Ray-Ban Discount Codes & Sale Vouchers

Ray-Ban Discount Codes & Sale Vouchers

Ray-Ban Discount codes and Ray-Ban voucher coupons below:

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Ray-Ban sunglasses are an iconic part of fashion and the brand is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of shades. With our Ray-Ban discount codes, you can get a pair of these classic glasses in whatever style you want for less than you'd think.


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Ray-Ban Sale

Ray-Ban glasses have a reputation for being well designed, well made, interesting yet versatile, and not exactly the cheapest sunglasses on the market. Handy then that we've got a range of Ray-Ban voucher codes to help you get a pair of these iconic shades.

We've got the Ray-Ban Wayfarer (which really needs no introduction), the slim line Ray-Ban Clubmaster, and the military style Ray-Ban Aviators. Basically, there's something to suit everyone, and with these discounts, there's no reason not to grab a pair now. 

At The Idle Man we have a range of Ray-Ban styles, so you can guarantee that there is something to suit your needs when the sun comes out. From polarised aviator styles to the iconic clubmaster, as well as everything in between, there really is a style for every face shape.


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Adam Gallagher wearing Ray Ban sunglasses


How to Get Ray-Ban Discount Codes

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A Brief History of Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban, like many classic brands, has roots in the Military, with products designed with practicality rather than style in mind. The first pair, called the fairly uninspiring Anti-glare sunglasses, were created in 1936 and pretty much did what they said on the tin - provided military pilots glasses that would cut out the glare from flying at high altitudes without fogging up and obscuring their vision.


adam gallagher ray ban sunglasses-min-2
Adam Gallagher




The sunglasses were patented and re-branded as the Ray-Ban Aviator, and since then Ray-Ban glasses have grown to be one of the most famous and iconic brands in the world. Ray-Ban has made such a mark on history that it is hard to find a better or more noteworthy sunglasses brand. They have become an icon in themselves and now the popular styles of Aviators, Wayfarers and Clubmasters are instantly recognisable around the world. We stock all of these at The Idle Man so head over to our section on Ray-Ban to check out our range.


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