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Everyone wants clothes and accessories that are both affordable and high quality, but sometimes it's hard to find the balance. Staples like coats, shoes and bags are important pieces to invest in, but there's no need to pay prices that seem to break the back. This is why here at The Idle Man we give you brands and products that are stylish and affordable, and even better, we can provide some very persuasive discount codes. With our Herschel discount codes and coupon codes you can get your hands on some of the best accessories around for a price that's right for you.


Herschel Discount Code
Herschel Discount Code



Herschel Sale
Herschel Sale



Herschel Student Discount
Herschel Student Discount



Free Shipping Herschel Discount Code
Free Shipping Herschel Coupon Code



Herschel Discount Code
Herschel Discount Code



Herschel Black Friday Sale
Herschel Black Friday Sale


Herschel Sale

Bags are a necessary part of our lives. Whether we use them every day for work, a couple times a year for holidays, or not as much as you feel you should for the gym. Bags are one of those basic staples that are worth investing in. Herschel is a brand that offers a range of designs, from classic backpacks to handy duffles, all in a stylish, versatile finish.

These bags aren't just built to last, with their trend-defying style they're guaranteed to look good no matter what the fashion is. If you're looking for quality bags, with our Herschel discount codes you can get your hands on one of these hard-wearing, adept designs for up to 70% off.

Not seeing anything you fancy in the Herschel Sale? Not a problem. With our Black Friday sale set for the end of November you've got the chance to get a massive discount on prime items. You might even get your hands on a Herschel duffle bag for more than half off.


herschel blue backpack street style mens
Herschel discount codes will get you the bag you need


How to Use Herschel Discount Codes

If you want to stay up to date with all the latest sales, why not sign up to our newsletter? Not only will you know exactly when the best deals are going down, but we'll send you Herschel discount codes, news, and editorial stories. To help sweeten the deal, if you sign up now you’ll receive 10% off your first order from The Idle Man.

If, like most people, you like the idea of money off, but you're not sure where to start with Herschel discount codes then read on - we'll explain everything. First off, if you spend over £50 at The Idle Man you’ll receive free shipping on your order. No surprise extra costs, you just pay for what you want.

Next, for those of you with fashion conscious friends you might like our Refer a Friend scheme to get access to Herschel discount coupons and vouchers. All you need to do is share your discount code on social media or invite your friend via email to send them £5 worth of credit for the store. You’ll then be sent £5 worth of credit as well when they spend £30 or more in their first shop.

Lastly, if you're in the middle of your studies and fancy some new clothes, you can get up to 10% off Herschel and other brands and products all year round, as well as 20% off at certain times of the year with Student Discount. All you need is a valid NUS or student card and you're all set.

how to use the idle man discount codesA Brief History of Herschel

At first glance, Herschel seems like a classic brand that's been around for generations, but in reality, it's only been open since 2009. Embracing the idea of nostalgic style accessories but with modern mechanisms and designs, Canadian brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack created Herschel. Named after a small town they used to visit as children, they ensured that everything, from the logo to the staple backpacks, had that classic, nostalgic twist.

Both brothers worked in fashion previously, with Lydon having represented Vans and Jamie K2 Sports. They knew the drill, and each of them had their own expertise to bring to the Herschel brand. They worked together to create bags that held a modern edge but a firm link back to the first classics designs that are so recognisable around the world. With their undoubted quality, Herschel has gained a reputation that makes it one of the best go-to manufacturers.


herschel backpack street style mens
Herschel have a staple design that every modern man loves




The stylish designs and contemporary styles are what makes it such an impressive and popular brand. Coming up with an array of colours and ideas for their bags, its rivals are sure to be in high competition. The Herschel Supply co. logo is a recognisable sight to anybody whose familiar with a good backpack, with Herschel’s products being made with the highest manufactured quality. Herschel is not just limited to backpacks and bags in general though; it covers most things accessory-wise with its catalogue of products extending to hats, caps and wallets. It has made the conscious decision to attentively design everything for the everyday traveller, driven by functionality of the modern man and woman. So if you can get your hands on a discount code, why wouldn't you invest in a brand that gives you all of these positives?


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