How to Wear a Big Watch

How to Wear a Big Watch
Wearing a watch is one of the best ways to instantly heighten any look that you're going for. But the size of the watch can make a huge difference, and if you get it wrong, then it can look a bit odd. If you've got thicker, more built wrists then a bigger watch may be best suited to you rather than a smaller more minimal timepiece. This guide will help you with styling a bigger watch but if you're struggling with other watch-related style choices, head to our full watch style section. Read more Men's Style Guide features. shopthelook

How to Wear a Watch

Wearing a watch is part of a daily routine for most of us. However, it's essential to know how to wear the right watch for the right occasion, or know what hand to wear a watch on. Oversized watches are extremely versatile and you could be lucky enough to find one that suits most scenarios. That said, it's always good to have a bit of a collection to choose from. Large face watches make quite the statement so here are the different ways in which you can pull off these timeless pieces.


If you're wearing a bigger watch to the office then you still want it to look smart and presentable whilst wearing all of your finery. This watch from Triwa is spot on. A brown leather strap and a darker silver face make it a detailed and smarter option to wear with your suit. Because of the strap colour you'll want to opt for a navy suit. This one from The Idle Man is a great option, slim fitting and classically cut it will be great to wear to the office this season. Rather than wearing a classic white button down, try wearing a pink version as this colour works really well with navy. Plus, it adds a touch of colour to your everyday look. Throw on a pair of brown brogues to complete the look and you'll be office-ready in no time. watch with a suit mens street style shopthelook


If you're more casually inclined then this number from Timex can work great with a more casual look. Don't let the colour of the strap deter you from this watch. Olive can be a truly versatile colour and it's bang on trend for this season. More importantly, the colour of the face also adds to the versatility of the watch. Try wearing this watch with a knitted jumper in white, a pair of black slim legged jeans and some high top plimsolls or trainers. Because of the season you'll no doubt be caught up in some nasty weather. In that event, this coat from Rains is spot on. Plus, the colour will work perfectly with your watch. The key with a more outlandish watch is to match something else on your outfit to it without it being too over-the-top. daniel wellington watch mens street style shopthelook


If sport's what you're into then this watch from G-Shock is going to be right up your street. Made for sportsmen, they are designed to be durable and effective when you're running a marathon (you  won't catch me doing that any time soon). Water and shock resistant you can quite literally do anything in this watch without the fear of it breaking. Plus, if you're putting the money in then that's exactly what you want. Men's waterproof watches are always a safe investment. You definitely don't want to wear this watch with a suit. Try wearing it with a pair of joggers such as these from Publish. They'll add some detail to an otherwise plain look. However, if you're really feeling like adding a dash of colour to your look then try wearing a brighter pair of trainers. If you match it with your jacket, no-one can say that they won't see you coming. wearwith

Best Watches for Men

Now that we've had a thorough look at the different situations in which is totally worth to wear a big face watch, it's time to look at the best options out there. As usual, we'll also throw in some quick styling advice in case you need a little bit of inspiration.

Men's Gold Watches

Right, you might think that deciding to wear a big watch is enough of a statement as it is. Well, think again. Or at least hear me out. If you're going all out with a bold design you might as well go out with a bang. An oversized watch in gold will create exactly that effect. It's going to be a show stopper. The Nixon Time Teller in gold is an absolute must in that department. I know what you're thinking, gold watches can be quite tacky. In spite of that widespread opinion on all-gold watches, they don't have to necessarily look like something, to quote Chandler Bing, from Liberacce's house of crap. However, if you're totally against wearing an all-gold watch, there are plenty of alternatives around the corner. You can easily rely on leather straps and a golden frame to have that classic finish. If an all-gold watch isn't for you, some golden details on a big frame are the way to go about it. In case that's still too loud for you, rose gold is a more delicate and refined option that will guarantee the same results. shore projects gold watch men wearwith The latest news from style, life, arts, and culture and everything in between. Whether it's a new brand arriving into our style, our latest drops and editorials. You will never miss a beat with us.

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