How to Get David Beckham's Long Hair

How to Get David Beckham's Long Hair
Dying to get David Beckham's enviable mane? Here at The Idle Man, we have come up with a comprehensive guide on how to get David Beckham's long hair. Read more Men's Hair features. usefulproducts There are so many things that David Beckham does which leave you wondering 'but how the hell does he do it?'. Unfortunately, we can't tell you how to be a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. And we most definitely can't give you the patience and strength you need to be married to someone like Victoria Beckham. However, we can certainly give you access to all the secrets on how to get David Beckham's long hair. Let's get started, shall we?

David Beckham - Long Hair

We all know that the first man to popularise long hair was Jesus so it would be unfair not to credit him. Whether you're a believer or not - or worse a Belieber - we can't ignore the huge contribution he made to hair iconography. We could even go as far as saying that he's Jared Leto's main influence and source of inspiration behind his lovely locks. But today we're here to discuss another deity: David Robert Joseph Beckham, OBE and hair-grower extraordinaire.
david beckham long hair for men
PHOTO CREDIT: Urban Hair Co.
Finally, we get to the piece de resistance: David Beckham's fabulous long hair.  No matter how sweaty it would be after a football match, his long hair is still wonderful. Apart from looking glorious, long hair suits a relatively relaxed lifestyle. It needs occasional maintenance but most days you can be as lazy as you wish. It would only make you look more effortlessly cool. However, bear in mind that there's a fine line between lazy-chic and straight up hobo.

David Beckham - Long Hair Style

Wearing long hair is a pretty serious style statement. And in all honesty, David Beckham's long hair should be patrimony of humanity. After all, he's pretty close with the United Nations so I can't see why that hasn't happened yet. Long hair opens a world of possibilities when it comes to styling. That doesn't mean you should interpret this statement as an encouragement to walk around looking like Pippi Longstocking. Let's learn how to make the most out of your long hair with this quick and handy tutorial.

David Beckham - Ponytail

Certainly a practical hairstyle for physical activity, David Beckham took the classic ponytail to new styling frontiers. He went as far as sporting two ponytails at the same time, one at the top and one slightly below the higher one. It's not for everyone, I'll give you that. However, if you're equipped with the right mane you shouldn't hold back. inspiration

David Beckham - Man Bun

David Beckham was possibly one of the first male global superstars to wear a man bun. David Beckham, a man of the people, opened the doors of hairstyling to men all over the world and gave them the confidence boost they needed to wear a man bun. Most importantly, he made it look so cool and it was almost impossible not to try and copy his look. Try using a pomade on your dry hair to achieve the perfect bun. inspiration

David Beckham - Headband

With the headband as his accessory of choice, David Beckham managed to take this useful item beyond its obvious functionality on the football pitch. After that he started wearing it in his everyday life thus starting a fashionable trend. Not only guys would grow their hair out but they would also wear the headbands that David Beckham made so famous. inspiration

David Beckham - Beanie Hat

Beanie hats make one hell of a difference to your look when paired with long hair. When worn with short hair, a beanie hat could make you look like you rob banks in your spare time. That's something not even David Beckham is immune to. Assuming you want to look edgy, not dodgy, beanie hats and long hair go together like peanut butter and jelly. inspiration

David Beckham - Highlights

I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want: luxurious highlights. Just as David Beckham started going out with Posh Spice and paved the way for their power-couple empire, he was also introduced to highlights, one of the main hairstyle trend of the 90s. Ben Cooke, David and Victoria's hairdresser between 1999 and 2006, is the man behind that magic. Thanks to a fortuitous meeting behind the scenes of Top of the Pops, Victoria asked Cooke to do David's hair. After that, the rest is history. inspiration Those blond streaks and that beach, Australian surfer look became an integral part of Beckham's hair repertoire. During that period he looked more like the leading singer of a boyband than a football start, but hey, it paid off and he became one of the most recognisable faces on the planet. I mean, those highlights definitely contributed to his outstanding current net worth of $350 million (£260.3 million). Quite a return of investment...

David Beckham Hair

Over the years, David Beckham has sported a huge variety of hairstyles: curtains, buzzcut, the unforgettable mini mohawk and his latest modern spin on the classic Pompadour. Not that many men have what it takes to pull off long hair. But now you've got what it takes to be one of them. Don't get me wrong, the international football star has a natural good head of hair and now that you've learnt how to get David Beckham's long hair, we can take a look at the rest of David's hairchive - yes, that isn't an actual word but it should be.

