The Best Shirts to Wear with Jeans 

The Best Shirts to Wear with Jeans 
A shirt and jeans combination is such a versatile option for your wardrobe as it can be styled in a whole variety of ways. It's a look most of us will wear often but it's still surprisingly easy to get it wrong and no one wants to end up looking like an extra from a western. We're looking at the shirts that will compliment jeans and leave you looking good. Read more Men's Style Guide features and check out our Store

Shirts to Wear with Black Jeans

Let's get straight to it with an outfit a lot of you will likely already have in your wardrobe. If you're wondering what colour shirt to wear with black jeans, you don't need to think too hard. Black jeans are probably the most versatile pants you can buy so the choice of shirt is pretty much limitless, but we're showing off a new age classic, the camo shirt, alongside a pair of black skinnies.

White Shirt with Black Jeans

When it comes to black jeans, one of the easiest shirts to match them with is the classic white shirt. Wearing black and white creates a perfect contrast but do feel free to add a touch of colour by opting for some burgundy Chelsea boots or eve a pair of fresh white kicks.

Pink or Blue Shirt with Black Jeans

Black jeans are a great staple item as their neutrality will make the shirt you combine it with stand out. This gives you the perfect opportunity to opt for bolder colours and patterns, or to try out pastel colours such as pale blue and soft pink as they're a great choice to add colour to an outfit in a subtle way.

Black Shirt with Black Jeans

For the all-black-everything ensemble to work you need to get the shades exactly right. If not, your clothes will look faded and worn out. For example, if wearing slightly faded jeans then always wear a fully opaque black shirt, but don't wear faded black on your bottom and top half. To avoid the outfit getting lost in a sartorial black hole, your accessories become paramount to break up the look, wear a vintage-looking watch and a slim understated belt or match with fresh white trainers for contrast.

Khaki Shirts with Black Jeans

Military-inspired colours and camo prints are looking to be huge this season, but men can often be reluctant to try this trend because they think that they're difficult to pair with other items of clothing. The key is to wear it in small doses. Don’t rock up to a family BBQ in head-to-toe camouflage in something that looks more at home out on the paint balling field, but give a subtle nod to the trend, such as a shirt or bomber jacket or even accessories such as a hat can really make a difference.

What Shirts to Wear with Blue Jeans

Blue denim jeans are the most iconic colour of denim that you can go for. Steeped in history and practicality, they were the first colour variant to come out of the jean and denim world. Choose from distressed, acid-washed, indigo or stone-washed and pair with a light blue shirt to build a simple, understated get up.

What Shirts to Wear with Grey Jeans

Grey jeans provide a great alternative to your standard blue hues, and they come in a variety of shades, making them an easy choice all year round. But what goes with grey jeans? Well, kind of a lot. There's a whole load of grey jean outfits out there, and you can embrace the light shades by pairing something like a white shirt with a light grey pair of jeans or keep the grey dark opt for more colourful pairings. Try out a camo shirt with a denim jacket thrown on top and you've got a simple look that's easy to emulate.

What Shirts to Wear with White Jeans

Some guys will cower at the thought of wearing white jeans and often for good reason. This isn't a style that every man can pull off but be sure that when someone wears it well, others can't help but be impressed. Their neutral hues mean they will compliment either an all white look or other light pastel shades.

How to Wear Double Denim

Denim on denim for men is well and truly back. If you want to wear double denim in similar shades then make sure you add a pop of colour elsewhere, much like when wearing a black shirt with black jeans. Try wearing a printed jumper underneath your denim jacket, wear some bright trainers, throw on a pair sunglasses and a backpack. You don’t want the outfit to look like you're some washed up country music star.

Style Notes

Let’s presume that each of you reading this owns a couple of pairs of well-fitting denim jeans, and let’s also say you own a couple of different shirts too. Maybe a classic Oxford shirt or a more relaxed lumberjack shirt. But do you know what colour shirt goes with dark blue jeans? Or do you know what to wear with black jeans? It's probably a lot easier than you think to get this look perfected, but we've put together a few rules for a whole range of options.

Shirts with Black Jeans

Often considered smarter than a pair of blue denim jeans, they can often look like trousers rather than jeans, which is what makes them a good smart-casual piece. Wear with a smart shirt, in either a classic white or a pale pastel colour, a smart pair of brown or black shoes and a mac or grey v-neck jumper during the colder months. This can be a surprisingly formal look and works best with slim-fit or straight jeans rather than tapered or skinny fit as these can lean more towards the casual end of the spectrum.


Thinking of Shirts to Wear with Dark Blue Jeans?

They're on the darker shade of the denim spectrum, dark blue or navy jeans are usually found in a heavyweight denim with a dark rinse wash. They're are a great option to wear in the winter months and you should consider going for double denim by adding a shirt in a matching darker shade or something a little lighter.


How to Wear Dark Blue Jeans

They look at home with most shirts but they work especially well when worn in a ‘workwear’ type style with a lumberjack shirt and a pair of brown or beige boots. A shearling denim jacket will finish off this look in the winter months, along with a neutral beanie for the ultimate in masculine workwear. 

What to Wear with Dark Blue Wide-leg Jeans

There are no set rules for styling men's wide leg jeans, but you should go for the laid back look with a coloured button-down shirt and a pair of Converse or you could go full throw-back with a 50s inspired retro shirt with wide lapels and maybe even a bucket hat to match. Wear them with larger than normal cuffs at the bottom and with a pair of bright socks if really wanting to stand out.


How to Wear Blue Jeans

You shouldn't really wonder what to wear with blue jeans, and they've become such as classic pair look and can work with almost anything. Although most will look good, it's worth bearing in mind that a black shirt won't compliment a pair of light blue jeans - if you want darker shades, go for burgundy and you're on to a winner.


How to Wear Grey Jeans

A light grey shade, sometimes referred to as heather grey, is a fantastic choice in the warmer months, especially if you're not bold enough to try white jeans but need something to lighten up your outfit. Many guys are unsure of what to wear with grey jeans, but there are a lot of options. Try wearing them with a cotton or linen shirt and a pair of tan leather sandals for the summer months. A medium grey shade is just that - the bridge between light and dark tones and can be worn up or down depending on the occasion. They can also be smarter than the lighter shades, so wear with a deep red shirt and black brogues in the colder months. A dark charcoal grey, one step away from black jeans, works in the same way as a pair of black jeans but can add a something different to an outfit. It's also a great shade for the winter months and is the perfect option for filling in that area between your new winter jacket, be it a duffel, a parka, or a trench coat alongside a pair of winter boots. The latest news from style, life, arts, and culture and everything in between. Whether it's a new brand arriving into our style, our latest drops and editorials. You will never miss a beat with us.

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