not always in a coat and sometimes has to dress up. Well, I mean, you can't always attend the Golden Globes in an old overcoat, can you?

Idris Elba Suit

It's hard to picture Luther in a suit that isn't old but fortunately, he's just a character and Idris Elba has a lot more style than his screen counterpart. The multi-award winning actor can dress for the red carpet like it's no just another day in the office and. Creating a standout and sharp look amidst your fellow thespian peers can be quite tricky, however, that is not the case for Elba. Look at the image below and you will understand what we mean.

mens idris elba grey three piece suit white shirt black shoes street style
A stark contrast to John Luther but one that we can't get enough of


Sharp as ever, Elba is starting to prove himself as one of the planet's best-dressed men. His style is impeccable and exudes class on a scale that, quite frankly, I think we can all be jealous of. This lovely grey suit and formal loafer style are starting to become typical of Idris Elba's fashion sense but that certainly does not make it stale. If you want to get Elba's style then a good suit is essential. A decent grey suit can see you through all sorts of events, whether it's award ceremonies or the office.

Idris Elba Casual

Well, you can't wear a suit every day of your life, even if you are a celebrity. Donning a full three-piece look to pop down the road and grab some milk isn't going to make you look cool and, even Idris Elba has to dress it down sometimes. T-Shirts, jeans and hats play just as much a part of Elba's wardrobe as the suits do. Whether it's at the airport or simply walking around his hometown of London as he so often does, Idris Elba's clothing can be casual. We know, we're shocked too!

idris elba black t shirt black sunglasses black beanie black coat black trousers mens street style
A casual all-black look has never looked so good, right?


That's right, Luther does dress casually. It seems as though Idris Elba's clothes and wardrobe do consist of things that we all wear on an everyday basis. A simple and yet cool look to go for is the all-black one like Elba himself. It's a fashionable and timeless look that really doesn't require a lot of spending nor effort. Monotone and simple looks are without a classic look, and when they're worn by a man as cool as Idris Elba, well they're even cooler.

How to Dress like Idris Elba

  • Layers - a fundamental element to Elba's look is his layering, whether it's on screen or at awards
  • Tones - keep it simple, lots of dark blues and blacks are vital to nailing this look
  • Suits - a sharp suit is essential, make sure you have one in your wardrobe
  • Coat - that Luther coat has to be a part of your wardrobe, an overcoat is a necessity to getting Idris' look
  • Casual - it's not all suits and blazers, an all black outfit is cool and perfect for looking like Idris

idris elba grey jumper black beanie mens street style
Simple looks can be worn when recreating Idris Elba's signature style

On That Note

If you're trying to get Idris Elba's trademark then it is important that you remember the basics. Layer your outfits and make sure they are darker tones. Although it may seem strange trying to dress like John Luther, the general premise which the outfit is based on works really well. Dark tones and good overcoat can create an excellent depth to a textured look which you should definitely include as part of your wardrobe. As well as this, a well fitting suit in a simple colour can also go a long way to making you look like Elba.

However, it doesn't always have to be formal. The man can dress it down and getting casual looks right is just as important as the more formal ones. Simple outfit choices can go a long way when it comes to getting Elba's style. So, what are you waiting for?


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