How to Get the Pompadour Haircut

How to Get the Pompadour Haircut
It's a modern retelling of a classic style, and it's now one of the most versatile and stylish hairstyles around now. Read our guide on how to get the pompadour haircut, and see how it can work for you.  Read more Men’s Hair features. usefulproducts

Men's Pompadour

Throughout the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st the gentleman’s haircut has evolved, from that questionable 1970’s do, to the outlandish 80’s style then on to the floppy 90’s cut, we have all loved contemporary hairstyles no matter how inexcusable they might be. Without further ado I introduce you to the new contemporary hairstyle on the block, the pompadour haircut. This hairstyle gives you simple and defined dimensions, bestowing the short-back-and-sides cut an Elvis edge. Even though the Pompadour is a truly contemporary men’s style, the cut originates from 18th century France and is named after chief mistress of Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour. Despite its feminine beginnings the modern man’s haircut only bears a slight resemblance to a style that was rocked by old-school female aristocrats. The Pompadour is most known for being a rockabilly 1950’s style that has been loved and sported by legendary hip-thruster Elvis Presley. The contemporary pompadour has been popularised by street style look and rocked on the Summer 2016 runway. Now cemented into the barber’s look book this style has fast become a hipsters dream.
I have loved the Pompadour ever since I started listening to the Smiths after hearing them in a friends Dad’s car at the age 11. Morrissey (TCM stand for this Charming Man) along with Elvis and James Dean have this timeless style that starts with the iconic style.
Sam - This Charming Man


Pompadour Haircut - Tips

So, if you define yourself as a man about town and want a cool cut to accompany that recently purchased leather jacket, then look no further as this Elvis-esq cut. However before you rush off to the barbers clasping a printed out Google image, I want to give you a few tips and tricks on how to get this iconic style. If you want to get the best ‘Pomp’ out there you need to do your research prior to getting the cut. A cheeky Google may not be sufficient, so Instagram that potential barber/shop to see what they are really about and if they can deliver you the best style. Also, check out their online reviews as your hair is important, and Sweeny Todd’s just not going to cut it.
The thing I love most about cutting the style is that it uses every skill I have as a barber… fading, blending, sectioning, lining and finishing. The Pompadour offers formality and style across the whole spectrum. It is versatile, yet can also be changed massively by altering the side length, back length and the size of the pomp on top.
Sam - This Charming Man

Which Pompadour Hairstyle?

Good things come in all shapes and sizes, such as the Pompadour. You need to find the right variety of ‘Pomp’ in order for you to pull off your dapper new look, as one style does not fit all.
The Pompadour is a very classic and timeless look. When the haircut is done properly the style can look very expensive and slick. It's a style that now a days can be formal as well as informal.
Kevin Luchmun - Art Director for Toni&Guy and Label M Professional

How to Style a Pompadour

Modern Pompadour

You’re a guy who is not a stranger to the old hair products, in other words, you are incredibly hair-savvy, that doesn’t do mediocre. You like the slicked and sharp look because that’s just that kind of man you are. Own it. Features of the slicked and sharp include:
  • Buzzed sides
  • Razor sharp, crisp edges
  • An exceptional amount of top length



You have decided to roll back the years and follow in the footsteps of the King, and get the classic Pompadour. Contemporary is fine, but you sir are a gentleman who likes that old-school look. If it is good enough for Elvis, then it is good enough for you. Features of the Elvis-esq:
  • A vast quantity of rolled back hair
  • Classic short sides


Short Sort

If you are someone who thinks less is more then this short and sweet Pompadour will tick all the boxes. The haircut is a modest alternative to that crazy Elvis. You can still Pomp, but you’re a guy who thinks subtlety is key when it comes to your style. Features of the Short Sort:
  • Simple, neat style
  • Slightly smaller pomp

The Parted Pomp

Keep your parting with this pomp - it's not just about the quiff. This haircut also falls under the category of pompadour undercut because of the faded sides. If you are a man who defines himself as a hipster, (be it an ironic one) you will love this atypical alternative to the classic pompadour. Features of the Parted Pomp:
  • Wear this cut styled high or simply swept to the side
  • Tapered hair on the sides and back

The Swooper

This style of Pompadour takes inspiration from the comb-over, but it's not what you think. You are the guy who just wants to be a bit daring and different, which is exactly what this hairstyle is; a quirky retake of the classic pomp. Features of the Swooper:
  • Longer looking buzzed sides
  • Thick hair on top, combed over


Textured Top

This contemporary Pompadour encompasses texture, a style that doesn’t do things by halves. Whether it's curly, straight or buzzed this style has it all.


The Pompadour Mohawker

This sharp style really takes the Pompadour to a whole new level. This outlandishly outlined pompadour is all about precision and creative detail. However, a sufficient amount of product is needed to keep this style looking fresh and on top. Features of the Pompadour Mohawker:
  • Cut throat outlines which highlight the Mohawk within the Pompadour


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