How to Achieve a Side Part Pompadour

How to Achieve a Side Part Pompadour
The side part pompadour hairstyle has long been a go to haircut for any stylish man. Have you ever wondered how you can achieve this refined and modern hair style? Give our grooming style guide a read for all you need to know on how to achieve a side part pompadour.  Read more Men's Hair features. usefulproducts Have you ever walked into a barbers, sat down in the chair, and then realised you don't know exactly what you want. If so, the side part pompadour is a perfect saviour. Although this style is simple, it is equally stylish, and can be deceptively tricky to get right. After the guys over at Man Made showed us their Faded Beard Shape-up Tutorial, they have offered up another grooming guide. So, here's our step by step guide on how to achieve a side part pompadour hairstyle.

How to Part Hair

The best thing about the part pompadour look, is that it can add extra height to your look, be personalised to suit your face shape, and give a groomed finish to any outfit. However, none of this will be possible, unless you or your barber know how to cut one. So, first of all, make sure you find a barber that you know, and trust will be able to achieve this look. In order to achieve ultimate side parted hair, you will need:
  • Hair clippers.
  • Scissors (Normal and thinning)
  • Comb or hairbrush
  • Hairdryer
  • Mousse, wax or clay

How to Start a Parting

Great side parted hair  is achieved by beginning with the side and back of your hair. Consistently trimming the back and sides of your hair is integral to the success of the side part pompadour hairstyle. The contrast between the short sides and the volumised length on top is what creates such a great hairstyle look. Start with dampening the hair, making it easier to manipulate. Then, section the top from the sides and back in a horse shoe parting from each recession point at the fringe, to just below your crown at the back, then start with the length you want to finish with. By creating this parting you allow yourself space to trim the back and sides, whilst leaving substantial length on the top of the head for the fringe. Hair clippers being used on mens hair usefulproducts Using clippers, shorten the hair and the back and sides to the desired length. Make sure you don't go any further than the parting line. In this case we started with a grade 0.5 on the Wahl Professional clipper. Create a line 1 – 2cm up from the ear and drop it as you come to the occipital bone at the back of the head to keep the shape at the back square and leave weight for the top to sit in.

Deep Side Part

Next you will want to blend up the sides and back of the head. If you don't do this then you will end up with a head of hair that looks like a mushroom. Start at the bottom with a smaller grade clipper and then work your way up, gradually increasing the guard grade. So, for instance, start by using a grade 1, then 1.5 then a grade 2. usefulproducts Finally, when you get close enough to the fringe section of hair, use scissor over comb, or clipper over comb, to blend in and remove length going into the transition with the top. Next, shape around the ears with detailing clippers to enhance the neckline and finish off the taper. This will give the areas around your neck and ears more definition, framing your face and hair. This will also neaten up the more detailed areas of the hairstyle, leaving more time to deal with the actual parting, and fringe section of the hairstyle. using hair clippers on mens hair

Styling your Fringe

After finishing the detailed taper and trim of the hair on the back and sides you will want to move up to the fringe area of your hair. Do not touch this hair with either clippers or scissors until this point. Begin by spraying the hair with water to make it easier to move and trim If the fringe length is too long, use the finger cutting technique to trim some length off the top. Do this by pulling the hair back from the front of the fringe and holding an amount of hair between your index and middle finger. Hold your fingers at the desired length of where you want to cut and trim with scissors above them. Be careful not to chop your fingers off as well. If the hair is too thick, use a pair of thinning scissors to remove some weight from the hair and make it easier to mould with a comb or brush. However, be careful not to thin the hair too much as this can take away any volume the hair may previously have had. You do need a bit of weight and thickness to style the hair properly. barber thinning out mens hair usefulproducts You can also point cut through the top to remove length and add an uneven finish for a more natural look when styled. You can add root lift using a texture razor which will keep the pompadour’s height by pushing the longer hair up

How to Style a Side Parting

Take random sections from the apex of the head to the last section before the fringe, from half way up the hair shaft slide the razor in 2- 3 areas at a 45 degree angle up towards your fingers. You can also use the razor to remove length and leave a serrated finish for more texture. Finish by blow-drying the fringe up using a round brush. We used Man Made No.1 Texture Salt Spray as a base product to provide grip and dryness for the finishing product. When achieving that perfect finish, try using a matte or shine product. We used Man Made No.7 Clay. side part pompadour mens hierstlye usefulproducts

Side Parting Hairstyles

Over the last few years, side part hairstyles for men have come back into fashion with a vengeance. Popular since the early 20th Century, this classic hairstyle has been around long enough to definitely class itself as stylish. In addition to this, the side parting pompadour look has had its fair few of celebrity fans over the years. From David Beckham to George Clooney, the side parting has been seen on red carpets and photo shoots around the world. The simple, yet stylish nature of the side parting hairstyle is what gives it its popular approval. It is therefore easy to see how the side parting has gained the stylish seal of approval it deserves. Here's a few of the most popular styles and people who have famously styled them.

David Beckham Side Parting

David Beckham isn't one to generally shy away from bold and exciting hairstyles. We probably all have memories that we would rather forget of his terrible corn row and mohawk hairstyles. However, David Beckham has been at the forefront of men's hairstyle fashion ever since he became a superstar in the early 90s. So, it isn't surprising that now he has grown up a bit, he has opted for the much more clean cut side parting. david beckham cornrows haristyle Despite his skills with a football, David Beckham became famous off the pitch as well. His marriage to Girls Aloud star Victoria Beckham meant that Beck's was almost certainly more than just a footballer, he had become a full time celebrity. However, it wasn't until around 2011, as Beckham was reaching full time retirement from football, that he fully began to wear a side parting haircut. Maybe he decided that he needed a more refined haircut for his twilight years. Beckham creates a intentionally messy parting with a high shine waxed look. Following the natural direction of his hair he lets the weight and length of his fringe do most of the work. This creates a stylish look of effortlessness.


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