How to Strengthen Your Hair

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Whether you're looking to strengthen the last few locks you've got or opting for the 'prevention over cure' approach, check out our top three tips for strengthening your hair.

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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Hair

#1: Eat Well

The old saying is true - you are what you eat. It should go without saying, but if your hair is not receiving enough of the essential building materials it requires - the strength and overall health of your strands will suffer. While we all know that eating your fruit, veggies and drinking copious amounts of water is beneficial to general health, there are a few specifics you should be focusing on.

  • Protein: As a large amount of hair's composition is protein based, it's one of the most important nutrients to consider for stronger locks. Foods such as red meat, leafy greens, lentils and peas are among some of the best sources.
  • Iron: Iron is another hefty contributor to strengthened strands and, similarly to protein, can be found in red meats, beans, leafy greens and fortified cereals.
  • Vitamin C: Among a plethora of other beneficial traits that vitamin C can bestow on the body, it's widely known to substantially improve scalp and hair quality. Alongside this, it'll also help your body with iron absorption. Some of the best sources of vitamin C include broccoli, citrus fruits, bell peppers and papayas.
  • Zinc: Because of the role zinc plays in tissue growth, cell and DNA synthesis, it's assumed that the mineral plays a substantial role in hair sustenance. Shellfish, meat, poultry, pumpkin seeds and whole grains are some of the best sources around so get your oyster fork out guys.
  • Vitamin B: Arguably one of the most important of the lot; vitamin b, biotin and pantothenic acid (B5) play an integral part in the growth and sustenance of healthy hair. Some of the best sources include fish, poultry, meat, eggs and dairy.

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#2: Limit Your Styling

While it might not seem like the most obvious of the lot, limiting your styling can really make a difference. Whether it's continued blasting of your hair with a dryer on a daily basis, a heavily combed hard part or even a run through with straightening irons once a week - all this can wreak havoc on your hairs strands.

How to get around this? If you've got to style your hair with heat products start by applying a heat protecting spray first. As well as the fact that it'll likely make your locks all the more manageable, heat resistant ingredients will protect the hair from drying out at high temperatures.

Opting for a higher-end, better quality styling irons/hairdryer is, undoubtedly, going to have less of an impact on your hair. While not always the case, a higher cost will typically translate to better quality materials that are gentler on your mane and won't inflict as much heat damage.

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#3: Use The Right Products

Last up, it's important that you're using quality products that'll nourish hair and strengthen the individual fibres as well as wash out any dirt and grease. There is an abundance of protein-rich shampoo and conditioners that will impart beneficial nutrients into the hair alongside doing the job of keeping them clean.

While there are superior ingredients that'll strengthen hair like sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate, polyquaternium-7 and dimethicone; there is a host of others that'll be just as beneficial to hair so the key is keeping an eye out for anything that's focused on strengthening and repairing also.


How to Strengthen Hair

  • Eat Well: Protein, iron, zinc, vitamin b and c are essential for a healthy head of hair - eat up!
  • Limit Styling: Heat styling with straightening irons or hair dryers will wreak havoc on hair so keep them to a minimum.
  • Use Strengthening Products: Keep an eye out for nourishing ingredients like keratin, biotin and natural alternatives like avocado or coconut oil.

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On That Note

That's your lot. Whether you're wondering how to strengthen your hair roots or simply add a little more life into your dull and lifeless ends - taking the steps above should have your hair looking its finest again within a few weeks.


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