How to Style Camel This Autumn/Winter

How to Style Camel This Autumn/Winter
Camel is one of the most versatile colours you could own in your wardrobe arsenal and here at The Idle Man we simply love it. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to wear it this season. Read more Men's Style Guide features and check out our Store. shopthelook One of the biggest trends these past few seasons has been camel coloured items, whether it be your coat or jumper, camel is in and definitely here to stay. A massive craze among street style influencers, the desert-inspired colour palette is dear to the hearts of designers across the globe. With our guide you'll be able to create a timeless look that works in any situation.

Camel Outfit

You can't describe yourself as the biggest fan of camel unless you've attempted a camel on camel look. If you've already mastered the double or even triple denim look, you can take your style repertoire to the next level with this tone on tone combination. Understandably, this is not for everyone. However, if you keep it minimal you won't fail. Match your camel overcoat with a jumper in a darker, if not the same hue, and team these with a pair of lighter blue jeans and boots. If you don't feel like going full camel, have just one piece of tonal clothing and pair it with something that's a bit darker. The contrast against the camel will allow for the outfit to be well balanced. A hoodie or crew neck will go well under a camel styled coat as it mixes the smart casual aspect that everyone's after.
camel overcoat and navy hoodie street style
A hoodie under a camel coat

Men's Camel Coat

Camel coats for men owe their name to their original texture, which derives from camel hair. Now it's more about the colour of the coat rather than its material. Camel hair can be a bit tough and coarse and that's definitely not the kind of texture you want to wrap yourself with. Today, most of us prefer the soft hug of wool and other synthetic materials for our outerwear. Most men's camel coats, overcoats and peacoats come in a wool and cotton blend. Alpaca hair is what usually used to get that hairy feel. That said, it's still possible for you to find an authentic men's wool camel coat or wool camel overcoat.

Men's Camel Overcoat

A camel coat is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. It surprisingly works with a variety of colours and textures to elevate a look for the office or a day out for a smarter appearance. You can easily layer your coat over your suit to create a timeless and classic look which is easy to pull off. A camel coat is essential for any gentleman, from the most casually dressed ones to the most formal. Traditionally overcoats are supposed to reach your ankles in length. But these days most overcoats don't go too far after the knee. Camel works great with block colours, so try teaming your camel coat for men with an all navy look underneath. Take a navy T-shirt or jumper and team it with some navy trousers - you can either go for a pair of brown boots or shoes, or, you can go for a pair of shoes in the same hue as you outfit.
camel overcoat and glasses street style
A camel coat is great over a suit
PHOTO CREDIT: Tradingbasis

Men's Camel Peacoat

A solid men's peacoat will stand the test of time. Trends come and go in fashion, but each season we always find those key pieces that are simply here to stay. If you find classic overcoats to be too long for your height or you simply prefer shorter lengths for when it comes to outerwear, a camel peacoat for men is the kind of coat you need. Featuring double-breasted fronts and broad lapels, the peacoat has successfully adapted to our autumnal needs. These days, peacoats often come with a handy hood that can be lifesaver if you don't have an umbrella at hand in case of unexpected downpours. Style your camel peacoat with a smarter look underneath as a contrast to the casualness of your coat.
Mens camel coat and red jumper streetstyle
The camel peacoat is a casual staple piece

Men's Camel Trench Coat

If you already have a black or navy coat for this autumn/winter and don't feel like you should add another one to your collection of coats, a camel trench coat will not only be a great addition to your wardrobe but it will be an investment staple. Not only will you have a different type of jacket but you'll also introduce an additional colourway for you to experiment with. Amongst the many things that the UK can brag about, thanks to Thomas Burberry, Britain can be proud to have introduced the trench coat to our everyday wardrobe. Just like a regular overcoat, a camel trench coat can be easily worn over a suit. Also, you can find the camel trench coat in its raincoat evolution. Needless to say that this piece of outerwear is perfect to keep you warm and dry during the unpredictable and by nature rainy autumn weather. Finding its origins in the military trenches of World War I, a trench coat is also a great companion to your favourite shirt and jeans combination. Top everything off with a pair of leather ankle boots or Dr. Martens to echo that battlefield atmosphere.
A trench coat is best kept simple. Minimal colours and minimal pieces

Men's Camel Bomber Jacket

I must admit, no matter how easy it is to style a camel coat for an everyday look, you might want to try a different type of jacket altogether. Luckily, camel doesn't exclusively belong to coats when it comes to outerwear. A camel bomber jacket in suede is a great and stylish alternative to the more classic coats. They're perfect for a relaxed and sporty look but can be easily smarted up with a pair of blue jeans and a jumper of your choosing underneath.
mens camel bomber jacket
A bomber is always good in a neutral colour

Men's Camel Blazer

After all this outerwear, is time to look at other essential pieces that come in this beloved shade of brown. Investing in a camel blazer will give you access to different style combinations. You wear this blazer with a white shirt and sand chinos to create a tone on tone look. However, you don't always have to match your blazer to the colour of your trousers. Quite the contrary. You can rely on the soft neutrality of camel to team up your blazer with a pair of navy chinos or charcoal trousers. For an even more dressed-down look, pair your camel blazer with a pair of jeans and trainers. Your sneakers could might well be a pair of camel suede ones so that you can play around with those brown accents throughout your outfit. If you're dressing for a smarter occasion, choose a pair of tailored navy or black trousers to go with the blazer. Finish everything off with a pair of loafers or formal shoes such as Derbys.
Camel blazer street style
A camel blazer need sto be worn with minimal colours
PHOTO CREDIT: Cool Artisan

Camel Shoes

You'll often find that most camel shoes come in the fantastic material that is suede. This luxurious yet fragile material will add sophistication and comfort to your look in one go. A pair of desert boots in camel are a great piece of footwear to start off with. You won't be disappointed. Plus, desert boots are just as versatile as the camel colour itself. They can be worn with jeans as well as a suit. If you're more of a sneaker guy, fear not. There are plenty of trainers available to you in camel. In fact, many sneaker brands have included camel suede trainers in their more luxurious ranks. Suede camel trainers have that extra sophisticated edge that allows you to wear them with other bottoms than your jeans. They'll look great with a pair of chinos.
mens camel shoes clarks desert boots for men
Camel suede desert boots are a wardrobe staple

Camel Bags

It pains me to say that more often than not, accessories are criminally neglected when it comes to men's fashion. However, lately there's been a much stronger focus on the importance of the likes of bags and rucksacks. It's fair to say that most of us use the same bag over and over until it inevitably gives up on us. That said, I can't blame you for something like that. Once you find a bag that works for you, it's hard to let go of it. Plus, no one really has the patience or time to move all of their belongings from one bag to the next every day. Even so, it's important to find a balance between our practical needs - and why not, laziness - and style aspirations. That's why investing in a camel bag is a great way to cover all of those necessities. No matter what kind of bag you prefer, camel's popularity will allow you to find the model you love the most. If you need space for your laptop, a camel rucksack is what you need. For a more classic yet functional way to carry your things around, you can always rely on a The latest news from style, life, arts, and culture and everything in between. Whether it's a new brand arriving into our style, our latest drops and editorials. You will never miss a beat with us.

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