5 Ways to Look Like Daniel Craig

5 Ways to Look Like Daniel Craig
He might be in Her Majesty’s Secret Service, but Daniel Craig's 007 style is not classified information. We divulge the intel on how to emulate Daniel Craig's fashion sense for yourself. This file will self-destruct in five, four, three, two, one… Read more Men’s Style Guide features and check out our Store. shopthelook Slick, suave and sophisticated. It’s not difficult to see why many consider James Bond the ultimate menswear muse. Daniel Craig proved to be the protagonist who not only snagged him one of the world’s most beautiful women, Rachel Weisz, but also elevated him up the celebrity-sartorial stakes. Not bad for a lad from Liverpool, eh? If you want to score yourself a little of this spy’s style, dust off your dinner jacket, pour yourself a vodka martini and stick on your favourite Bond soundtrack. Here’s your Daniel Craig dress code: shaken, not stirred.

Daniel Craig Style

Daniel Craig fashion may have hit a home run in 007, but he's also delivered a lethal blow when it comes to his own off-screen style. Any actor can look good on the red carpet – that’s what stylists are for, after all – but Craig’s effortless off-duty dressing proves that he is deserving of the status ‘style icon’ anyway. Taking cues from his British heritage and American home, Daniel Craig pulls off both classic and comfort dressing in one: suits are sleek and super-fitted, but never over-done; denim is distressed and doubled up, but never ironic; knitwear is chunky and casual, but still sharp. And this international man of mystery is mad for accessories too. Shades and flat caps are often used to conceal his identity from the baddies (or the paparazzi).

Daniel Craig's Cardigan

He's probably one of the few men who can pull of a simple cardigan and not look like a Granddad. Taking on different designs he manages to neutralise the sometimes old-fashioned design, making it his own through the use of neutral colours, like navy and grey, and interesting designs, such as the shawl collar. Because of this, he manages to easily reach a smart casual vibe, even when he's dressed in jeans and T-shirts, and obtains a sleek look that even the chunkiest of cardigans can't change.
Cardigans have never looked so good, right?

Daniel Craig's Everyday Outfits

Asking yourself 'how to have style like Daniel Craig'? Even when he's not rocking his best cardi, Daniel keeps his everyday outfits set in the tailored practicality that makes him a style icon. Working with rough and ready outerwear, paired with simple well-fitted shirt and T-shirts helps to add a clean balance and accentuate the perfect fit of his clothes.
daniel craig shearling jacket blue jumper blue jeans sunglasses flat cap mens street style
Daniel Craig in this shearling jacket is cool personified
shopthelook Steal a little Dan Craig style for yourself by keeping your laid back look casual but sharp. Invest in a pair of relaxed jeans, a fitted plain tee (or several in a variety of colours), and bright tan lace-up brogues as the foundation of all your off-duty outfits. Then have some fun with your outerwear.
  • On days when you’re feeling bold, throw some indigo-dyed denim on top; just be sure to keep the colour of your jacket different to the colour of your jeans.
  • For days when you want the ultimate in comfort, grab a woollen knit – we love Craig’s grey shawl-collared cardigan addiction – and style in place of a coat.
  • For weekends away or long-haul flights, a suede shearling jacket will keep you cosy, but cool, whatever the weather.
And don’t forget the accessories! A pair of sunglasses will ensure you look like a man on a mission, whilst a newsboy cap creates a slick sartorial clash between British and American styles. Minimal, confident and well-cut: James Bond would approve.
The best basics for any Daniel Craig outfit starts with a basic tee and some well fitted jeans


Daniel Craig Suit

With premiers and red carpet events littered throughout his calendar, it's no wonder Daniel Craig knows how to pull off a good suit. Keeping the colour schemes simple and smart, Craig goes for subtle greys and blacks and keeps accessories to a minimum. A bow tie and a well-placed pocket square in a neutral colour are just a few ways to bring out the elegant sophistication of his suits and helps ensure he brings out the bond style in all his formal wear.
Daniel Craig has always been super stylish when it comes to the red carpet


Daniel Craig Bond Style

Over the years, James Bond has worn some pretty stellar stuff, from Sean Connery’s blue swim shorts to Roger Moore’s safari jackets. However, nothing quite defines MI6’s international man of mystery as the suit – and not just any suit the: black tie suit. In fact, James Bond has worn no less than 28 evening ensembles during the franchise’s history, and there is no star on screen who does formal dinner dressing better than Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig James Bond Suit

If you are attending an elegant wedding, formal dinner party or black tie ball, take a cue from Craig’s signature Bond style by treating yourself to some good tailoring. Go the whole hog with a full tux and bow tie, or create your own signature look by picking up a few choice pieces. A timeless tuxedo jacket is our top pick: an investment item which will have you sorted for all formal occasions. Just add a slim fit shirt, smart suit trousers and a skinny black tie to complete the look.
Casino Royal had Daniel Craig in the most iconic tuxedo of them all
PHOTO CREDIT: Royal Albert Hall


The Grey Suit

A black dress suit may be one a James Bond's most iconic assembles but let's not forget about the next best colour; grey. This is a style that appears both smart and casual. Not sure how that makes sense? Well, as a suit is the usual attire for 007's day job, the grey isn't so bold and in your face as the black dress suits, but we're not saying the grey suit is any less classic. This suit portrays sophistication and is suitable for anyone that's on a mission to look their best.
James Bond suit style grey Daniel Craig
A sharp suit is an essential part of getting the perfect Daniel Craig look
PHOTO CREDIT: James Bond Suits

Daniel Craig Style: Grooming

Bond is all about bespoke – tailored Tom Ford suits, custom Crockett & Jones shoes – and, naturally, this also extends to his hair. After all, a secret agent can’t be saving the world (or sipping martinis in sophisticated cocktail bars) with anything less than perfect locks.

Daniel Craig Skyfall Haircut

To emulate the Skyfall haircut for yourself, you need to ask your barber to ditch the clippers. Point cutting – in other words, good old-fashioned scissors and a comb – gives more shape, definition and texture: just as 007 ordered. Get your hand on some decent hair products to help you achieve your goal hair style.

Daniel Craig Clean Shave

The 007 look doesn’t end at your hairline, either. As James Bond, Daniel Craig is predominantly clean shaven. In Skyfall, we even see Miss Moneypenny act as his personal barber. Whilst traditional shaving methods will give you the clean-cut look of a secret agent, remember it requires a sharp blade, steady hand and plenty of products.
If that shaving scene doesn't keep you groomed then what will?

Daniel Craig Style: Physique

He may be 49, but Daniel Craig is in impeccable shape (emphasis on ‘pecs’: Craig is arguably the most muscular Bond we’ve ever seen on the big screen). He has always been athletic. Craig played rugby throughout his childhood - being fit enough to play MI6’s international man of mystery takes work. Serious work. To get a Bond bod yourself, you need to commit to a strict diet and workout regime. Not only did Daniel Craig give up smoking, but he also restricted his alcohol intake to Friday and Saturday nights only. Martini does not maketh the man, unfortunately. In addition, Craig also embarked on a controlled (but luckily for us, not classified) 007 diet, which saw him cut any carbs after 4pm, drink two litres of water a day, and eat lots of fruit, vegetables and high quality proteins (eggs, fish, chicken and nuts, plus protein shakes). If you, too, want to cut body fat whilst building muscle, here’s a sample day from Daniel’s diet to follow (via The latest news from style, life, arts, and culture and everything in between. Whether it's a new brand arriving into our style, our latest drops and editorials. You will never miss a beat with us.

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