Men's Fashion Icons

Men's Fashion Icons
With well-dressed celebs moving from the front pages of magazines to the back of people's minds, it's hard to pin down the true current fashion icons that stand out from the crowd. We've pinned down the ones who've made a name for themselves with their classic looks, whether they're modern gents or 60s icons.  Read more Men’s Style Guide Features and check out our Store.

Male Fashion Icons: Style Icons of Today

From casual wear to evening attire, it's fair to say their sartorial styles are as recognisable as their names. We live in a world where ‘dress to impress’ is the motto, but we're not going to torture you with pretentious Zoolander types, just gentlemen who know their stuff when it comes to fashion. We've gathered some of the most inspirational icons around, from actors to artists, and singers to designers. It's hard to know exactly when celebrity style icons are well dressed, or when their stylist is just making them look that way. Despite the numerous red carpet looks that saturate the newspapers, it's really a man's everyday style that shows if they know how to really dress well. But what is a style icon exactly? If you're spreading ideas, inspiration, and you know how to pull off a good suit, then you're probably a style icon.

Tinie Tempah

Tinie is seen as one of the best dressed male celebrities around and is the poster boy for boundary-pushing flair. He may be brave enough to dress elaborately, but he still has an appreciation for measured classism. Tinie is often seen sporting block colours, pulling off head to toe black, white or navy in simple silhouettes. Inspiration can also come from Tinie’s occasionally casual attire. In his less formal moments, he can achieve the perfect balance of interest and simplicity by going for something like a patterned top and clean block bottoms. Given the right occasion, he will pull out all the stops, namely in the form of a standout suit.
tinie tempah grey suit grey t-shirt mens street style
Tinie Tempah Styles Down A Suit
Try for cut-the-crap swagger by teaming a blazer with a grey T-shirt. This look can go from day-time event to the bar with no sweat, just remember not to overdo the well-dressed look.

Idris Elba

We’ve previously told you about style lessons you could learn from this guy, but it would’ve been a crime not to mention him among this lot. The archetypal modern gent, Idris Elba is as much of an icon as he is one of the lads. Laid back, charming yet tough, his style reflects his nonchalant view of fashion. When it comes to men’s fashion and personal style, the man can dress it up or down without taking things to extremes. Clearly comfortable with a more casual look, Elba can just as easily rock a sharp suit.
Idris Elba Dresses Casually

David Gandy

David Gandy epitomises the quintessentially British style and his tailored looks and elegant style have helped propel him into the forefront of classic masculinity. With the men's fashion renaissance taking place in mainstream media came the rise of Gandy. As one of London Collections: Men’s first ambassadors, it's no surprise Gandy’s name is synonymous with modern elegance. Behind the stylish shell, however, is someone with a genuine stake in British fashion scene and a desire to support and represent it as effectively as possible. Gandy seems to be a true gent. Classic, crisp and aesthetically pleasing garments are all a gentleman would wear. This is often tempered with personal touches, like watches and pocket squares, that nod to his confidence - especially with the more casual outfits.
david gandy trench coat mens
Styling A Trench Coat
Start with no-fuss suits. This takes confidence, practice and knowing your fashion, so tread carefully. In order to keep the look of your outfit sleek, it's important that whatever you wear is relatively slim fit. The right off the rack suit can work perfectly, but if you really want ultimate slickness head to Saville Row for something professionally tailored. It's better to wear a great item repeatedly than it is to have to chop and change because you compromised on quality.

ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky has become a classic style icon for his eccentric dressing and ultimate cool and effortless style. He is one of those characters who is able to make something look cool just by throwing it on. Rocky is a fan of a monochrome outfit: black and white block colours. He is often seen in a plain black or white T-shirt dressed up and layered with a leather jacket, or wearing a white shirt layered with a long overcoat. When it comes to Rocky's style, you don't have to have all the latest and greatest designer pieces. Although he is sometimes spotted wearing something pretty bold, the foundation of his style comes down to simple, quality basics. To replicate his style, you need high-quality white and black T-shirts, a real leather jacket (we doubt Rocky wears faux) and a pair of slim-fit denim jeans.
ASAP Rocky Style
In the footwear department, Rocky is easily capable of pulling off a pair of trainers as he is a pair of smarter shoes - he looks just as good in both. We suggest you cop at least one quality pair of each. If you like to keep things 'edgy', go for a pair of Dr Martens brogues and dress them down with jeans or up with a suit. Accessorise the look with a watch and a pair of shades (strictly summer only).

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik is an easy-going dresser. He appears to dress effortlessly, putting his own twist on everything he wears. We think it's fair to say Zayn dresses in pretty lavish clothes, often seen sporting the newest Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurant or McQueen pieces. You may think this look is now impossible to achieve, but it's really not that hard to replicate. We have picked out an all-black recent look of his. Zayn wears a black T-shirt, a suede black bomber, black janes and a pair of black boots, nailing the monochrome look.
Zayn Malik With Girlfriend Gigi Hadid

Another popular look of Zayn Malik's is the colourful patterned shirt with a trusted pair of black denim jeans. This is a great way to add another dimension and a splash of colour to your look without going too overboard. When wearing a bold shirt like this, try to keep the rest of your outfit understated as you'll want to avoid colour and print clashing.

Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh is undeniably one of the coolest men in the fashion game, and debatably one of the most iconic. Creative designer, DJ and founder of killer brand Off White, Alboh has been a huge influence of fashion in recent years. Abloh is often spotted out and about wearing oversized fits and layers. His style is all about layering a T-shirt with a hoodie and the hoodie with a jacket to play around with colours, textures and silhouettes. This is easy to recreate as all you need is some staple hoodies, a couple of jacket variations and a good pair of jeans.
Virgil Abloh Dressed Casually
Layering is a trend that has been pretty popular for a while now. It's so easy to do, but there is one thing you need to remember when going for this style. If you're layering clothes you need to make sure you but them oversized so that you can actually fit hoodies etc on underneath.

Celebrity Men in Suits

The suit can be one of the hardest looks to get right, and despite the collection of guides on fits and lengths and everything in between, sometimes a suit just needs to feel right to work. Men tend to go wrong by overthinking how to wear a suit, and sometimes, like with a lot of styles, simplicity is key. When wearing a suit, we suggest you go for one black, one grey and one navy one to ensure you have all grounds covered. We have looked to a new fighting legend for some suit inspiration: Conor Mcgregor. Recently, he has wowed us with not only his MMA skills but also his fashion game. He scrubs up well and here's why.
conor mcgregor navy suit mens street style
Conor Mcgregor Wears A Suit
PHOTO CREDIT: Men's Health

Getting the fit right on a suit is make or break. If the suit is that little bit too big or too small it will bring the whole look crashing down. The key things to remember are to make sure your jacket can button up without stretching but doesn't gape when it is and to keep your trousers slim-fit with only one stack at theThe latest news from style, life, arts, and culture and everything in between. Whether it's a new brand arriving into our style, our latest drops and editorials. You will never miss a beat with us.

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