How to Get the Perfect Watch for Your Wrist Size

How to Get the Perfect Watch for Your Wrist Size
Knowing your wrist size is important when it comes to investing your money on watches. Just like a frumpy jacket, an oversized rubber wrist-piece will detract from the smart finish of a cleaner outfit. Wondering what'll suit you best? Check out our complete guide on men's watches and how to find the perfect fit for your wrist. Check out more Men's Style Guide features. shopthelook

What Watch Will Fit My Wrist?

Besides suiting your outfit, a key characteristic to any watch is that it should fit comfortably. It should be loose enough around your wrist so that it does not leave any kind of mark on your skin after it’s been taken off, while also maintaining a tight enough grip so that it's not sliding around. Alongside this, it's important to look at the size of the watch comparatively to your wrist. Naturally enough, if you've got a larger wrist it's better to go with a larger band and face to fit proportionately, likewise, those with a smaller wrist should opt for smaller bands and faces. Check out some of our best options for each below.
mens brown suit canvas watch
Watch on Wrist

Best Men's Watches for Small Wrists

When it comes to looking for the best watches for a thin wrist, it's pretty self-explanatory. Small men's watches are your best choice to avoid things looking disproportionate. Check out some good choices below. toppicks

Best Men's Watches for Large Wrists

I'm thinking you've caught on by this stage, opt for a larger faced watch with a broader band to keep things balanced. While recent years have seen watches become exponentially streamlined and minimal, a larger watch is still the best bet for a bigger framed man. toppicks

How to Style a Watch

Buying a watch is useless if you do not know what clothes to style it with. The key to a good watch is to know what you’re going to be wearing it for. There are many of watches out in the market, making it important to know what to pair your watch with for different situations and events. From dressing for an interview, a day in the pub with the lads or a sporty and active occasion, you can find an outfit that will go hand in hand with your watch. Here is a breakdown of three outfit, that goes perfectly with a watch in different occasions.


If you’re heading to work or a formal occasion that requires you to don a suit, it's best to pull out the big guns with alluring metallics and leather straps. As below, you can opt for a statement watch that'll immediately stand out in a relatively muted grey or black suit. Alternatively, you can maintain the clean and streamlined nature of the suit with a minimal watch choice that fits in the colour palette of the suit.
mens grey suit white shirt black strap watch silver face


With such a wide array of styles that could be considered 'casual', it's a little tricky to nail this one down. Generally speaking, however, you can afford to be a little bolder with your watch choice when it comes to casual wear. Whether you're going for a statement watch or something that'll integrate with your outfit, it's important to consider the colours of said timepiece and how they'll look with the rest of your ensemble.
mens black blazer grey shirt watch
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