Stolen From Scandinavia

Stolen From Scandinavia
If you're in need of some continental inspiration this autumn/winter season then take a look at these pieces to come out of Scandinavia. Concentrating on some key brands, here is everything you need for a minimal Scandi outfit.  Read more Men's Style Guide features. As we enter the colder months it's time to start thinking about your seasonal wardrobe. Who better to consult on what to wear when the temperature drops than our Scandinavian cousins. For this classic style we are concentrating on some of the most iconic european brands, including Wood Wood, Soulland, Garment Project and Novesta.
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PHOTO CREDIT: The Idle Man | Christian Page


Key Brands

At the centre of all these looks is an authentic Scandinavian brand. Famous for their minimal and understated style, these are some of the best names you can wear this season.


If you live in the UK then you'll know just how unpredictable the weather is. It can be clear blue skies one minute, only to be chucking it down with rain the next. Investing in a durable and stylish waterproof coat is therefore a necessity for this season. The aptly named Rains have become famous for their unique streamlined macs. No matter what look you're going for, adding a Rains coat to your outfit is a sure way to achieve a subtle and sophisticated Scandinavian aesthetic. Try wearing a pair of wool The Idle Man Chinos with a turtleneck jumper for a formal look that could rival that of Steve Jobs. Wear it with a pair of Converse shoes to tone the look down slightly, stopping it from becoming overly formal. Finally, to add some colour to this rather monochrome style, get your hands on a bright Rains waterproof coat. The lighter colour will contrast perfectly with the dark palette of the rest of your clothes and bring a subtle balance to your look, whilst still drawing attention to your style.
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PHOTO CREDIT: The Idle Man | Christian Page

Wood Wood

The contemporary streetwear brand, Wood Wood, comes straight from the fashionable streets of Copenhagen in Denmark. It all began in 2002 when Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen set up a clothing company that mixes high-end fashion with youth and urban culture streetwear. Growing up surrounded by the 90s street culture of the city, Wood Wood's clothes are a confident balance between styles. Although they are relatively young, they make up for it with influence. By combining a classic streetwear aesthetic with modern functionality and style, they manage to create clothing for everyone. Their collaborations with over 50 brands, including Barbour and Adidas, is testament to this brand's commitment to creating new and exciting innovations. Their diverse range of clothes means that they are perfect for any stylish mans wardrobe. A Wood Wood T-Shirt is the classic staple item for your everyday attire. toppicks

Wood Wood Outfit

Do you need a formal outfit that's going to keep you warm whilst you commute into work this winter? The combination of modern high-fashion and the classic 90s urban feel that Wood Wood clothing works so hard to produce, is perfect for any office look this season. Sticking with the seasonal theme of dark blues and blacks this outfit teams a subtle Wood Wood sweatshirt with a minimal overcoat from The Idle Man. Your top will keep you warm underneath the thin coat layer, whilst maintaining a sharp look. Merging your top half with a pair of dark navy work pants continues the uniformity of your outfit but brings a a variety of tonal differences. Finish it off by wearing some chunky Dr Martens shoes to give you that extra bit of detail. The black leather keeps the look formal, whilst the unique design adds another dimension to your style. No work outfit would be complete without a bag to carry your belongings in. Whether you need to carry your laptop in everyday, or just want something to put a book in, having a practical bag is an essential. This Rains Pace bag is a cross between a laptop bag and a satchel, making it one of the most versatile items of clothing you can find.
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PHOTO CREDIT: The Idle Man | Christian Page


Also hailing from the Scandinavian city of Copenhagen, Soulland strives to bring a balance between traditional Denmark artisanship and modern style innovation. Despite remembering their traditional legacy, Soulland still pushes the direction of their menswear collections in new and interesting directions. Although the brand goes back to 2002, it wasn't until 2006, when Silas Adler and Jacob Kampp Berliner took over, that Soulland really began to form the company we now know and love. With two flagship stores and an extensive online presence, they bring you a wide range of impeccable products. toppicks

Soulland Outfit

Try teaming a pair of The Idle Man Chinos, with a Soulland shirt. The colour blend is a great way to create uniformity within your look whilst varying the tone. Layer this with a blue Soulland bomber jacket to keep warm and add another dimension to your outfit. A lightweight bomber is a must have for this autumn/winter season and creates a nice silhouette to your shape whilst avoiding any bulky shapes. To continue the navy colour palette within the look, get a pair of navy Garment Project trainers. To show off your shoes, whilst also adding some extra detail to your look, think about cuffing or pin-rolling your chinos. If you want to add some extra detail then finish the 90s retro look with a classic bucket hat.
mens soulland outfit scandinavian street style
PHOTO CREDIT: The Idle Man | Christian Page

Garment Project

Continuing with the minimal trend the Copenhagen based footwear company, Garment Project, is the perfect balance between a simple aesthetic that has an ultimate attention to detail. With a definitive clean look, the company that began in 2013 is quickly making waves across western Europe and the rest of the world. They are renowned for producing simple and unassuming shoes. They generally don't experiment too much with style, one or two block colours for the sole and upper is all they need. If you're someone that likes to wear a particularly monochrome style, then Garment Project will be perfect for you. toppicks  


Unlike most of the other Scandinavian brand's we are lucky enough to feature, Novesta has a much older and illustrious history. Originally one of the main European suppliers of crude rubber shoes, they have been making high quality footwear since 1930. However, it wasn't until 1992 that the formation of the brand we now know and love officially began. The brand that has amassed a cult following throughout Europe specialises in creating rubber soled trainers with a cotton canvas upper. Famous for their Star Master range, Novesta adopt a similar design to that of other plimsoll brands such as Converse. However, they set themselves apart with the wide range of colours and tones they come in. toppicks

How to Get the Scandinavian Look

Soulland's street style aesthetic works perfectly with their more formal outfits, making it great for a work outfit. To spruce up your style, get your hands on a Rains coat. They're famous for their colourful designs. For a work outfit wear Wood Wood. The high fashion and 90s aesthetic is a great way to achieve a more professional vibe. When it comes to footwear, Novesta and Garment Project are excellent subtle choices.
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On That Note...

If you're looking for a minimalist aesthetic for this winter season, then taking inspiration from these classic Scandinavian brands is a quick and easy way to do so. Although you may not associate Scandinavia with being the most stylish place in the world, they are quickly becoming one of the most exciting exporters of fashion talent. By bringing a very unique continental aesthetic, these brands manage to produce clothingThe latest news from style, life, arts, and culture and everything in between. Whether it's a new brand arriving into our style, our latest drops and editorials. You will never miss a beat with us.

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