How to Wear a Classic Shirt and T-Shirt Combination

How to Wear a Classic Shirt and T-Shirt Combination
The T-shirt and shirt combination is one of the most classic outfits a man can wear. But have you ever wondered if you're wearing it right? There's no wonder why guys wear the shirt and T-shirt combination outfits - they're a great way to style up or down many different looks and can work for a whole range of different occasions.  Read more Men's Style Guide features and check out our Store shopthelook There's something so simply stylish about a shirt and T-shirt combination. The effort it takes to put together is minimal and the outcome, well, looks like you've at least put in 80% effort. Plus, and this is probably one of the best benefits, you can own a small selection of T-shirts and overshirts and just mix and match them, giving you more outfit combinations than if you were to wear one separately. So, for you to nail this look, we've put together a guide on what colour goes with what and what combinations you should definitely avoid.

Shirt and T-Shirt Combinations

Check Mate

An open checked shirt is probably one of the first things you think of when you think overshirt - it's a classic. Wearing a graphic T-shirt with a button up checked flannel shirt is a perfect combination. Combine this with some black ripped skinny jeans and some Vans trainers for a great grunge style. What's more, the combination of a loose-fitting flannel shirt with a loose fitting T-shirt and tight skinny or slim-fit jeans is an ideal style for someone with a skinny build. Similarly to the checked flannel shirt, this combination is a classic. If your colour palette is a bit more subtle and minimalist, this will be more on your wavelength than a bold red or blue check. Pair this shirt with ripped or normal black jeans and a simple white tee and you're on to a winner. Try adding some Chelsea boots and you've created something smart yet relaxed - perfect for dress down Fridays or a quick pint down the local pub.
Layering A Check Shirt Over A T-shirt

Simply Blue

To kick it all off, we start with the standard blue shirt. Keeping it simple and cool, why not try wearing a plain white tee under a light blue button-down shirt. Pair this with some classic tan chinos and you're good to go. Finish the look off with some white trainers and make it your perfect, go-to summer outfit, as it'll give your casual vibe that extra detail it's missing.

Corduroy Overshirt

If you're going to any parties or gigs this winter, a corduroy shirt outfit can be a great way to nail that smart casual look while being able to keep you warm. The combination of a black T-shirt with a grey corduroy shirt keeps a stylish monochromatic feel. The extra layer the shirt gives you is great for the winter months where you can keep warm without having to lose any style appeal with having to chuck on a hoodie or jumper. Add a pair of black loafers to finish the look.
Men's Shirt And Jeans Style

T-Shirt Colours

When it comes to T-shirts, there are two colours which are always going to dominate. That is, of course, black and white T-shirts. The refined simplicity of wearing a black or white crew neck T-shirt is a perfect way to style any outfit. In addition to this, black and white tees can be worn with more or less anything due to their monochromatic colours. This makes them one of the most versatile items of clothing a man can own. However, in the wonderful world of T-shirts, it doesn't just end at the black and white end of the spectrum. If you want to be a bit more adventurous, there are thousands of different colour and style combinations out there. It's one of the things that makes T-shirts so great - they really are a blank canvas. If, however, you want to drive away from the standard black and white but you're not feeling too confident (yet) to support some colour, navy or khaki are both good options. They are still counted as added colour, but these shades of colours are also still considered as a part of a neutral colour scheme. Amazing solution.
Navy is a classic but still counts as added colour

Printed Shirts

Heading to any festivals soon? If you combine a blue T-shirt with a floral buttondown shirt and some denim shorts you'll have a great, easy summery look. The shorts will help take away any formality that may arise from the button up shirt and allow the outfit to fulfil its chilled out potential. What's more, The bright colours also contribute to the summery atmosphere you want to create. Finish off with some dark coloured trainers to avoid any obvious mud stains and you'll be all set to party in the sun. Harry Styles is a big fan of a patterned shirt to brighten up an outfit. Although he may not always wear it open and layered over a T-shirt, the loudness and bold prints definitely still work.
harry styles hawaiian shirt black jeans sunglasses mens street style
Harry Styles is a big fan of a patterned shirt

Graphic Print T-Shirts

If you're feeling really exciting but don't fancy rocking a bold statement shirt, then you might want to try and wear a T-shirt with a graphic, print, or pattern on it. However, be careful with graphics as many of them can look cheap and tacky. There are some really exciting and stylish graphic T-shirts being designed at the moment, and it's really worth taking out some time to shop around for one. It's also worth being careful when you're wearing a graphic T-shirt with an open button up shirt as the graphic can sometimes ruin the balance of your outfit. So, make sure the graphic or pattern of your tee doesn't clash with the colour or pattern of your unbuttoned shirt.
Be careful with what kind of printed tee you choose to wear with your open shirt

T-Shirt Under Button Down Shirts

Wearing an unbuttoned shirt over a T-shirt can be a great casual look, however, if you buy a shirt too tight, and then wear it over a T-shirt, it's going to bulk at the shoulders and be uncomfortable. Therefore, it's better to find a lighter and loose fitting shirt, as this will be more comfortable with a T-shirt underneath. If you're thinking of having an open button up shirt, having a lightweight shirt will be perfect for when you want to stay cool but also still rock a shirt over a tee. You also have to consider the style of the T-shirt you're going to be wearing and decide how's best to nail this look. For instance, you don't want to overpower the entire outfit with a T-shirt that's too loud and in your face. Plus, another thing to remember when picking your base T-shirt is to make sure it doesn't hang lower than your button up shirt, as this will look slightly odd and untidy.
mens overshirt casual how to wear a shirt overt shirt
A T-shirt should fit well for the outfit to look complete


T-Shirt Fit

Compression, fitted, regular and classic are the four most common fit styles for T-shirts. Each of these four styles has its benefits, it just depends on whether or not it suits your body type. If you've spent the last few months in the gym then you're probably going to want to show off those muscles. To really show them off, try wearing a tight or compression fit T-shirt. If you can find a tight-fitting T-shirt with a bit of elasticity in the material, this will be even better at defining your muscular shape. If you have a short or stockier build then you should probably stick to regular fitted T-shirts. If you wear a tight fitting shirt it will emphasise the stocky features of your build. On the other hand, if you wear a large or baggy fitting T-shirt, despite the popular belief, this will also make you appear stockier and may balloon your figure. Wearing a regular fitting shirt that fits well will be perfect.
black shirt grey trousers white t-shirt black belt
Styling A T-shirt and Overshirt

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