8 Stylish Summer Holiday Hairstyles

8 Stylish Summer Holiday Hairstyles
Great hair doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment. Instead of asking for 'the usual' next time you’re at the barber, why not change things up a bit - add a little continental flourish? Not sure what style will suit you the best? Check out our complete guide for all you need to know about holiday hairstyles and haircuts. Read more Men’s Hair features.

Best Holiday Style Haircuts

#1: The Scissor Fade

Fade haircuts and hairstyles have been popular for quite some time, but they’re still one of the best hairstyles for this year’s European summer season. Fade haircuts used to be quite short in length, however, now they tend to have contrasting longer hair on top. The scissor fade is pretty self-explanatory, there's no sign of the shears here. Even with scissors, it’s possible to go quite short through the back and sides - ideal for the summer heat. When it comes to cool hairstyles this is it - literally.
  • Face Shape: Diamond, Triangular
  • Pro Tip: Tell your barber to cut the sides quite short if you're looking to stay cool - avoid this if you've particularly large ears, though; it’ll only make them look bigger.

#2: The Taper Fade

The taper fade is one of the most stylish hairstyles this summer. Taper means that your hair will gradually fade from one length to another – there is no disconnection as in many other fade haircuts. The taper fade can be any length, and because of its versatility, this holiday hairstyle can be the basis for many other hairstyles.
  • Face Shape: Square
  • Pro Tip: An ideal starting point for many other hairstyles, ask for the taper fade if you're not 100% what haircut you might go for next.

#3: The Long Top & Shorter Sides

One of the best hairstyle options for your holiday is one Leonardo DiCaprio used to rock in the 90s, recently actor Cole Sprouse made the iconic style popular again. At first, it seemed to be a fad, but it has only become more popular over time. If you're looking for a spot on Euro haircut, this is a great option. The most important part of this hairstyle is to have the top of the hair long enough so it can fall at the taper round the back and sides. A long top and shorter sides haircut isn't that difficult to pull off with various ways to work it - such as incorporating a messy fringe, perfect for lazy holiday styling.
  • Face Shape: Heart, Diamond
  • Pro Tip: Experiment with the styling; a messy fringe, swept back or curtain look can work well with this cut.

#4: The Quiff

There are various different ways you can style the quiff, but remember, the longer the hair, the longer it will take you to style it. No matter what length you choose, don’t forget to use a hairspray to keep your hair in place for the whole day. Trendy men's haircuts come and go but this one is definitely here to stay. If you have short and straight hair, the David Beckham quiff might be what you’re after. This haircut is more balanced and your barber shouldn’t cut your hair too short on the back and sides – especially if you have an oblong face shape, as this would elongate your face even more.
  • Face Shape: Square, Oblong
  • Pro Tip: Ideal for keeping you cool and the work to a minimum over holidays; a shorter quiff will be easy to work with as well as looking neat and sharp.

#5: The Longer Length Quiff

If your hair is longer, your barber can experiment with more texture and volume. There are many various longer length styles you can choose from, if you tend to get bored of one hairstyle rather quickly, you can alter your longer quiff simply by changing hair products. This is yet another classic amongst European men's hairstyles. This men's holiday hairstyle will especially suit guys with defined cheekbones and jawlines - great for that fancy dinner your partner will inevitably drag you to.
  • Face Shape: Heart, Diamond
  • Pro Tip: This style requires some maintenance so if you’re not keen on styling your hair every day, this might not be the one for you. However, you may want to reconsider your decision when you see how good you could look. This Euro haircut will definitely grab some positive attention.


#6: Comb Over

Don’t be surprised when your barber calls the comb over a side part, it’s the same thing. Comb-over has been here for a long time but it’s now making a comeback (or it never left). First of all, you need to decide whether you want a neat or loose comb over. A more classic comb-over is when the hair is neatly combed to the side from your hair part. A loose comb-over takes it's own shape and has more volume which can be achieved by the use of a blow dryer. If you’re conscious about your bald patches and receding hairline, this holiday hairstyle can do the trick for you. In addition, comb over hairstyles don’t require much time for their maintenance. It’s perfect for both straight and wavy hair types and it’s often paired with an undercut.
  • Face Shape: Oval, Square
  • Pro Tip: If you want to create a little lift, brush up your hair in the front and then use a hairspray so it stays looking great.

#7: Comb Over Pompadour

Since pompadour hairstyles are still on trend, why not try one of the most iconic hairstyles for your holiday this summer? If your hair is long enough, it won’t take you very long to style it, and it will keep your hair off your face. If you have an oval face shape, you should consider yourself lucky and start experimenting. Since you have a symmetrical and well-proportioned face, you can pull off pretty much any hairstyle.
  • Face Shape: Round, Oval
  • Pro Tip: Comb Over Pompadour will elongate your face and won’t add much width – exactly what you should be trying to achieve if you have a round face shape.

#8: Hard Part

Hard part, also known as razor line or side part line, will add a modern twist to your new haircut. The hard part is a shaved line in the scalp which is often done to achieve a more defined look. Barbers will often suggest the hard part as it will enhance many hairstyles. Classic hairstyles like a comb over (pompadour) will look great with an added hard part. The one thing you should know before getting a razor line, is that it is a commitment for several weeks.
  • Face Shape: Any.
  • Pro Tip: Never attempt to do this at home by yourself because a mistake would take a long time to grow out. A DIY hard part could go terribly wrong and the only solution your barber would be left with to save your haircut, would be to shave some more. So if you’re not ready for a really short holiday haircut, we highly recommend leaving it to experienced professionals.


Holiday Hairstyles

The trick to finding the perfect holiday haircut is all in the ease of styling. Pick something that doesn't take too much effort to style, keep hair nourished with quality shampoo and conditioner and consider investing in some hair protection spray so your lovely new do isn't dried out by the sun's rays.
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Best Haircuts for Men

On That Note

Whatever your face shape is, there is a perfect holiday hairstyle for you. We've done all the research for you, so now it will only take an experienced barber, a few good hair products and some attitude to pull it off. Don’t forget that no matter how good your new haircut is, your attitude will always be the final touch!

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