How to Look Good When it Snows

How to Look Good When it Snows
With it being that time of year again many of us are battling the harsher weather conditions. This style guide is here to help you on how to look good when it snows. Read more Men’s Style Guide features. Whether you're in the UK or further afield; when winter comes around it's always wise to be prepared for the inevitable chilly snow day. That means pulling out the winter shearling jackets, the woolen overcoats and, of course, you're trusty hats and scarves. As many a man will attest to, the winter is typically the most versatile time in most guys wardrobe as lashings of layering offer an increased amount of options when it comes to mixing and matching. When looking at the UK, however, with an average of only sixteen days of snowfall a year it's not exactly something the Brits are accustomed to. Worry not, however, as in this complete guide we'll cover exactly what you should be wearing to look good in the snow.

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How to Dress for Cold Weather

When it comes to dressing for cold weather, the key all in the art of layering. While we can all pile on layer after layer of clothing, the likelihood is you'll be moving from warmer to colder temperatures throughout the day so adaptability is fundamental to a snow-suited outfit. Starting from the base layer and working up, it's important to consider the materials your using as well as the ease of stripping off or adding another layer over what you're already wearing. We've covered the three layers and what would work best for each below. Base Layer: T-Shirts, Oxford Shirt, Polo Shirt's, Athletic Clothes. When considering your base layer, the main characteristic you're looking for is the ability to absorb water, or 'wicking'. In colder weather, if sweat is left to sit on the skin you're going to get really cold, really quickly. For this reason, it's always best to consider natural fabrics for a base layer.
shopthelook Middle Layer: Shirts, Hoodie, Sweater, Knitted Sweater, Blazer. Probably the most important layer of the lot, the middle layer is going to form the 'meat' of your outfit, if you will. Once again, opting for natural fabrics that retain heat, absorb moisture and allow breathability is your best bet. Wool is particularly suited to this, so a knitted jumper is up there with one of the better options. Final Layer: Jackets & Coats, Hats & Scarves, Accessories. The final layer is really the finishing touch. Look for the ideal jacket or coat is all dependant on what it is your heading to, if it's a walk in the wilderness - you'll need maximum heat with a parka or something similar. If you're popping in and out of shops, a wool overcoat will be a little more suited. When wearing a lighter jacket, it's always worth considering the addition of a scarf or hat as a super adaptable layer also... oh, the joys of layering! camel-coat-and-grey-overshirt shopnow

Winter Fashion Tips

When looking to perfect the art of winter dressing and keeping warm in the heat, there's a few little tips that can help you along the way. We've listed some of the better clothing hacks below:
  • Consider mixing smart and casual pieces to keep the heat in; some of the most casual jackets will offer great insulation and are generally a little toastier than a smarter tailored option.
  • Use warm but breathable fabrics such as wool or cotton as opposed to a synthetic option. This will work just as well with conserving heat while allowing your skin to breathe and wicking moisture from your body.
  • Don't forget your underwear! If it's going to be sub-zero temperatures you're dealing with, there are several options for keeping warmer from the base up. Long johns, vest shirt's and quality socks are all at your disposal!
  • Don't rule out your leather jacket. While many consider a leather jacket to be reserved for nights out and slightly warmer temperatures, layering one underneath an overcoat is a great way of keeping heat in.
  • Think about picking up a gilet or bodywarmer. While we're fully aware they're not the most flattering items of clothing, they work wonders at maintaining a comfortable body temperature - not just for the granddads!
  • Find the perfect balance with a hat and scarf. If it's a little cool outside, but still too warm for multiple layers - topping a shorter jacket with a hat and scarf is a great way to create an adaptable outfit that you can adjust accordingly during the day.
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Winter Outfit Ideas

While we're all pretty clued up on what makes a good winter outfit, we've gathered some of the easier to replicate looks below for your inspiration. Most importantly, each look consists of multiple layers which can be adapted accordingly during the day depending on fluctuating temperatures.

Winter Casual Outfits

When it comes to casual outfits for winter, it's all about comfort and heat retention. It's also important that your outfit is reasonably flexible in terms of adapting to fluctuating temperatures. If you plan on traipsing around the shops all day with your significant other, the likelihood is that you'll be interchanging between heated department stores and sub-zero street temperatures - so versatility is your best friend in this scenario. Alongside styling tips and tricks for maximum snow suitability, one major point to consider is the use of materials that will allow breathability. Although you might be quick to reach for the synthetics when the snow is pouring down outside, it's always worth investing that little bit more for some natural fabrics like cotton or wool which will adapt accordingly. As we all know too well, when out in the snow it's easy for the tables to turn after a brisk walk about, leaving you sweating through your clothing, which will then begin to drop in temperature leaving you shivering in your boots - not ideal. tan-shearling-jacket-and-blue-jeans shopthelook Looking at the first outfit above, it's pretty evident that this guy knows what he's doing. With multiple layers building his outfit, it'll be easy to adjust throughout the day, while maintaining heat when needed. leather-jacket-and-blue-jeans shopthelook For the second look, the gent here shows us how to layer leather correctly. Adding a leather jacket over your shirt is a great way to add further waterproofing as well as a protective heat layer. Alongside this, it's an easy way to incorporate several outfits into one. Headed to the bar after a winter wonderland walk in the park? No worries! We've replicated the look with a pair of light blue jeans with some white trainers. mens-casual-outfit shopnow The latest news from style, life, arts, and culture and everything in between. Whether it's a new brand arriving into our style, our latest drops and editorials. You will never miss a beat with us.

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