Learn How to Get Pharrell William's Unique Style

Learn How to Get Pharrell William's Unique Style
We invite you to discover Pharrell William's style attributes that make him stand out from the rest of the hip-hop crowd. Read more Men’s Style Icons features and check out our Store. shopthelook Pharrell Williams' style has evolved with his age. These days fashion is steadily going forward, conformity dissolves and cult rappers become cool dappers. On the spectrum of men’s style archetypes, the “Happiest” rapper, musician, producer and major style icon Pharrell Williams most certainly represents eclectic eccentricity, with a great deal of artistic frivolity and merely transient freshness. Pharrell has many accolades for his contributions both in fashion and music. Prior to “Get Lucky” peak, “The Voice” mentor phase and writing music for the NASA drama “Hidden Figures”, Pharrell was in the radar as a music producer in the production duo The Neptunes (together with Chad Hugo), producing multiple upbeat hits for Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Missy Elliott, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and many more artists from various backgrounds. Pharrell has never had a hard time managing multiple projects. In 2003, Pharrell produced 43 per cent of the songs played on American radio. The Neptunes won a Grammy in 2004, Billboard gave them "Producers of The Decade" six years later.
shopthelook Pharrell Williams' fashion crosses musical formats and uncrosses standards; he effortlessly incorporates unrelated styles, embracing street wear swag and Avant garde values on equal terms. In addition to his countless awards, Pharrell earned his first CFDA Fashion Icon Award, - a legitimate proof of his visionary trendsetter-ness. His unconventional approach to music and designing (Billionaire Boys Club, Pharrell Williams x Adidas collection, Ice Cream footwear, G-Star partnership) makes him an inspiration to us all.

Street-wear Pharrell Williams

Bold Jackets

Who told you that you have to start with the basics? A bold jacket has to be the most important, hence the most cherished item in your wardrobe, if you want to replicate or even duplicate the legendary Pharrell-appeal. Pharrell is heavily into Adidas track jackets that he wears regularly over most of his clothing ensembles, some of those jackets feature his own doodles and scribbles in custom floral hieroglyphics and memorable rainbow embroidery that he calls "the perfect canvas that feel special and bespoke."
PHOTO CREDIT: Independent
toppicks Ensure the exterior fabric is lightweight (say no to tweed for now) and its versatility is appropriately maximised. It would be wise to include the pattern palette of a contrast colours, enriched with soft, genuinely warm undertones, and don’t ever give up on distinct print variations, notably symmetrical stripes, camouflage motifs with attention-grabbing militaristic presence, animalistic features or oriental patchwork.

Denim Pharrell Williams

It’s 2017, so denim fabric may not be the ultimate fashion statement, yet it is a global, cultural statement nonetheless. We often underestimate the true-blue denim trend, its roots and historic theme, timeless quality, unisex appeal (a popular choice among men and women.) Sporting a toned down look in his Happy music video, Pharrell is a connoisseur of denim, going for both subtle and bold outfit choices. We do forget that denim is available in many hues (both printed and coloured, not just light blues versus dark blues) and types: raw denim that now comes from recycled ocean plastic, - Pharrell’s latest environmental initiative, supported by Dutch denim retailer G-Star that claims to connect sustainability and style, aiming to raise awareness of eco-friendly textile usage, like recycled polyester fibres, and hopefully create a new in-store experience for all environmentally conscious denim lovers.
Pharrell Williams denim jacket denim jeans mens street style
toppicks Musician explained his endless affection for jeans and how he embraces G-Star’s denim philosophy in simple terms, saying that
Denim is something you hold on to for years. It's not just a T-shirt you may never wear. With our G-Star denim, our customer is a DIY customer. A lot of them are do-it-yourself-type people. So even when it does fit the same way, you'll alter it. Or if you feel like they're too dark, you'll fade them or distress them yourself.
When it comes to picking the right pair of jeans for himself, Pharrell Williams instantly breaks through the buying dilemma cycle: refocusing on what’s truly important: comfort and silhouette, period.
Some people say the silhouette comes first and then comfort, and I personally think that comfort comes first, which makes the silhouette.
In many respects, Pharrell Williams’ every denim-on-denim combination is expressed ritualistically, even symbolically, through ripped texture, clever colour blocking and playful yet deliberate distressed-looking features.

