Shoes to Wear with Men's Skinny Jeans

Shoes to Wear with Men's Skinny Jeans
Unless you've been hidden away in your man cave for the best part of the century, it's hard for the style conscious Idle Man to deny the popularity of the skinny jean. Versatile, stylish, and ever-evolving, we've compiled a list of all our favourite footwear choices to help you pull off the skinny jeans look effortlessly, and ensure you choose the best shoes to wear with jeans.  Read more Men's Style Guide features and check out our Store shopthelook The skinny jean is a staple wardrobe item that's truly stood the test of time. Owing perhaps to its flexibility, skinny jeans are adaptable to diverse situations whilst still maintaining their stylish vibe and look. They can be dressed up or down and can consequently be worn by practically anyone, from Kanye West to Russell Brand.

What are Skinny Jeans?

You might come across a collection of terms, all referring to some degree, the humble skinny jean. For example, the term ‘slim-fit’, or any number of other terms, ranging from cigarette pants to pencil pants, are often used. However the skinny jean fit is generally quite snug and figure hugging. Whilst some argue that the cut is better left to their girlfriends, but with the right styling and clothing ensemble, skinny jeans for men style is definitely do-able.
what shoes to-wear with skinny jeans mens street style jeans denim
Here's how to wear your skinny jeans
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Super Skinny Jeans for Men

Super skinny jeans - sometimes referred to as 'spray on' jeans - are made from a denim that is surprisingly stretchy. This type of stretch denim contains a high proportion of stretch elastane. As a result, it allows for more comfort with an even tighter fit without the jean stretching out of shape after you wear them. 'Spray on' jeans are generally tapered closely to the leg and have a narrow ankle opening. If you're opting for these super snug jeans, you're certainly going for a statement piece. However, the one thing to really think about is how tight the jeans actually are. You don't want to look like you're trying to pull off your younger sisters pair. Make sure there room in all the right places because seriously, you need to feel a little comfortable. Due to the narrow ankle opening, 'super skinny' jeans look best when you couple them with a pair of casual trainers. Wear your super skinny jeans with other items that create a sports-luxe vibe - it's simple to pull off if you stick to monochrome colours. You can also experiment with materials (such as a leather jacket), or juxtapose the tight fit with an over-sized T-shirt or asymmetric cut.
navy super skinny jeans for men
How to wear skinny jeans

Standard Skinny Fit Jeans

If you're worrying that the 'super skinny' fit might highlight a few flaws, you can still achieve a similar look with a standard pair of skinny jeans. Unlike the super skinny fit, standard skinny jeans contain very little elastane and are made almost entirely out of cotton. Therefore, they're generally not as close-fitting or as tapered as the super skinny. This is a more flattering option if you don't have perfect proportions, or aren't ready to rock your flaws for all the world to see. Due to the wider ankle opening, there is also more flexibility for bulkier shoe choices, such as desert or Chelsea boots. Alternatively, smart shoe options such as loafers or brogues will work nicely, as do a majority of slip-on trainers, Converse, or high tops. Standard skinny jeans give off a structured, refined, and fitted appearance. This makes them perfect for use as a pair of dress jeans in formal situations, in addition to creating an understated, relaxed look for everyday wear.
Edwin jeans are a classic jean to kick of your denim wardrobe

What to Wear with Black Jeans

When it comes to picking colours (other than the trademark denim blue), you might expect your shoe options to become more limited. Still, the options are in fact endless for footwear, regardless of the colour of your skinny jeans. Although you may have heard rumours suggesting that brown shoes and black skinny jeans are a no-no, it's ultimately down to personal choice. If you're not sure you can bring yourself to commit such a fashion statement, test the waters with a suede brown shoe to start things off. The juxtaposition of the materials will look more intentional and will create contrast - and contrast is key to pulling off the brown shoes and black jeans combo.

Men's Shoes for Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have remained consistently popular ever since their introduction into the fashion world. The fit now comes in a range of styles, colours, and patterns, which can almost be a bit baffling when you come to decide what shoes to wear your skinny jeans with. However, you'll be happy to know that practically any shoe you have in your wardrobe can be trusted. To choose the best shoes for slim fit pants, you'll need to decide on the kind of aesthetic you're hoping to achieve. There is no definitive right or wrong so if you want to go smart then why not and if you want to be casual, go for it. We're here to help out as we've put together a few simple options for you to use as inspiration.
skinny tapered chinos street style
loafers or brogues work well with slim fitted bottoms

Smart Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans

Coupling dress shoes with skinny jeans sounds contradictory, but the result is an outfit that's stylish and eye catching. Opting for a quality pair of brogues or loafers will help smarten your skinny jeans up any day. It will also give your style a sophisticated, preppy look. Another way to smarten up is to wear a pair of dark coloured skinny jeans to help increase the formality of your outfit. As we've mentioned previously, skinny jeans are incredibly versatile. When coupled with a nice pair of dress shoes and a fancy blazer, skinny jeans can easily be worn to formal events - even at weddings. Increase the formality of your look further with a shoe that's pointed. This will help give a clean line and tailored feel to your outfit. Alternatively, opt for a loafer that has some intricate detailing on it, such as a penny, tassel, or horse-bit embellishment. For a more laid back, but still formal style, throw on some canvas boat shoes. You can even experiment with colour here too to add a playful element to your look. Boat shoes or other canvas shoes will add a summery feel to your style and are consequently perfect for outdoor parties and events.
mens jeans and boat shoes
A casual pair of boat shoes still look fairly smart


Boots with Skinny Jeans

Boots can add some attitude to your outfit whilst still maintaining a level of formality. Wearing a pair of Chelsea boots will maintain a slimline ensemble and keep your skinny jeans relevant in cooler months. Similar to boat shoes, Chelsea boots will add a pop of colour, along with volume to your outfit. For a slightly more casual or alternative look, try and style an alternative pair of boots with your skinny jeans. Any boot is suitable here, such as the Desert or Chukka, Chelsea or brogue boot. However, if you're looking for something punchy and trademark to the skinny jean style, couple your jeans with some Dr Martens for a punk-rock feel.
Dr Marten's and jeans work well together

Men's Casual Shoes with Jeans

Skinny Jeans and Plimsolls

For every day, casual outfits, the skinny jean is still effortless and effective. In complete contrast to the formal footwear above, skinny jeans can just as easily be paired with plimsolls, Converse or slip on trainers. Depending on just how casual you want to go, you can even give your skinny jeans a pin roll and show off your socks. No trainer is too casual for the skinny jean look, for the trainer world is your oyster.

High Tops With Skinny Jeans

If you want your casual footwear to have an impact with your jeans, purchase a pair of hightops. Combining these with skinny jeans will really give your outfit some punch. They'll also become a statement piece in your wardrobe so if you're looking for something eye-catching, this is the option for you. Experiment with colours and materials to find the pair that suit your look the most.
green lumberjack shirt blue jeans converse mens style
Converse work well with skinny jeans

Shoes to Wear with Men's Skinny Jeans

  • Almost any shoe can be worn with skinny jeans. There is no right or wrong pair! Just make sure your chosen jean fits you well.
  • Formal shoes can be worn with skinny jeans. For smarter occasions, loafers and brogues are your best options.
  • Trainers allow you to experiment with colour and statement pieces, and skinny jeans can work well with both high and low trainers.
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