How to Get Conor McGregor's Style

How to Get Conor McGregor's Style
Champion UFC fight Conor McGregor is better known for his style and moves in the ring, but when he's not winning champion titles and earning millions around the world his style certainly makes the headlines. With his sharp tailoring and sartorial edge, Conor McGregor is certainly a contender when it comes to the style stakes. Read more Men's Style Guide features. shopthelook Conor McGregor has certainly made headlines for his impressive fighting techniques, but his style also says a lot about this Dublin native. Known for his outlandish choice of colour and slick tailoring, Conor McGregor is certainly someone who has caught the eye of fellow fashion followers. This guide shows you how you can re-create Conor's most notable and stylish looks without having to get into the ring yourself.

Conor McGregor Suit

When it comes to pulling off a suit, Conor McGregor certainly doesn't let his standards slip. Sharp tailoring is the key to pulling off a suit like Conor, and Conor McGregor's waistcoats are iconic when it comes to his suiting - sticking to neutral tones and styles will be the best way to emulate Conor's style, and you'll get the most wear out of them day-to-day. Navy is a great colour to start with when it comes to suiting as it isn't the standard black, nor is it a colour that's overtly in your face. The great thing about navy is that you can team it with a multitude of colours, but, if you're less adventurous than our UFC champion, then stick to a classic white dress shirt. Keep the style simple and timeless, as you don't want to date you're look by opting for a trend lead piece. Teamed with a pair of brown formal shoes, such as loafers or brogues, and maybe, if you're feeling particularly confident when it comes to accessorising, a pocket square in a deep red colour.
conor mcgregor navy suit mens street style
PHOTO CREDIT: Men's Health

Conor McGregor Grey Suit

Grey is another great colour to fall back on when it comes to suiting - again, because it's not black, you can wear it to more occasions than just to work. Take a leaf from Conor's book and keep the suit nice and fitted, as there's nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit on a man, and make sure that you keep the suit style timeless. Much like navy, grey can be coupled with a plethora of colours, but we're taking inspiration from Conor on this one, so team a light blue shirt and a pocket square in a similar hue with your grey suit. Perfect for a more formal occasion or even the office, the humble grey suit is a piece that every man needs in his wardrobe arsenal.
conor mcgregor grey suit mens street style
PHOTO CREDIT: The Irish Times

Conor McGregor Check Suit

For those of you who follow Conor you'll know that he's a fan of experimenting with his suits be it with colour or pattern. A lover of a checked suit, Conor certainly knows ow to make a suit his own - although I personally wouldn't recommend wearing a checked version on a daily basis, but there's nothing wrong with pulling one off should the occasion call for one. If you're going to the races, or even going to see Mr McGregor fight, a checked suit would be the perfect option. If you're not wild on colour then stick to neutral tones, but if experimenting is on your mind then opt for a bolder tone. Channelling Conor in this red checked suit, you can easily pair a white dress shirt with a pair of brown brogues - accessorise a little bit by adding a pair of sunglasses and you'll be ready to tackle any occasion.
conor mcgregor red checkerd suit mens street style

Conor McGregor Coat

As we know, Conor is known for his exuberant style and experimentation when it comes to clothing, no more so than when it comes to his outerwear. Many of you may remember when Conor sported this white fur coat during a pre-match interview paying an homage to boxing legend Joe Frazier, all before attempting to throw a chair at his opponent Eddie Alvarez.
conor mcgregor coat
PHOTO CREDIT: The Daily Star
Of course, not everyone is going to hit the high street in the morning searching for a white fur coat, but that doesn't mean you can't channel Conor's classic styling with a tailored coat. Again, if it's an easy, classic wardrobe you're after than always stick to neutral colours and classic styles as these will be easier to pair with other pieces in your wardrobe. toppicks

Conor McGregor T-shirt

He;s never one to normally shy away from a bold and statement making look, but, like most of us, we all need our down-time when it comes to our looks. Conor McGregor's T-shirts are kept simple and clean and, most of the time they're v-neck, allowing you to see his crown neck tattoo. When it comes to T-shirts you always want to keep it simple, don't go too over-the-top and out there as plain T-shirts can form the basis to any man's wardrobe. Stick to the three main colours, white, black and grey, as these will see you through any season, but if you want to add a little bit of colour, then go for navy, or even a light green colour to add something different.
conor mcgregor t-shirt mens street style
PHOTO CREDIT: Edmul Holland

Conor McGregor Polo Shirt

When it comes to Summer dressing nothing beast the time-honoured polo shirt. Breathable and easy-to-wear, the polo shirt can come in every colour under the sun and can be teamed with anything. Conor is known to be a fan of the polo shirt, teaming it with tailored chinos or a pair of jeans, he emulates casual cool with a smart edge with ease. When picking out your own polo shirts, you want to, again, stick to neutral tones so you can incorporate them into you wardrobe easier, and can be teamed with a multitude of looks and styles. Blue and black are perfect colours to team with a pair of chinos or jeans in the summer, or, even with a pair of suit trousers for a more formal look.
conor mcgregor blue polo shirt mens street style
PHOTO CREDIT: Upscale Hype

Conor McGregor Style

Conor McGregor's style has certainly changed since he became an acclaimed athlete - opting for more tailored, classic pieces, Conor has built a wardrobe some of us can only dream of. However, not all of Conor's looks are over-the-top or in your face, he knows how to tone it down a little and opt for a more relaxed, easy look. Double denim isn't for everyone, but Conor certainly pulls it off with ease. The trick is to go for darker denim, as lighter denim can easily wash you out and make you look like you've stepped out of the 80's. This look is perfect for the Autumn/Winter months as you can interchange what you wear with it; Conor opts for a lighter jumper and a beanie in the same hue as his denim, perfect for tackling Winter style with ease.
conor mcgregor style

Conor McGregor Shoes

Normally seen barefoot, Conor is known to spend a lot of money on his footwear. Conor can be seen in a plethora of shoe styles, from brogues to trainers, and it's his formal shoe wardrobe that takes the style award with us. Formal shoes are something that every man should have in his wardrobe - perfect for teaming with a suit or a smart-casual outfit, or, if you want to tackle one of this season's biggest trends, then teaming a pair of formal shoes with a causal outfit is always a great look. If you're looking for a pair of formal shoes for yourself, then stick to three classic styles; brogues, loafers and derbies as these will carry you through any season and occasion. Again, stick to classic colours such as black and brown, as you'll find them easier to incorporate into your wardrobe.
conor mcgregor blue suit brown shoes mens street style
PHOTO CREDIT: Independent
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