Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Men

Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Men
Looking for some cool hairstyles for men that won't have you priming in front of the mirror for too long? You've come to the right place - read on for our complete guide to some easy to maintain hairstyles for men. Read more Men’s Hair Features and check out our Store. shopthelook

Six Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

While we've covered just about every type of men's haircut here The Idle Man, most of them require getting up a bit earlier in the morning to achieve the desired look. We're well aware there's a bunch you out there who just aren't down for a bit of hair TLC each and every morning - totally understandable.
On the other hand, you likely don't want to go into work sporting some shaggy barnet either. The solution? There's an abundance of easy men's haircuts that don't require too much attention, leaving you a little more lie-in time come 7am.

#1: Classic Taper Haircut

One of the most straightforward men's short hairstyles out there, a classic taper haircut is defined by its tapered sides graduating up to a marginally longer top. While the length on the top of your head can vary (seeing as this is supposed to be about keeping things low maintenance) we advise you keep things short.


#2: Buzzcut

Popularly associated with its military background, a buzzcut is hands-down the most low maintenance men's haircut you can go for. Depending on how fast your hair grows, this clipper haircut could mean a simple five minute trip to the barbers every six weeks or so, and that's it. Of course, you can always be smart about things and invest in a pair of clippers for some D.I.Y hairdressing - cost effective and relatively simple!


#3: French Crop

While incredibly easy to maintain, the french crop is one of the most popular short hairstyles for guys as it's both stylish and suited to almost every face shape. Identified by its short tapered sides and defined fringe, the French crop needs nothing more than a quick clipper round the sides and a snip on the fringe to maintain the sharpness.


#4: Crew Cut

Another top scorer on our list of easy haircuts for men - the crew cut is defined by the upright hair on the top of the head, graduating from marginally longer at the front to shorter at the back. The length on the back and sides can be varying in length, but we'd recommend keeping things short - in keeping with our goal for the lowest maintenance men's haircut possible.


#5: Taper Fade

While, arguably, this style requires a little more maintenance than the others, it really depends on how long you plan to go on top. As seen below, you can simply sweep the hair on top to the side, or alternatively - work it up into a quiff or pompadour style. That being said, opting for the latter will likely increase your need for product, which may make your hair greasier more quickly and therefore requiring more washing. Also, if you're looking for a quick answer to how to style short hair, this probably isn't it. You try perfecting an on point quiff when you've got two minutes before you need to leave the house in the morning - not the most ideal.


#6: Short Side Parting

Quick, easy and classic - a short side parting is one of the best haircuts for men with its low maintenance and sartorial versatility. Working just as well for a casual day with friends as it would for a formal dinner, the side parting will require infrequent trips to the barbers and very little day to day styling. Low maintenance at it's finest. The latest news from style, life, arts, and culture and everything in between. Whether it's a new brand arriving into our style, our latest drops and editorials. You will never miss a beat with us.

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