How to Wear Hunter Rain Boots for Men

How to Wear Hunter Rain Boots for Men
Owning a pair of wellies in the UK is pretty much a necessity as anyone who lives here will know, the weather has a tendency to be pretty dismal. However, this doesn't mean your footwear has to be. Here's all you need to know on how to wear Hunter rain boots.  Read more Men's Style Guide features and check out our Store. As autumn and winter are quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about your seasonal wardrobe. Whether you're going on some weekend camping trips, or just need some durable footwear to keep your feet dry, you should own a pair of men's Hunter boots. Hunter is undoubtedly one of the most classic footwear brands in the UK. With such an enormous heritage and history behind them, you can be sure that men's Hunter wellies are the best quality. However, how you wear wellington's in a stylish way is a question that many believe is impossible to answer. Well, fortunately for you, here's our best tips on how to wear them.
Wellies don't have to be unfashionable

Hunter Wellies

The most iconic piece of clothing that Hunter produces is almost definitely their wellington boots. It all began in the 1800s when the American entrepreneur, Henry Lee Morris, came to Scotland and set up the North British Rubber Company. It wasn't until 1956 that the creation of the iconic Original Green Wellington took place. This is the boot style that we know and love today. The Hunter Original boot is a classic design that has barley changed in the 60 years that it has existed. The wellies are made up of 28 different components, which are hand crafted into the finished product. The shoe's material is natural rubber with a textile lining on the inside. This makes it one of the most durable and versatile pieces of men's footwear fashion.

Green Hunter Rain Boots

When it comes to Hunter's wellies, you can't get much more classic than a pair of green rain boots. Khaki green has long been a staple shade for many different wellington boot styles. This is probably due to their history in the military, as well as their functional use of protecting you when you're outside or in a dirty environment. At the end of the day, wellies are a predominantly practical shoe that you're only going to wear when you need to keep your feet dry and clean. For instance, you're definitely going to need some of these if you're going to Glastonbury at some point. Due to this connection with the outdoors and the countryside, wearing some Hunter boots can look great in combination with a more rustic and indie look. Think if Mumford and Sons went on a camping trip and you can probably imagine the look we're thinking about.
Hunters are a festival essential
PHOTO CREDIT: Hunter boots

Green Hunter Rain Boots Outfit

Wearing an off white or cream knitwear jumper is a perfect place to start when trying to nail this look. Not only does it look extremely stylish, it also helps you layer your outfit, meaning you'll keep warm during a winter walk. Combine this with a pair of skinny black jeans as these are good for masking any mud or stains you might get on them. Plus, the skinny design will fit inside the welly nicely. Finally, finish the look off with a khaki oxford shirt underneath your jumper. This will create a sense of uniformity with the Hunter's as well as smartening up your look.

Black Hunter Rain Boots

Other than green, black is arguably the most practical colour to get a pair of Hunter rain boots in. Let's face it, unless you're a sailor, you're probably going to be wearing wellies on country walks or in muddy festival fields. Therefore, you want a colour of boot that is going to go with lots of outfits, as well as best hide any mud marks. Black is perfect for this. Not only will a pair of black wellies hide the majority of dirt you get on them, they will also go with pretty much any colour combination you can think of. If you have ever been to a British music festival then you will know about the constant struggle of trying to appear stylish, whilst also dressing practically against the muddy conditions. Well, fortunately for you, a pair of Hunters will solve the majority of your festival style issues.
Black Hunter wellies are a classic

Black Hunter Rain Boots Outfit

Try combining a pair of black wellies with some skinny jeans in the same colour. The uniformity between these two items of clothing will mean that your legs appear longer and as if you're not wearing long, knee high boots. Unless you're rolling around in the mud, the top half of your outfit is yours to play around with. If you're at a summer festival then you can't guarantee the weather. As much as we all hope it's going to be 28 degrees with the sun shining, more often than not, it ends up being a monsoon. Therefore, it's a good idea to layer your outfit in a casual way. This means that you can prepare for both hot and cold weather. Chuck a plain white T-shirt on as your bottom layer. This is a classic piece of clothing that acts as a base for the rest of your look. Wear a checkered oxford shirt over the top, but leave it open. This will add some extra detail to your outfit.

