Lucas Nikki Chats to The Idle Man

Lucas Nikki Chats to The Idle Man

Check out this interview with Lucas Nikki, as we talk about his style along with other things.

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Our best of the web guides look to bring styles of the world closer together. Everyone has an opinion so we thought if we find unique people with incredible style, maybe they could inspire your new look. This best of the web, features Brazilian fashion blogger Lucas Nikki.

He’s certainly comfortable in front of the camera, simply because he is extremely confident with his style. With a hat and shades on you may think he resembles Neymar, but he’s no imitation. His street style is so relevant right now and the Brazilian maybe one day can be considered a style icon of his home Sao Paulo.

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 Lucas Nikki Chats to The Idle ManWhat three projects that you have been involved in are you most proud of?

Above all, I am a humanist. So whenever I can, get involved in a solidarity project with underprivileged children, I do.

Currently helping an NGO called ''More Human Being'' here in Brazil.

What has blogging taught you about fashion - how has your career influenced your style?

One of my life goals is becoming an influence as much as my idols are – Inspiring people. The blog and social networking has helped me to show and take my lifestyle to different places in the world.

My career as an image consultant and stylist has helped me a lot with my personal style. As part of my job is to be always tuned in to every trend, from that I always try to add something to my personal style.

Lucas Nikki Chats to The Idle Man

How would you describe your personal style?

The style I like most is the street fashion. However, I need to be open to other style because of my work, but I always try to wear neutral colours. I prefer black or white. Basic clothes, without prints – but I always try to dare the oversized cuts.

PS: A tearing a good jeans for the look always goes down well.

What is your go to outfit?

I always start organizing clothes and accessories, colours that combine and accessories minimalists. Almost always use some ripped jeans, long shirt and jacket. My favourite accessory and jewellery is a bracelet Cartier.

Lucas Nikki Chats to The Idle Man

Where do you get style inspiration?

My inspiration comes from trying to be different from the environment where I am. But above all, it comes from my idols and influencers in fashion.

Lucas Nikki Chats to The Idle Man

What advice would you have to someone who is having difficulty developing their own style?

You have to develop a great self-confidence first. After that you will know what makes you feel good.

What do you good and bad points about fashion?

Don'ts - The media imposing what you should or not dress, yet, fashion is all about self-expression from what you're wearing. Trends should be something to help what the market would sell and not sell

One of the worst things in fashion and artistic is prejudice. I suffer two types of prejudices; people who are not part of fashion think I'm gay because I work in fashion. While those who are in fashion or an artistic medium, think I'm not able to do a good job because I'm not gay ... It is bizarre!

Dos - Fashion brings self-confidence to people. Vanity makes the world more beautiful even though for some people it is only the aesthetic side. Fashion brings passion for different cultures, brings wisdom and above all, art in its various forms.

For me, the greatest importance of fashion for people, is the fact that it is a means for us to express ourselves through the way we dress or create something.

Lucas Nikki Chats to The Idle Man

What are your top fashion influences?

Well, I was eager to answer that!!

Difficult to choose only a few guys that I admire never mind one!

Kanye West – My first and greatest idol not only in fashion but in life as well.

Stephane Thakid – One of the biggest names in street fashion in the world today.

Olivier Rousteing –The new genius behind the Balmain.

Ricardo Tisci – Genius behind the Givenchy.

Magic Fox – One of the most famous names in fashion street on social networks.



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