The Curtains - 1999

Here's David as the personification of the innocent boy next door sporting a classic hairstyle from the late 90s.
david beckham curtains for men

The Buzzcut - 2000

If a normal buzzcut weren't enough, we can also find this pseudo-military haircut in a daring bleach blonde variation.
david beckham buzzcut for men
PHOTO CREDIT: Designer Trends | The Fashionisto

The Mini Mohawk - 2001

This is hands down one of the most questionable hairstyles sported by David Beckham. However, he seems to make everything work somehow...
david beckham mini mohawk for men
PHOTO CREDIT: Macho Hairstyles

The Man Bun - 2004

I mean, look at them. They're just absolutely fabulous.
David Beckham man bun for men

Peroxide Bleach Do - 2007

Yet another audacious hairstyle statement from David here...He really loved that bleach back in the day.
david beckham bleached hair for men

The Modern Pompadour - 2015-16

It's with this glorious quiff that we conclude our tour of David Beckham's multiple hairstyles. Look at him, all grown up.
david beckham pompadour for men
PHOTO CREDIT: Charlie Brown Hair

David Beckham - Hair Faux Pas

I mean, when it comes to hairstyles and fashion sense in general, David Beckham is pretty much faultless. But if there's one thing that cannot and should not be forgiven is David Beckham's cornrows. They go hand in hand with Justin Timberlake's corkscrew curls. They're images that will never leave our visual collective memory and since they're staying, we might as well draw a valuable lesson from them: avoid at all costs. If you have blonde hair, getting cornrows isn't a recommendable move. You'll be exposed to the open fire of cultural appropriation debates and you'll be buried under piles of some pretty reasonable arguments so don't even go there. If David Beckham can't pull it off, you certainly can't either. Keep that in mind.
david beckham cornrows for men
If you don't believe me, this is what DB said in a 2012 interview with ShortList where he opened up about this tragic hairstyle choice:
I think the cornrows were something a bit different, but I was on holiday mode when I had them done - I was with a friend who's a hairdresser and who's very good at cornrows. So I thought, "Why not do that?". I think I'd had a glass of wine or two.
Or maybe he was drinking wine out of a trough with his bare hands. Who knows? Rumour has it that Elton John's hairdresser is responsible for this, but we forgive you Dave, we can leave this car crash of a hairstyle behind us.

David Beckham Hair Product

Maintaining long hair is no easy task. It's not just about finding out how to get David Beckham's long hair. You can't simply rely on your natural ability to grow hair. The secret to make your hair look healthy partly lies with the products you use. Haircare is an acquired skill that relies on the time you spend on finding out what products suit your hair type best. Luckily for you, we can provide some useful advice on what's best for your hair.

Curly Hair

Curly hair and lionesque manes can be problematic and difficult to tame much like real lions. This is when your barber becomes your best friend. He could make you or break you at the risk of looking like one of the Jackson 5 brothers whose name no one can remember. For a defined curl and fight the hateful freeze, use a mousse or spray gel. As long as you don't rank higher than four - you're really pushing it at 5 - on a scale from zero to Diana Ross, you'll be just fine. usefulproducts

Straight Hair

If you have straight hair and you're flirting with the idea of growing out your hair, do it. You have won hair lottery for this hairstyle. Straight hair is easy to deal with and it usually tends to behave without having to use specific haircare products, what you have on your bathroom shelf should be enough. However, use conditioner and matt clays in moderation to avoid making your hair consistently dirty and oily. There's nothing wrong with a fashionably shaggy look but you don't wanna look like your entire building ran out of water for weeks. usefulproducts

Thin Hair

You probably have the exact opposite problems compared to your curly haired friends. You're in desperate need of volume and texture in your hair. Wearing long hair could expose the fact that your hair is quite thin but there is an easy way to get around that issue. No man should give up on having long hair. For that reason, a layered haircut can give that extra boost to your hair. The layering of different lengths will create the impression of a fuller head of hair. If you have thin hair but a lot of it, this optical illusion will do wonders. Try blow drying your hair with your head down allowing your hair to be lifted at the roots from the ends towards the roots. Finish off with a volumising powder or hairspray to make sure that the effects of your blow out last longer. usefulproducts The latest news from style, life, arts, and culture and everything in between. Whether it's a new brand arriving into our style, our latest drops and editorials. You will never miss a beat with us.

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