Your Guide to White Denim

Your Guide to White Denim
So you've heard that white denim is reserved for the fashion forward likes of Justin Bieber, Wham! and overweight middle-aged men on their summer holidays? Think again. This conclusive guide will show you how to style white denim as well as some outfit ideas to have you looking incredibly chic, and not in the least bit shabby. Read more Men's Style Guides here and check out our Store. shopthelook Men's white jeans have, for the better part of the 20th century, been blue denim's unfortunate younger brother; sitting slightly in the shadows, catastrophically styled and consequently resigned to the depths of your wardrobe. But this Spring, dig out said unwanted denim, quickly sponge off the inevitable dust marks and read on to discover how a slim pair of white denim jeans or a beaten-up white denim jacket can make you look more Steve McQueen than Euro-trash. The possibilities seemingly appear difficult as the pristine nature of the denim requires careful attention and a wariness of any whiff of tomato-based foods. Because of it's need for perfection, white denim tends to be associated with a high maintenance attitude of men's style, both in terms of style and physical appearance. But what goes well with white jeans? In reality, white denim offers the most versatile of canvas's to anyone willing to give it a try. And anyway; a little dirt never hurt no-body, right?! Check out this video from ultra-cool NYC based fashion fanatic Tim Bryant showcasing some ideas for outfits with white jeans for men, so you can look super cool this season.

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Caring for White Denim

The first rule of white denim jeans is, please - nothing too tight. White is a notoriously unforgiving colour, so it's best stick to a slim leg rather than a calf-hugging style. The second rule is to not worry about the denim getting a bit mussed up, however, we should try to keep our whites as white as possible. First lesson in Mum's washing guide home 101: always separate your colours from your whites. However, you do need to be careful when washing said denim wether it be jeans or a jacket. The ideal reality with a pair of denim trousers is not to wash them at all, that way they maintain the shape that you want them to - except we all know this is pretty unavoidable with white denim. Eat, sleep, rave, repeat in your white denim and, if you do happen to rave a little too hard, dab any marks with warm soapy water. If this doesn't do the trick then throw your jeans into the wash with a little dash of Vanish or the likes. Air dry your denim after washing and spend the next few weeks doing star jumps and squats in your jeans to get them back into shape. If you're a real denim junkie, put on when wet and mould to your body.
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What to Wear with White Denim

So emergency scenarios accounted for, now you need to know how to style your white denim and what to wear with white jeans on men. Are you rock god and fancy a leather jacket/boots combo? Or are you more Riviera holiday style and prefer a button-down shirt and boat shoes look? Even still, are you brave enough to rock the double denim tuxedo? Read on to find the best white jeans for men and how to style your denim for every occasion including:
  • For Work
  • For Drinks with Friends
  • For a Festival
  • On Holiday
  • At the Beach
  • On a Date
  • For a Picnic
  • For a Night-out
  • For a Summer Sporting Event
  • In The Rain


A pair of white slim fit jeans are the easiest and fastest way to update a Spring work look. You won't have to invest in anything else as the jeans will go with almost everything you already own. Keep the look more office than picnic with a button-down Oxford shirt and the palest of lace-up brogues and feel easy-breezy in your super chic get-up.

Drinks With Friends

Now with your mates, you don't want to try anything too daring and you're, most likely, not trying to impress anyone. They might love you, you but they sure as hell won't hold back on the insults if you try anything wildly new. Opt for a slightly baggier slim white jean which is ideal for hazy Spring evenings spent in beer gardens. Pair with a smart polo shirt and a casual boat shoes and your look will take you straight from the office into the pub. Just mind those outdoor chairs - the last thing you want is a lovely moss-green stain on the seat of your brand spanking new pair of jeans.
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Now many of you may be slightly bemused at the suggestion of rocking white denim at a festival. And yes, I agree, this challenge isn't for the faint of fashion heart. However, if you are willing to let your denim get a bit down and dirty, then they can look extremely bad ass. Wear regular jeans on your lower half, opting for a white jeans outfit is just asking for a disaster. I suggest throwing on a white denim jacket over a pair of vintage ripped jeans and of course, finished off with the obligatory pair of sturdy boots. Rave glasses, bucket hat and layers of beads optional. shopthelook
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This is when you can style your white jeans to look as Riviera as you like. But it can also be a danger zone for over styling and fashion faux-pas. Avoid looking too dad-on-holiday by keeping it casual in a stripey tee and classic wayfarer sunglasses and go bare foot on the beach at sundown as you sip on an ice cold beer. Try and make sure your denim is lightweight and thin rather than the heavier type, otherwise you'll be incredibly uncomfortable in that warm continental heat. Be wary of white jeans and the inevitable sunburn, the brightness of the denim against your lobster-red ankles is just a bit too much. white jeans summer style mens shopthelook

At the Beach

So you've mastered the art of avoiding the dad-like aesthetic, but you're wondering how to go about wearing white denim on the beach? White shorts are you're best bet here - perhaps more suited if you're one for a sun-lounger and table service rather than a towel and a couple of cans. The easiest way, however, is simply stuff a lightweight denim jacket in your rucksack for the walk home as the sun goes down. You'll be grateful of the warmth and will look a hell of a lot cooler than your mates who are wrapping their damp towels round their shoulders.
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A Date

So in your haste to rush out the door to your date, it is quite easy to throw on the same old outfit that you know looks ok but isn't all that exciting. Why not try something a bit different and, instead of automatically grabbing your blue denim jacket, pick up your white one. Wear with black jeans and navy shoes and it can smarten up an outfit in seconds. It also means you then have a jacket to throw over the shoulders of your date, should they inevitably feel the cold at the end of the evening - you can thank us later.
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