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Is it a crocodile? Is it an alligator? Who knows? Well whatever you believe it is we love the brand and if you've landed on this page we know you do too. Whether you're after a classic polo or want a jumper to throw on for a smart casual outfit, Lacoste has a selection that'll tickle your fancy. Over the last 80 years, Lacoste has become a household name, transcending preppy styling and becoming a streetwear staple. So if you fancy adding this kind of heritage to your wardrobe, but for a discounted price, take a look at some of the Lacoste voucher codes we have below.


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Lacoste Sale



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Lacoste Student Discount



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Free Shipping Lacoste Coupon Codes



Edwin Discount Code
Lacoste Discount Code



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Lacoste Sale

This french label has quickly become a synonymous with quality and sports based products. The iconic crocodile logo is a major favourite for many, so with its latest range available on The Idle Man, and these Lacoste discount coupons, you'll be amongst the clan that incorporate this brand into their look. As it's arguably one of the most renowned brands in the world, Lacoste's success has brought it a lot of fame and fortune, so if you can get your hands on some with these Lacoste discount vouchers you'll be ready for anything.

It may be a prominent brand in the world of tennis, but it's managed to transform its image over the years to become a name that's not only worn on the tennis court. Pair a polo with your favourite jeans or wear a Lacoste jumper over a shirt for a smarter look - you can bring this into your wardrobe with ease.


tennis player white lacoste polo shirt men
Lacoste began purely as sportswear


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If you want the best discounts on quality brands, but you’re not exactly sure how to use the Lacoste discount coupons and vouchers, then we’ll quickly run you through everything you need to know. First things first, if you spend over £50 at The Idle Man you’ll receive free shipping on your order. Simple, but always nice to have.

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Lastly, if you’re a student and you’ve got a valid NUS or student card then you can get up to 10% off Lacoste and other brands all year round, as well as 20% off at certain times of the year with Student Discount. There’s no need to skimp on good clothes, and even if you’re penny-pinching we’ll help you get your hands on some bargains.

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A Brief History of Lacoste

Before buying into any major fashion product, everyone wants to know a little history. Lacoste was founded by Rene Lacoste, a prominent French tennis player in 1933. He began creating his own clothing because he was frustrated by the limitations of the classic tennis whites, which were mainly long sleeved button-down shirts, a tie and a long trousers. And as you'd expect, this look wasn't ideal for easy movement or those overhead shots. After seeing his friend playing in one of his polo shirts, Rene had the idea. This practical piece of clothing was then the start of years worth of history.

Lacoste designed a short-sleeved polo shirt to wear when tennis players were playing, it was made with innovative piqué cotton for breathability, plus it gave the top a textured look that has become synonymous with polo shirts today. This started the functional elegance that continues to inspire contemporary lifestyle and sportswear brands to this day. With movements to the US, this iconic sports look took off and was soon picked up by golf players and the upper class.


rene lacoste polo shirt history
Rene Lacoste




After a whole host of success, Lacoste started to expand its offering with jackets, jumpers and everything that it is now. If you're wondering how the crocodile logo came about the don't worry, we can give you the low down. First of all, Lacoste was one of the first brands to feature a logo on the outside of the shirts. But why a crocodile? The origins of Lacoste’s logo are actually quite contested. The first theory goes that René Lacoste was famed for his ferocity and tenacity on the tennis court and gained the nickname ‘the alligator’. This somehow turned into a crocodile, and here we are 80 years later with logos on everything we see.

The second story is that Lacoste gained the nickname after a bet with the captain of the French Davies Cup team over receiving an alligator skin suitcase should he win the match. He actually lost the bet, but it didn’t stop him embracing the nickname and featuring it as his now ubiquitous logo. So whichever theory you want to believe, either way you'll want to get one of the classic polo tops for your sporting and casual wardrobe. And what better way to do that than with our selection of Lacoste discount codes.


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