How to Layer in Autumn

How to Layer in Autumn

Layering, especially with the British weather, is an essential part of putting together an outfit. Layering is not only functional but can also allow you to rework certain looks and styles to suit the weather. We've therefore taken a look at how to nail the autumn layered look.

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The days of chilling in a beer garden on sunny afternoons in just a pair of short shorts and a T-shirt are unfortunately over. Summer has ended and with it comes a new season, autumn. Choosing an outfit for the up and coming autumn months can be a tricky task. Those muggy morning commutes may require layer after layer but as the day progresses you may find yourself sweating through those clothes, and nobody wants that.

Layering is more than just placing a jumper over a shirt and adding a jacket to your look for extra warmth. You have to be tactical. So with this in mind, we've put together ways you can master the art of layering this autumn.


How to Layer Clothing

If you're wondering how to style layers, one of the fundamental tenants is to consider both the completed outfit as well as each layer individually. For example, if you're wearing some jeans, a sweater, and a jacket - ask yourself, when you remove the jacket will the other layers look equally as good? If the answer is yes, then you're on to a winner. A sweater and a blazer combo will smarten up the layering look so if you're heading somewhere slightly more formal, this is a good option.

There are a few basic rules, hints, and tips on layering you need to consider, however, we'll go through these later; for now, let's take a look at each layer individually and what you should be going for.



Best Base Layer Clothing

Let’s start with the base layer. Whether you're heading to work or just having a day out and about, you’ll need a lightweight item to go under your other garments. A casual short sleeved or long sleeved T-shirt is a great start for a casual look, as when you get a little too warm, it’s easy to strip down to a cool lightweight layer. If you're looking for the warmest base layer clothing, however, we'd recommend going for the long sleeve option.

For more formal attire either a thin cotton or oxford shirt will do perfectly. It's important to remember that the material is an essential consideration point with the bottom layer. A cotton or cotton blend shirt will work excellently as the material can breathe - a synthetic shirt, on the other hand, (however great it may look) will quickly become too hot so bear this in mind when picking up your layering essentials.

Finally, a polo shirt is another great casual alternative ideal for layering. Depending on your own personal style, a polo shirt might work better than a regular T-shirt - especially if you're athletically inclined. The collar can look well tucked in under a sweater, just bear the colours in mind as it'll be visible regardless of how many layers you're putting on.


Best Middle Layer Clothing

Ok, so you've got your base layer sorted - now it's time to really begin considering the second layer clothing. The likelihood is that your best mid layer is what you'll be sitting in for most the day, so one might argue it's the most important of the lot. Check out some of the options you've got below, and what to consider for each one.

If you are needing a casual look for the weekend, then you can add a shirt on top of your T-shirt. While, arguably, not the most suited for the autumnal months, we know guys who'll use this as a middle piece all year round, so it's worth a mention. While during the summer we'd recommend a bold printed shirt, the most seasonally appropriate option here is a denim shirt over a white T-shirt.


Best Final Layer Clothing

So you've got the basis of your ensemble put together, now it's time to decide whether a third and final layer is required. The true beauty of layering is in an outfit's flexibility and adaptability to the weather. While the morning may start out miserable, by midday the heat may have picked up, removing the necessity of a jacket. If you've layered with consideration, removing your jacket from the picture should leave you with an equally as 'put together' outfit as before.

Your Quick Guide to Layering in Autumn

  • It’s ok to overestimate how many layers you may need. The great thing about layering for cold weather is you don’t necessarily have to wear all your layers at once.
  • Keep it simple. Often simplicity is best when it comes to putting together an outfit and that applies to layering. Make sure that the colour of your items match.
  • Everything doesn’t have to be buttoned up or tucked in. To let some air in, keep some buttons and zips undone.
  • Consider how your outfit will look with layers subtracted or added, in a sense, that's the entire appeal of layering - particularly in autumn where temperatures can fluctuate greatly from morning to noon.
  • Accessories can stand independently from the outfit, but not independently enough to remove any sort of colour consideration - always bear this in mind when layering.





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