Iconic Logo Sweatshirts and Cardigans

Casual complexity is not a sartorial myth, because a deceptively simple thing, in reality, can be extremely puzzling and excruciating. Pharrell knows how to pull off a casual laid-back outfit, without sticking with overbearing simplicity or sacrificing the comfort momentum.
pharrell williams-casual-style-hoodies-billionaire-boys-club-coachella
PHOTO CREDIT: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP
toppicks The 43-year old opts for sports hoodies and college sweatshirts, preferably of his own creation, like Billionaire Boys Club and Ice-cream, its sister brand, over-sized and all over emblazoned with either the acronym version of the Billionaire Boys Club’s logo or its name fully written out and coded with hearts, cartoonish fonts and dollar signs. He also occasionally slips into knit cardigans(the chunkier the better), bold logo sweatshirts and slim wool cardigans in green, navy, red and monochrome polka dot that he wraps up with Bermuda shorts/rolled-up jeans and colour-matched lace-ups.

Formal-wear Pharrell Williams

Cropped Tuxedo Shorts

Nothing is as difficult as achieving the perfect tuxedo-inspired style. Suit and tie ensemble is still considered far too advanced combination for some folks, since you have to carefully audit your wardrobe, agonising over whether to have your prom clothes tailored or leave them just as they are. Formal dress code originally calls for something grand, no question about it, immaculately tailored and, in some cases, cropped. Cropped pants can be found in a variety of fits. Cropped pants fit higher on the upper leg than Bermuda shorts and they do have a longer length in comparison to cycling shorts.
pharrell wiilliams-grammys-tuxedo-shorts
Pharrel Williams and Helen Lasichanh
PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images
shopthelook Having no competitors is worse than many competitors in business terms, but not in fashion terms. Pharrell Williams is a true pioneer of competition-free cropped tuxedo shorts. He avoids predictability as such and acts with prerequisite aplomb, cracking almost every dress code policy. Pharrell Williams’ cropped tuxedo shorts matched with a pair of signature sneakers provides a paradoxical substitute to the strictly regulated ceremonial etiquette, commonly known as “formal attire”, as it influences the consensual transition process from formal-wear to semi-formal-wear. Semi-formal-wear is still a formal wear, so technically, it no longer sparks dress code controversy. Surely, it‘s a maximalist's choice (no ordinary, wild in colour and restrained in design) that is more strategic, yet no less exciting.

Country-club Chic Pharrell Williams

Country-club chic is a broad definition of smart casual that expands way beyond madras, polo shirts and khaki cotton shorts. Bear in mind that country-club is the entire opposite of the go-to club attire, it requires a subtle retro touch. Country-club chic flatters in a rather unobtrusive way. Pharrell Williams considers the sporty nature of country, its monotonic seasonality and casual calmness, but stays in realms of the clubhouse, incorporating linen suits and toned down vests in his many looks.

Pharrell and His Accessories

Hats and Caps

Hats and Pharrell are truly inseparable, although he auctioned one off on eBay in the past. Pharrell Williams believes in the power of self-irony that is more authentic than worn out style cliches. Once an infamous red carpet statement, now Pharrell’s hat is an iconic trademark with nearly twenty thousand followers on Twitter.
pharrell williams-cover-by-peter-lindbergh-for-wsj-magazine
toppicks The joke’s on us! Pharrell’s hat is uniquely tall and has a characteristic den. It comes in different shades, at least 12 colour-ways are known, and designs ranging from Vivienne Westwood’s Peruvian-styled vintage Buffalo hat, custom-made NERD trucker caps, a blue trilby hat and Nick Fouquet’s cowboy style hats.


On the rise of feminized masculinity, Pharrell dismissed long gold chains that he used to wear in the late 90’s in favour of gender-unspecific handmade necklaces, multilayered bijouterie and precious pendants with a matching price tag.
pharrell williams-chanel-sunglasses
Pharrell Williams in Chanel
toppicks Pharrell found a way to upscale his metrosexual accessorising preferences from bling-bling saga to investment jewellery pieces. He now has a soft spot for Chanel that overlaps with a distinct form of mania. Allegedly, he owns an estimated $1.000.000 worth of jewellery, including an arsenal of designer sunglasses, regal pins, brooches, calligraphed boots, a Chanel flask) ever since he became creatively involved in several Chanel endeavours, like “CC the World” on-stage performance, “Reincarnation” musical short film, that was shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself. He's equally passionate about Audemars Piguet (another sartorial investment), a manufacturer of ultra-luxury Swiss watches founded in 1875, one of the oldest watch manufacturers. Musician recently confessed he has been wearing Audemars Piguet watches (with an average price of five thousand dollars) for over ten years, - that’s a brilliant example of brand loyalty longevity.

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