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We chat to Singaporean based model, fitness enthusiast and lifestyle & wellness coach Muzakkir N F.

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In the Best Of The Web we search the globe for the most stylish men and women in the creative industry, gathering their tips on fashion, and hearing their views on topics such as music, dating and social media. This week we're chatting to model and wellness coach Muzakkir N F.

After seeing the best and worst sides of the fashion industry as a model, Muzakkir was inspired by the fitness and healthy living lifestyle, deciding to take on the career as a wellness coach. He's gained success and respect as a promoter of healthy living, tackling the problems of drastic weight loss in the fashion industry, and the unhealthy 'size zero' trend.

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How was 2015? Any major highlights?

The most interesting one yet! 2015 got me working and modelling for brands and companies more than in the past years. I also made appearances in major events such as Fashion Week and award shows representing huge brands and companies.  I also graced more prestigious campaigns and magazine spreads.

One of the major highlights has got to be being an ambassador for HERBALIFE, the biggest nutrition brands you’ll ever know. My enthusiasm and belief for the brand and the cause has got me wanting to do more than just be an ambassador, so I became a lifestyle - Fitness & Wellness coach. It gives me the opportunity to reach out to my followers and people who need me in guiding them to not only lose or gain weight, but also lead a healthy lifestyle through fitness and good nutrition.

Being in the entertainment and modelling industry, I’ve seen so much awful stuff, seeing what models/celebrities do to lose weight and be skinny. And it’s heart-breaking seeing what becomes of them next. Thus why this business means so much to me. I will want to show the world that modelling now is no longer about being skinny and looking good in size 1 clothes. Healthy is the new in thing.

I don’t only want to be a model who promotes nice clothes; I want to be that model who promotes the beauty that's in them. It’s always been my dream to make a difference and inspire people on the importance on leading a healthy living. To share with them how I’ve managed to go from being a 85kg obese kid to a 53kg anorexic and now a proud & healthy 64kg signed model.

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What song have you got on repeat at the moment?

HyunA – Roll Deep (I am The Best).

You guys, this is a must to watch/listen.

What’s the most important thing about a guy’s style to you?

Individuality. A person's style is an identity. Owning a style is all about being confident in what you wear. So be YOU and wear what makes you feel YOU. You’ll automatically look and feel good.

What fashion advice do you have for a man?

Fashion Don’ts: Never follow trends blindly; you’ll only end up looking like everybody else. Be the trendsetter.

Fashion Do’s: Wear what makes you comfortable. Be YOU.

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1 tip to grow your Instagram account

Be in touch with your followers - Be humble, don’t be such a diva just because you have thousands of followers. Reply to comments, check DMs, don’t be selfish with your likes. You like theirs, they like yours.

What’s the one thing you never want to see a guy wearing?

Bunch of keys clipped onto the pants as an accessory. Never. It’s not fashion, it’s annoying.

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Worst dating experience you’ve had?

I believe every dating experience is meant to teach you something, be it the worst or the best. That’s how you grow and learn how to find the perfect one in the future. So yup, none. As long as we learn to find the good in everything, they will all benefit you at the end of the day.

Any major plans for the rest of 2016

Definitely not love at the moment, hehe. But YES! More editorial campaigns and interviews! Also, I’ve been working with a amazing people for my upcoming blog websites, which debuts in Mid Jan 2016. Not one but two!

One for fashion/personal where I showcase fashion tips, events, shoots, collaborations and more.

Another for fitness, a blog site that will document my journey throughout- being a HERBALIFE wellness coach and showing testimonies of real people whose live's I've helped changed through healthy living, fitness and nutrition. I’ll be sharing tips, my diet and workout routines and how I maintain my fitness. And yes of course, meet and help more people! HERBALIFE changed my life, I wanna do the same for others.

Can’t wait to finally be able to reach out to my followers and learn at the same time.

Who’s the most stylish man on the planet for you right now?

Todd Anthony Tyler. A celeb fashion photographer, model, fitness enthusiast and TV Personality. Judge for Asia’s Next Top Model & Fit For Fashion TV.

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