Short Hunter Boots

If you're in need of some welly boots, but find the larger ones too restrictive or bulky, luckily Hunter produces different sizes. These shorter shoes only come up to a mid point of your calf, as apposed to the knee high length of the original boot. Despite not being as protective as the larger boots, they may still do the job. If you know you're not going into any swamps anytime soon, and just need some light and durable footwear, then these are perfect.
Short wellies are good for the summer rain
PHOTO CREDIT: Hunter boots

Short Hunter Boots Outfit

British rapper Professor Green has got his festival style down with a pair of short Hunter boots. Try combining a pair of dark coloured short wellies with some navy denim jeans. This is a good choice of trouser as the durable nature of denim means that it will fare well against any muddy conditions. If you're out and about in the middle of a field somewhere, you need to look the part. The North Face has a long history of producing some top quality outdoor and adventure clothes. Their raincoats in particular are extremely durable against lots of harsh weather. It just so happens that they're also extremely stylish.

Red Hunter Rain Boots

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous then you could try and wear a pair of red Hunter wellingtons. Although these boots are no where near as subtle as a pair of black or green ones, they can be a great way to get a bright and summery look. If you're going to festivals this summer, then wearing bright clothes is basically a necessity. Therefore, wearing a pair of funky wellies can be a great way to make your look more exciting, without having to wear any crazy outfits. Although Nick Grimshaw may not have the same reputation as Professor Green, he is still extremely stylish. You probably have to be if you're a BBC1 radio presenter. However, his style is probably slightly more casual and colourful than the rapper from London.
Nick Grimshaw pulls of the red Hunter wellies

Read Hunter Rain Boots Outfit

Why not try combining your red rain boots with some dark blue jeans. Although you may not think it, the contrast between blue and red compliment each other nicely. Finish the outfit off with a checkered shirt. Try and wear a shirt that isn't too bright or colourful, otherwise you will overload the look and it will become too loud or cluttered. If you want to layer your look, then try adding a white T-shirt underneath for a clean style.

Hunter Snow Boots

Commuting to work during the winter can be a cold and miserable task, especially if it snows. Assuming that you can get to work when it's snowing, and that your train is running, you will probably need a good pair of shoes to stop your feet from getting a combination of trench foot and frost bite. During the winter months, it's probably a good idea to stick with dark and monochrome colours. Grey and black are always a safe option, especially if you're wearing more formal outfits for the office. If it starts to snow this winter then layering will become your best friend. Wearing lots of layers is the only way that you're going to be able to make it through that early morning commute. Well, that and a lot of coffee probably.
Hunter wellies are a good winter essential
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Hunter Snow Boots Outfit

Try layering a grey suit with a thick winter parka. Black will give a nice uniform look when in combination with the grey of your suit. Now, finish the look with a pair of grey or black wellies. These will keep your feet dry and stop you from slipping on the snow and ice. Add a pair of welly socks if you want to keep you feet nice and cosy.

Hunter Welly Socks

Other than the high quality rain boots that Hunter produce, they also make a long line of accessories to go with their main products. One such accessory is their iconic wellington socks. If you don't know what these are, you've probably seen them without realising it. They are knitwear socks that come up over the top of the welly, creating a woollen seal around the rim. It can be a pain having to bring several pairs of warm socks with you when you go camping. This is especially awkward if you're at a festival where you will probably be staying in a small tent with not much luggage. The Hunter welly sock resolves this problem by acting as a pair of rain boot liners that will always keep your feet toasty.

How to Wear Hunter Rain Boots for Men

  • Think about what you need your boots for. Although Hunter products are extremely versatile, the colour and design can vary for different situations.
  • Think about your outfit. If you want them for a festival, bright is best. For general wear, a black or green will work well.
  • Wellies are a necessity for the good old British weather, so it's worth investing in a pair.
  • Get some welly socks. Despite wellies being great at keeping your feet dry, they don't have much insulation. Adding some woollen boot socks is therefore an excellent way to keep your feet dry and warm.
Hunters are brilliant for festivals

On That Note

Whether you're going to a festival, a country walk, or just commuting to work, you're going to need some rain boots at some stage. Although there are many different welly brands out there, if you want a pair of boots that are going to last you for years, then sticking with a heritage brand like Hunter is the best idea. Although you may have to pay a bit more, the quality of the shoe means it will be worth it.


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